Ladies narrate their experiences with Uber and Bolt drivers

Some ladies have taken to social media to give their accounts of how they were treated by some random Uber and Bolt drivers.

Ladies narrate their experiences with Uber and Bolt drivers

A South Africa lady identified as Fatima started the trend when she took to her page to give a narration on how a Uber driver cared for her when she had a bad flow. This encouraged other women to give their experiences with different cab-hailing drivers.

Fatima wrote:

I was in an Uber & my period betrayed me. Soaked through my underwear, stained my shorts but luckily I didn’t mess on the car seat. The Uber driver was really nice, stopped at the nearest petrol station so I could clean up, he even gave me his shirt to wrap around my waist

While I was in the bathroom he got me bottled water and panado. I am so grateful for such a decent Uber driver

For the remainder of my trip he kept talking, telling me funny stories. he said his wife gets bad period pains and he noticed that when he tells her stories she gets distracted from the pain by laughing

Other users reacting to her post also shared their experiences with the drivers.

*** Last year October on my birthday i requested an uber back home from the office and the driver asked why i had so many flowers with me and i told him it was my birthday. Shortly when we started driving and he saw a garage he asked to quickly get in to get something from the shop.

*** The bolt driver stopped to buy himself a can coldrink at the robots and he asked if I wanted anything ofcos I said “no thanks” and he asked if my son wanted anything *he’s 1* I still said no but he looked at me like I’m crazy and bought him juice instead

*** Last year i took an uber after midnight to a friends place. I didn’t know her place so we kept getting lost and he was so patient. I finally felt bad and I got off and told him he could go but he said no he’ll wait with me until my friend came out

*** On Sunday, I met a very kind bolt driver, it was 10:00 PM and I had no transport. He took me from Durban to PMB(Home) and gave me a discount. He said to me “I like the way you think, you definitely have a bright future ahead of you”. May God bless that Man

*** Last year I was going to a job interview, the driver asked what brought me to Sandton and I told him. When it was time to pay him he said no I shouldn’t pay him, and wished me luck for my interview. I’ll never forget him

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