Lady arrested for not returning stolen iPhone despite receiving N50k

An lady identified as Anuoluwapo Iyanuoluwa Adeyemi, has been arrested for not returning a stolen iPhone despite receiving a N50k reward from the victim.

Lady arrested for not returning stolen iPhone despite receiving N50k lailasnews

The victim, Akinyemi Akin-Afuye while sharing a photo of Anuoluwapo Iyanuoluwa Adeyemi, revealed that she first asked for N100K, and was sent N50K, but still held on the phone despite pleas. See what he wrote below;

You will all discover I was offline since Thursday, Well my phone was stolen. Can you believe it? This lady stole my phone. She is the one seen holding my iPhone in the picture below. She in fact, requested for a ransom of #100,000 for me to get my phone. Myself and some of my friends did negotiate with this nocturnal animal in human and the sum of #50,000 was transferred to her account with Guaranty Trust Bank thus: 0451526824 with the name Anuoluwapo Iyanuoluwa Adeyemi! Worse still, she didn’t want to release the phone after she received the alert of the said #50,000! The law caught up with her.


  1. That’s very good, now she will be made to refund the 50k and the iPhone, then go to jail.

  2. This one nah real thief o, barawo bansa. Why would she keep the phone after she’s been paid again. She deserves some beating

  3. See what she has done to herself because of wickedness now everybody know who and what she is a common selfish thief you have receive the money why didn’t you release the phone now you will lose all.

  4. Nawaoo for people after receiving such amount of money you still hold on to someone property,u are thief and supposed to be treated as one shame on u.

  5. She even has confidence… Necessary actions should be taken on her with immediate effect

  6. She is a shameless lady upon she was given 500k she still held it. Now she is arrested who laugh last(the owner of the phone)

  7. This story seems not to be clear because the lady in question did not return the phone. How come she was apprehended

  8. After getting #50 it was nt enough for u now u re in jail,u will vomit d #50 thousand naira and d phone greediness has handed u over to d police and it serves u right

  9. Stupidity in the lowest nature… She has just shown her act and stuff she’s made of… Heart filled with evil to steal and make her face okey… Making people to be discomfort while she see comfort…cant make progressive step but to hold on to something that belongs to someone else… Bad egg

  10. She had no good home training otherwise she should have been taught not to take what does not belong to her. Imagine what this type of woman will teach her children.

  11. woman might be scared of being jailed if she is caught while returning the phone or rather, just a crook thief

  12. How sis she get her hands on the iphone? So even if she picked it up or something like that she had to ask foe money to return something to the rightful owner? She should be treated like a thief

  13. She is a big time thief good for her now she will have to return the phone and the money still sleep in police station

  14. See how she disgrace her self I’d been she returned it at first place she wouldn’t face all this

  15. Greed and nonsense attitude. What was she thinking with the transfer. The law caught up with her well.

  16. Yes you watch you want to be arrested you might is very weak my camper let you take care I know yet to join 84

  17. Stupid,greedy and senseless person,now see the public disgrace.its good for her.ypu cant work and get a phine for yourself

  18. OMG
    Girls dey even steal iPhone
    Upon they paid u 50k
    U still refused to return the phone now ure jailed

  19. Why would she behave like that, the owner of the phone really tried after negotiating secretly and even send her money she still refuse to return the phone what a greed. It’s serves her right

  20. Greediness never takes us anywhere in life but always gets us into trouble! I think she got what she deserves

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