Lady calls out sister’s husband who married another lady after visiting Ghana for 4 weeks

A lady took to Facebook to call out her sister’s husband who according to her, married another lady after visiting Ghana for just 4 weeks.

Lady calls out sister's husband who married another lady after visiting Ghana for 4 weeks lailasnews

The lady who is looking for a means to reach out to the new bride, disclosed that her sister’s husband who just married another lady had his master’s degree sponsored by her sister and and also got his resident permit from her.

Betty Pretty Naadu Lartey further revealed that the man identified as Daniel has been married to her sister since 2011, and they have a daughter who just turned one together. She added that the United States Immigration services have been duly informed.

The lady who called out her sister’s husband wrote;

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Lady calls out sister's husband who married another lady after visiting Ghana for 4 weeks lailasnews 1


  1. Men!
    I wonder why they will have a good home and just decide to destroy it with heir inifdelity!

  2. Some Men are just wicked. How could he do such just 4 weeks after wedding another woman. No fear of God at all

  3. What a wicked man. He did not just traveled to be married within 4weeks. He has be engaged to the lady before now. He just used your sister as his stepping stone. May the Lord crush him to The lowest valley his destruction is coming soon

  4. Sometimes we blame such on charm. But I don’t believe that, because its only when you give a room to it. You can’t just come home and be charmed, he might have been dating her.

  5. That is not good of him,the lady might have used charm for him,i don’t think that can be ordinary

  6. Maybe is an arranged marriage with your sister and you don’t know. But if not. That guy is wicked.

  7. Some people are ingrate. How can a normal human being just abandon his wife to marry another woman in four weeks. God will punish him

  8. Am very sure he has been dating that lady in secret he just use that lady to achieve what he wants that is why he flew back to Ghana to get married to his secret lover
    Men are wicked

  9. I feel he has been secretly saying the lady in Ghana and they did not just meet during this 4weeks. Carry on sister and let him pay. Such wickedness.Men…

  10. Guy u never become citizen of the state ohh! U should have Wait a while why the rush just residents permit u don show ur true colour.

    I hope u don’t loss in both side because u don’t toy with Americans.

  11. I think there is more to this is either they have been dating all along without the lady knowing or she used voodoo which ever way there is no smoke without fire

  12. I don’t seen a reason for him to get married again if his married before, some people can just be greedy on something not worth it

  13. Who know what is really going on here? Getting married within 4 weeks of visitation, there is definitely more to this story than we are hearing

  14. That is Men for you. So unpredictable. So insatiable, so unbecoming, what does he want??? Search for?? May God help us. Ladies be careful not to marry another woman’s husband o

  15. Men can be so deceitful. It’s possible the lady didn’t know he is a married man but very likely she is aware but doesn’t care. Thanks for protecting your sister’s interest.

  16. The evil men do remains with them. Please watch sister closely o before she takes steps that will crush her or end her life on Earth. So sorry.

  17. Sometimes it baffles me how people think…men can be so cunning even to the point of death…it’s so painful and appalling to see or even hear such news…May God help us..

  18. After they will say it’s girls that are wicked.. What will somebody call this one na.. Why will he do that to someone who helped him acquire his career? Na WA o

  19. This is hard to believe!! The man must not go like that, he must be arrested and properly prosecuted

  20. God have mercy on some people what is the real issue. I hope we can hesr from the male also

  21. Is it possible 4 weeks which means they having been dating them self before coming to Ghana. Nawa ooo MEN

  22. What a wicked man. He did not just traveled to be married within 4weeks. He has be engaged to the lady before now. He just used your sister as his stepping stone. May the Lord crush him to The lowest valley his destruction is coming soon

  23. Is very unfair for the guy to treat the lady who does all that for him and dump her for another lady.

  24. Laide really need to be careful who they will associate with . Most of the guys are with girls because of what they have to offer to them . Ladies be at alert for guys like that man

  25. This is Wickedness so the man has forgotten what his wife has done for him so soon and decided to pay her back this way too bad

  26. Men with their fucking evil mind, why does he did such thing, nothing again anything he sees or face during this issues it’s his problem.

  27. It is unfortunate that ladies don’t see again when they are in love. It has been the way of men always cheating ladies. Let God judge.

  28. What a monster of a man. How dare he do such a thing. I pray the USA revoked his permit to teach him a lesson.

  29. This is serious. Could it be that he married her sister just to get his residential permit? Nawa ooo things are really happening. Two things are involved here. It is either the man is a play boy/a crook or the lady used jazz/ juju on him.

  30. Some days are always like dat
    May be he was not meant for you lady
    Put urself in other and life still continue

  31. That is a very big deceitful one. Why would your sister’s husband do such a thing to betray your sister after sponsoring his Master’s degree and their marriage blessed with a kid? That man is a deceiver and must regret it.

  32. Why will the man do such thing, what was he thinking, he should know there is nothing hidden under the sun.

  33. Hmmmmm, this word is turning to something else …… I wonder if this man understands the meaning of marriage. just 4 weeks and he has married another woman, this man is evil

  34. There must be a reason for his actions…. He can’t just abandon his marriage for another woman within 4 weeks of visit to Ghana

  35. This is really bad, this kind of man give room to ladies who says all men are the same, meanwhile all men are not just that majority are bad. Though I am not suprise because I have seen twins who came out from the same womb, had the placenta but with different characters. Such is life.

  36. That is how dangerous he is to you, it cannot just happened in 4 weeks there must be a great plan about it

  37. Why is the man behave like that
    Leave your daughter and wife travel to Ghana to married. Is He in sane?

  38. Many things are happening, in fact nothing surprises me any more, your wife and kids are there, you went ahead to marry another wife, this is wickedness

  39. Some men ehhhh! he went on visit and decided to marry another woman…is like they hav been in touch for som time now..this is serious matter.may God help us the woman aware or she doesn’t care? only God knows the real truth .

  40. I wonder why some men behave like animals, once they see women they forget them selves. What right does this guy have to hurt his wife

  41. Na wa for this guy u have kids with ur wife and u haven’t divorced with her and u went ahead to marry another her woman that’s so stupid of u

  42. It could be that was the sole purpose of his visit just to get married. It could also be he married your sister for the residential permit and sponsorship of his masters. some men sha

  43. Some men don’t really have the fear of God at all. Your sister should let him go so that she can have peace of mind

  44. Incredible, i just hope the law court will do justice to the matter. Men!! They can never be satisfied with one woman.

  45. I can imagine what the poor woman is going through. May God strengthen her through this phase of her life.

  46. What he really did is too bad, infact he must be jail for doing such things to his first wife

  47. some men are heartless to do such a thing to that woman but let him wait and see the result he will regret it

  48. Which means his new marriage is naturally void due to the fact that his married and not divorced, but its better to let go following this kind of men is not worth it.

  49. That’s why it’s not good to help some men, the day of Judgement for men eh! Only God knows how many years it will last.

  50. I think he married the first lady for what he wants. and the second is who he really wants to marry

  51. His just an ingrate and a very wicked human being, pls don’t relent till you get him down

  52. People tend to make things complicated. I see nothing wrong in taking a second wife as it’s not against any faith

  53. I think the man has not been faithful to your sister the whole time, he just stayed to milk her dry

  54. He has been with his new wife longer that just 4 weeks. His marriage with your sister was just scam. A way to get the residential permit and stuff. Let the loser go. Karma will catch up with him

  55. The heart of the man is shouldn’t have done anything without the consent of your wife.This is betrayal of trust

  56. Ladies be careful who u introduce ur boyfriend or husband to be cause some gals are not smiling.

  57. Eeyea it’s always vice versa the woman can do the same also but it’s not a good act… Very painful I believe

  58. Very bad neglecting his family in America to marry a new wife in Ghana, he will also leave this his bride for another woman.

  59. Funny men have one kind of way word life I don’t believe in charm maybe the lady has a enough money better go back to your family

  60. It seems like people just marry just for marrying sake, don’t know how one will leave his own wife for 7years now to marry someone else.

  61. The man just married her sister because of the money, the man should be dealt with, he is just a gold digger.

  62. My dear, he only married your sister to get his permit, is good as you have informed the immigration authorities, let’s see how he comes bk to the states. Irresponsible men everywhere

  63. 4weeks is too small to woe, date and marry.
    He have been cheating on his wife all these while
    He had all these planned out and fooled his wife to give him visit permit.
    O GOD please separate me from fake friends this year. Amen

  64. Men hmmm,most of them cannot be trusted. Maybe its juju at work. Or does he want to test another water. Men na wao.

  65. If this story is true, then the man really did bad. No woman deserves to be treated in such manner.

  66. This is really bad , some men are just too callous
    It happens sha… I hope the woman can bear it

  67. The man just married her sister because of the money, the man should be dealt with, he is just a gold digger. This pure wickedness

  68. Hahaha. Guys no dey laugh these days. Don’t be surprised the the new lady knows that she is married already. What we can do for American visa. Lol

  69. He must have deliberately married to your sister for a purpose a part from love, he came back to his base in Ghana to marry his love.

  70. Men oh men, how can u do such a thing, u could av put through a divorce before marrying anoda

  71. The man has the right to another wife. There’s no law that says you must marry one wife.

  72. This is a very disturbing story.
    In just four weeks he visited Ghana.
    Hmmm i pray he have not been enchanted

  73. This is really outrageous and betrayal of trust. How could a man jilt or cheat on a woman that gave all her best to him? this is really evil! I think the man should face the law

  74. This guy is surely a play boy and knows what he’s doing, he just want money from women

  75. This man just dug his own grave. Only time will tell when he will start to reap what he had sown.

  76. The guy is wicked, he married the USA based lady because of what he will get from her. Some men are wicked, they claim they love you only to milk you dry and rush to the next available lady. That guy needs to be punished severely, he’s damn wicked.

  77. Nawa ooo now they will be saying ladies cheat imagine after doing those things to him he still went ahead to betray his wife wicked fellow

  78. #Lobatan mentality of African immigrants, secure that green passport, make that cash, go back home and marry your heartrob.. But that guy will have a lot in his hands to handle when the legal battle begin

  79. That is very bad of the man what might have happened between them that made him to go for another woman

  80. Mr. Daniel should be an ungrateful man. How can he do that to his wife that sponsored his master’s degree and even got him a residential permit. The wife should revoke all the papers

  81. All I see is a marriage devoid of true love cos if the man trully loved the lady, he wouldn’t marry another.

  82. Sometimes I wonder if people understand what marriage should be before going into it. very shameful

  83. Serious matter,
    Well such things happens in a case whereby husband leaves his wife to travel abroad, The first wife should gently take heart to let go and move on.

  84. What a married man going to get married again,Did the lady use diabolical to hold him or what.Maybe the man is not happy with his wife and found happiness.

  85. This is very serious, some men are just heartless, how could he have done such a thing. May God help you settle the matter.

  86. Wicked man… All this women marrying people’s husband how do you do it, was there no background findings or enquiries

  87. The one with a cap has no head while the one with head has no cap…
    A Lady another man is praying is dumped here

  88. God will definitely show him self here. That man is really evil his polishment Will surely come from the debt of hell

  89. That’s hilarious. Men can be deceitful, how can a man that is still happily married to one woman, travelled for just 4 weeks and is already wedding another woman. I wonder why all the deceit?

  90. This man is a wicked man,how can you live your wife at home and you go to Ghana and marry another wife, this very bad.

  91. He just used your sister as his stepping stone. May the Lord crush him to The lowest valley his destruction is coming soon

  92. But d guy is foolish he couldn’t even consider that his own wife was d one who sponsored his master’s

  93. Some Men are just wicked. How could he do such just 4 weeks after wedding another woman. No fear of God at all

  94. This is really unfortunate for the woman.. That’s why we women need to study the kind of man we want to marry… That so called man will surely reap what he sowed..

  95. Men and there selfish interest they are not always satisfy until they loose all…You will soon regret your action.

  96. He just showed himself as a gold digger with no trace of love for his concerned wife, what a pity !

  97. Nawa ooo.. Wonders shall never end they say, what a word.. Please leave someone’s hubby alone..

  98. I believe he his just your sister, he is already engage with the lady before, not just within the four weeks, gold digger.

  99. Men can be very wicked, that’s why it’s not good to trust any man. They shouldn’t worry, nemesis will soon catch up with the man. His marriage to the new wife will never last.

  100. Wicked heart. This is how you pay your wife after all she did for you. You didn’t even consider the child you two had together.

  101. Nawaaa ooooo this is too bad of you
    You shouldn’t have marry her before if you that you don’t love her
    Shame on you God will judge you

  102. Some men are just so wicked……

    Why do that kind of wickedness to your own wife who sponsored you

  103. ehn! the man must have been planning this for a while probably used the funds he got from the master’s degree for the wedding but the new bride should have checked his background first

  104. A lady who sacrificed her all to sponsor a man up to masters degree anything when such incidence occur.

  105. This is serious and uncalled for; the man his heartless and if he never wanted her at first should have seek her consent for a divorce or something. than stabbing her. what a betrayer.

  106. Why will the man do that. Couldn’t he have asked for a divorce if he didn’t want the marriage anymore. that’s so terrible of him

  107. That relationship did not just start within that 4weeks it began since, Men are so wicked, he went to Ghana to marry another women

  108. Such evil,I’m sure he planned this a long time ago,how do you meet and marry in just four weeks,he must have been dating her online or something,this man is wicked

  109. Why did he bite the hands that feed him? This is betrayal of the highest order. No matter what might have transpired betwixt you and your wife,you shouldn’t have gone to that extent of marrying another woman without the consent of your real wife

  110. Did he promise the woman he would marry only her? If not he has right and he’s free to get married to second wife

  111. If what this lady just said is the truth about the man, then that’s wickedness, hoe could he do such a thing to his wife, not fair to the wife atall

  112. Just four weeks of entering Ghana, some men don’t have conscience at all, may God deliver him from the spirit of cheating

  113. Hmmm nawa ooo
    Some men are wicked sha
    How can he do such a thing to his wife
    That’s very bad and heartless of him

  114. This is not good ooh. What could you wife has done that will make you treat her like this? Did you marry her to betray her and break her heart in this manner. Maybe it’s not ordinary ooh who knows.

  115. This man is a big devil. It means he doesn’t really love the former woman, he only deceived her.

  116. He’s a disgrace to his family and all men, before taking that step he should have think of what guys wife did for him

  117. Hmmmm!!! Omo this one no be ordinary oo I think the man is under a spell…..pls the US immigration should please work tirelessly on this matter to avoid more damages

  118. This is wickedness in the heart of a man, how can he do this to a woman that he must have professed to love. He will reap what he sows.

  119. I believe he already had that relationship with that woman in Ghana before now, so it is not that 4weeks

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