Lady arrested after being abandoned by lover in a hotel

A lady was arrested and detained of failure to pay her bills after she was abandoned by her boyfriend, Collins Moi, at a high-end hotel.

The incident occurred in Kitale city, Kenya.

Lady arrested after being abandoned by lover in a hotel lailasnews

A lady was arrested and detained for over a week after being abandoned by her boyfriend at a high-end hotel.

Hotel administrators said they had no choice but to detain her until the Sh100,000 bill is cleared. According to Skynest Hotel management, Collins and his girlfriend Marsha Amario checked in on December 29 at 5pm and booked themselves in for six days as part of her birthday celebrations.

By the next day the bill had shot up to Sh9,000 and they were advised to make some payments but they did not heed.

“We tried to engage Collins to pay the bill when it was manageable but he responded that he will pay the following day,” said Mr Timothy Simiyu, a manager at the hotel.

After five days, when the hotel management told him to sort out the bill before being provided more services he sneaked out of the hotel leaving the girlfriend stranded.

Kenya lawmaker, Fatuma Gedi beaten up by her male colleague (Photo)

Last Saturday, he was called by the management and he said he was at Kabarak and that they should treat his girlfriend right as he was sourcing for funds to clear the bill by the following day. The promise was not fulfilled.

Last Tuesday, Marsha called via the hotel phone and he said he was still at Kabarak and that he would send a friend but that didn’t happen.

On Wednesday, he was said to have been unavailable on phone when his girlfriend tried to reach him.

Without any response, the management called the police on Thursday. Marsha was arrested and taken to Kitale Police Station and held overnight.

“He looked like a responsible person. He had so many friends who had surrounded him at the hotel and he bought so many expensive drinks for them,” Mr Simiyu said.

At the station, Ms Marsha said she did not expect her boyfriend to abandon her after bringing her all the way from Nairobi.

“He told me he was taking me to Kitale since he had a birthday surprise for me. All along I knew he was the one paying for everything only to find myself in this situation,” she lamented.

On Thursday, Trans Nzoia West police boss Jackson Mwenga confirmed she would be arraigned.

Kenya lawmaker, Fatuma Gedi beaten up by her male colleague (Photo)

However, she was released Friday following intervention from a senior member of the Moi family who was said to have promised to clear the bill.


  1. This is pathetic and completely unbelievable, how can her boyfriend be this calious and useless, I guess his major aim was just to sleep with her and then abandon her

  2. No blames to the girl, she did what every other lady would have done when with their boyfriend, because I believe she trusted him and it was out of over trust and over confidence that lead her into this situation, honestly I don’t blame her

  3. What a disgrace, this is what is called birthday surprise turned sour. From hotel to station.what a way to end ones birthday day, men cut your coat according to your size.

  4. Ohhh! Tomorrow prepare for another birthday whatever you call it! Hope this serves as a lesson to you. Women! Women!, how many times did I call you? Mind ya self ooh, don’t behave like this one.

  5. This is really serious and I pity the girl. They might not known each other that much before she agreed to follow him out. She will learnt her lessons

  6. Calling her Ashewo is uncalled for, anybody can fall victim for this type of boyfriend,
    When you can not Hotel bill why going there in the first place, the girl was brought to an unimaginable embarrassment.

  7. This is a lesson to other ladies, you make sure you know something about your boyfriend very well and clear before you can follow him to anywhere

  8. Please, women, anytime a guy takes you out, make sure that you come with enough ‘Vex Money’ that can handle your expenses. So that if the man messes up, you can sort yourself out and leave with your dignity intact. If you don’t have, better you stay in ya house.

  9. I do not blame the both of them,I blamed the hotel management for this, because they should have collected at Least 50 percent of the bills before handing them The keys to the room

  10. This is Shameful… when the guy knows he can’t afford the hotel’s bills, he should have taken her there in the first than embarrassing her in this way.

  11. You ladies nowadays this is a grate lesson for you and for the guy that abandoned his fiancée what you did is not good OK.

  12. That’s the reward for the surprise he had for her. She would have try to know the kind of guy he is going out with. Feel sorry for her

  13. No blames to the girl, she did what every other lady would have done when with their boyfriend, because I believe she trusted him and it was out of over trust and over confidence that lead her into this situation, honestly I don’t blame her

  14. It always good to get married and leave this boy friend thing, its hard to do this in marriage, ssorry but you have to face it

  15. Please ladies be careful some men are dogs… Buying expensive drinks and all that can be plan work just to get under your pants.

  16. Please have mercy upon her, for she doesn’t know it will be like this, her lover is very wicked after all enjoyment you leave your lover and run, it is not good at all, please allow her to go.

  17. Cut your coat according to your size, is that not a popular saying. Don’t go beyond your limits to satisfy someone now their relationship is over because of over do.

  18. If you don’t have such money, why take her to an expensive hotel. You should have checked in the ones you can afford. Hope the gal will forgive you after this. Sorry my sister things we do for men.

  19. It’s a pity, why do what you know you can’t afford, men them, it’s not good at all. Lady’s know your men first before engaging them.

  20. It’s really sad but thank God she has been released. What was the guy thinking?? He spent all his money on drinks for his friends without thinking about his hotel bills. But I’m sure it wasn’t intentional, for him to have begged the hotel management to treat his girlfriend right and he’s out hustling for the money.

  21. That very wicked of him ladies should have sense now not all have what u desire for cut ur coast according to ur size girls learn lesson

  22. Men please stop this,how will you just abandon her like that,if you don’t love me her again then tell her

  23. Smiling! Ole,when he was ordering for so many things you didn’t question him,u are happy because he is rich,see where you find yourself,a very insulting and embarrassing situation.who will help you out now ?

  24. Goes should learn the lessons
    Always eat what you can be able to pay for,even if your man is paying
    In case he runs away

  25. That means u are not a trusted boyfriend, u know that u dont that kind of money to pay for ur bills, why come to the hotel to rent a room when u had no money.


    • They should not have arrested the lady. They should have look for a way to make her pay. Maybe by taken her to work for the hotel for some time and then work the money out. Then free her

  27. This is quite very bad of the guy to have acted that way…..I feel pretty embarrassed for the lady.

  28. This sounds unbelievable,if he doesn’t have money he should have called his girlfriend one on one and let her know instead of this disgrace he put her into

  29. It’s not her fault in anyway she didn’t ask to be taken to a fancy hotel, it was her birthday and he made it her worst day. May God forgive him

  30. Her boyfriend is not a good person, how can you abandoned your girlfriend in a hotel without paying the hotel bill.

  31. Ladies all that is greeter are not gold ,so be careful of who to follow many guy are devil but uses I love u to deceives u, now she v to pay d bill that is her punishment

  32. That’s why its very wrong to just trust someone.without proper investigating thier motives correctly.

  33. This is complete evil and wickedness, how can put your girlfriend in such a shameful situation. Well, that what we see when you want to over please somebody.

  34. Lol the man has his reason for not paying the bill maybe he was maxed out and had no how to pay so he ran

  35. This terrible
    The man is very wicked
    You left your babe in a hotel room
    Without paying the bill
    That is very wrong

  36. Maybe that guy has spent so much money to the extent he has no money in his pocket. That’s why he did so.I don’t blame him,because it is not easy. Man dey suffer him self ooo

  37. Had it been she stayed in her father house then she wouldn’t have seen this embarrassment. Good for her

  38. If they tell someone to make their money and stop following man upandown they will not hear..see the disgrace and insult of following a stupid man, what an embracement

  39. That is good. Since you can’t stay on low key, you want flashy things,
    You will pay for the debt you and your boyfriend promised.
    The hotel should collect their money

  40. Some men are very wicked ooh
    Fake people every where
    Wat an embarrassment
    Everyone needs to know his or his partner very well

  41. Birthday present indeed, now she has to suffer for his deeds, if I was in her shoes am done with him

  42. That is very unfair how can he do that to someone he called his girlfriend as a birthday surprise package

  43. Lol…The guyman played all of them big time. Scam!…
    Sorry ms. Thank God for his mercies else by now, there would have been another post reporting on her employment as head cleaner in the hotel. Lucky girl.
    Just open your eyes ladies. All that glitters is not gold. Its white doesn’t make it snow.
    Hv a nice day.

  44. It is high time ladies stopped following irresponsible guys.See your life now.May God deliver you from the unpleasant situation you found yourself

  45. This is a lesson to ladies . Don’t follow any man you see and do not enjoy the services you know you cannot foot.I’m sure the guy is not responsible at all.They just detained you for over one week just like that.

  46. What an embarrassment. I just hope she will not get back with him afterwards cos he is deceptive.

  47. Too bad for the boyfriend. But how come she didn’t know her man all this while? This isn’t good at all.

  48. Chaii, too bad! What A disgraceful act! I pity her shaa, her lover Is animal. This will taught her A lesson

  49. So you mean that it is only hotel that birthdays can be celebrated.. Nawa ooo. Now just take a look at the insult

  50. That boyfriend is a wicked guy if you don’t have the money at first while must you go to hotel you cannot afford

  51. No matter who you’re going out with always have money with you invade of emergency the guy is a big failure and fools for putting you through all the mess its not all that glitters that’s gold shine your eyes welllll

  52. A big shame o you guy!, but if the guy knows he couldn’t afford the hotel’s bills, he shouldn’t have take her there, and embarrassing her this way.

  53. What else do you expect, that serves her right and it serve as a lesson to all those girls that man to hotels and make high demands.

  54. That boyfriend is not nice at all for leaving his girlfriend stranded.Girls always hold your backup money ooo.

  55. That’s very unfair from man, what if someone do it to his own sister? Hope the lady has learnt her lesson as well

  56. eyyah sorry for you dear but that your boyfriend must be a coward for doing that if he knew he can’t afford that then why optioned the hotel

  57. All that glitters are not goal. Some ladies needed to learn from this, be careful where u go with your guy.

  58. What a pitty,i hope he changes his mind to pay the bills and after then the girl should run for her life

  59. So sad, your boyfriend disappointed you. but next time you should be more careful or you should have a back up plan.

  60. Hahahhaha.. Chai maybe the girl has been too demanding so he decided to play a fast one on her… It’s bad sha

  61. Chaii,what a wicked soul,if you don’t have the money for hotel accommodation you stay at home nah,see what he cause for this lady now,stupid man

  62. Haha. Ladies with osho free… This guy you didn’t do well. How can you do this. What did this lady do to deserve this… Aunty sorry go and paybthe bill.

  63. I don’t blame the girl she did what any other would do next time she should be more careful not to experience it again the guy must be irresponsible

  64. Too bad for the girl…. He might come back to clear the bills, maybe his expectations hasn’t become a reality yet

  65. See how wicked some boys can be and very shameful on the part of the girl for lodging in the hotel with the so-called boyfriend not even husband. A good lessons for girls.

  66. So many ladies are still being fooled by material things flaunted by men, how could you follow a man to a hotel without having an extra cash on you incase? Well am sure this will teach you a Lil bit of lesson.

  67. It’s better for ladies to have their own money in case such thing happens,in other not to be embarrassed,,, no one can really be trusted

  68. Too bad, a days pleasure has caused you a lifetime insult. Ladies should be extra careful and always be prepared when going out with a guy

  69. That boyfriend should be delt with become he supposed to pay the girlfriend hotel bill before going if they where fighting that is different case

  70. very sad story about this young lady how can a guy abandon her girlfriend just because of money and you know you are not capable of taking her out the guy need to b sue,and ladies try to know who you will walk with

  71. Lol some days are like that but he for open up for the girl not after doing work he run away is a pity for the girl

  72. Very bad of him lol but some days are like that but he for open up for the girl not after doing work he run away is on fear but by next time she go ask for low price hotel if the boy can’t pay she pay that’s lovers for sure

  73. The guy didn’t do well. He knew his pulse before going to hotel to celebrate his girlfriend’s birthday. So why did he leave the hotel without paying and still the girl suffered for all. That was a very bad one.

  74. Is very bad of him lol but some days are like that but he for open up for the girl or maybe the money pass the boy he do his work and run away is a pity for the girl but next time make she go for low hotel


  76. This is wickedness, bringing a lady all the way from Nairobi and abandoned her like that, is very bad

  77. Betrayal of trust and act of irresponsibility by her boyfriend. I imagine what he will tell her when they finally meet. She should just forget about him and this should serve as a lesson to her and other ladies. Try to know your boy friend well enough..

  78. Stick to your pockets. You must not go to expensive hotel all in the name of birthday celebrations. See the wahala the poor lady is passing through now. Wicked man

  79. Some guys have a very low thinking faculty. How could you abandon your girlfriend in an hotel. And call such lady your girlfriend? Is just too bad

  80. What an irresponsible and callous behavior by the boyfriend. How will he be able to mend the broken trust she had on him. Betraying her in such a manner and public disgrace too. Only him knows what happened and hope this doesn’t separate them because is shameful. Why try to impress someone when you know you can’t afford it. Is a lesson to all of us to live within our means and be content with what we have. Pride and Ego kills.

  81. how can her boyfriend be this calious and useless, I guess his major aim was just to sleep with her and then abandon her

  82. That’s not too good
    She’s got herself into a deep mess
    Thank God she got someone with a promise to rescue her from this mess

  83. Please in this notice I advice our ladies to know the kind of men to be with, hope ladies will take lesson on this

  84. Good for some girls who love flenjoring around with young boy, after paying the bill she be careful this time around

  85. Lol.what a funny story.thank God you were release later after all the problem your boyfriend as caused

  86. Mr.Collins really fvcked up concerning that ,if he knows he can’t pay the bills ,why did he go on the run to the extent that the lady was arrested.

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