Lady blasts ‘Unserious Guys’ as she weds her man 2 months after they met

A newly wedded lady from Awgu, Enugu state who got married two months after meeting her husband has taken a swipe at ‘unserious’ guys. According to the beautiful lady identified as Rubby Nebechi Demian, any man that loves his partner will not hesitate in marrying her as she shaded those guys that love studying women as ‘a university course’ before getting married.

Lady blasts ‘Unserious Guys’ as she weds her man 2 months after they met Lailasnews1 (1)

She revealed that she met her man on December 2017 and officially tied the knot on February this year. Below is what the lady simply identified on Facebook as Rubby Nebechi Demian shared on Facebook;

Any man that loves you will not waste time to make you his wife but the unserious ones will like to study you like university course .We met on December 2017,first introduction was on 7th January 2018 and we tied the knot traditionally on 24th of February this year.

The ladies post has sparked a little debate online, some people commented on her post saying;

It’s okay. Not praying for a break up for you but you messed up with your post. We go soon see return sob story

Please study who you want to marry oo. See them get angry to know their limits!

Wish u d best….hope u both found time to study each other well,cos even relationships r sweeter during d first 2 months

Marriage is just a mere beginning, it’s not an end baby girl! You should Court for atleast 8months, before thinking of marriage, I pray you don’t regret this, and above all, I wish you a happy home!

Some people have already saved your name with popcorn in the hands waiting for your comeback story 😁

Some will put u in relationship jail with constant knacking for 10yrs. They will finish ur German juice and still tell u they ain’t ready… Only God will help me punish such men😆

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