Lady narrates how she left her abusive ex in an ambulance

A lady has narrated how she left her abusive ex in an ambulance after he got physical with her for going for a lady’s night out with her friends.

Lady narrates how she left her abusive ex in an ambulance

Read her twitter thread below.


I left my abusive ex in an ambulance.
I left clothes and shoes in that flat, it’s been years now, he probably burnt them, but yeah

Let me tell u what happened.

My ex and I got into an argument which led to him getting physical with me, what happened was he followed me to a girl’s day out with my friends. The 1s I used to tell that this Nikka beats me up.

Nikka came ko Rapsody, Sunnyside to, this happened after I went out without his permission. Mxm peice of trash.

When he arrived ko Rapsody he stood behind me, I could see from the fading smile of my friends that the devil was actually behind me.

The Nikka grabbed me by the pants, he was wearing casual clothes but had his police bullet proof vest.

That Rubbish. Mxm

He whispered in my ear” I’m. Going to kill u tonight ” Yooooh the way I was so terrified coz I knew he would beat me up for breathing nje.

I begged him not to beat me in full view of people who were at Rapsody’s. Yooh imagine being moered during the people.

When we got to the flat, the 1st thing he asked me was “Y u so disrespectful, Y don’t u listen to me when I tell u, u not supposed to go bofebeng ba gao”.

Jehova, this guy wanted to isolate me so that he could get away with abusing me.

I responded by saying, the day out had nothing to do le bofebe, le gona out of my rightful state of mind, how could I cheat on him.

He said yena ge a fihla my friends and I ntse re tshegisa bofebe.

Heh bathong.

I couldn’t even ask him gore, setshego sa bofebe ke se joang, he started beating me up.

Our neighbors ko di flatteng knew gore I’m being abused, coz I used to scream whenever he beat me up.
Ntse ke phela ka di blue eye

I begged him to stop beating me coz ntse anshapela lefela, guys I know how it feels like being beaten up mo hlogong ka sethunya

And sethunya sa Tonya.

That Nikka kicked me like ke Tsotsi, like I had stolen something from him. I have always had a problem ya nose bleeding.
I started bleeding from the 1st slap but he wasn’t even stressed or worried gore ke Tswa mokolo. Mxm

As he was beating me up, I screamed louder for help. He told me to STFU before he blows my brains, he actually did shoot on the wall.

I have never been more scared.

I got beaten up that night, and this happened about a month after I had walked in on him with another lady ko flatteng.

He shot at the wall several times, I think it was coz he wanted to keep whoever was willing to help me away as much as possible.

As he was beating me up, he said to me he was going to kill me as I don’t respect him and his wishes. To think I had given up Kere yah tonight I’m really going to die.

By the way, he used yo lock up the door whenever he starts his nonsense of beating me up. Eyyy bakithi

To ge honest after all the bullets that have been flying around, being beaten up, I had given up on living, I was waiting for him to pull the trigger.

By the time the police came the security and our neighbors had managed to restrain this Nikka.

I was saved by the neighbors. Kore if it wasn’t for them, I’d be dead.

Whatever happened next, I do not remember.
But I woke up ko spetlele wow, my face was disorganized. I was badly bruised, ribs broken eyyyy I suffered.

My ex still works for the SAPS le today. N I tried reporting him ko maphodiseng when we were dating, he still got released to come home to beat me up.

This happened about 6 years ago. And it has made it impossible for me to get into a relationship n trust men. I was still young and vulnerable.

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