Ladies must go on 1st date without make-up – Joro

Controversial and celebrity Love Doctor Joro Olumofin has advised eligible bachelors to only accept ladies that are willing to go on 1st date without make-up.

Ladies must go on 1st date without make-up - Joro lailasnews
Ladies must go on 1st date without make-up – Joro

Joro, in a video posted on his verified Instagram page, decried the cases of most women appearing glamorous after being covered-up in classical make-ups, that the man would find it difficult to ascertain their true beauty.

Watch the Video:

He captioned the video:

Dear Eligible bachelors, when you ask a lady on a date. Tell her to come with her Natural hair and no makeup. Honesty is key. You should Be attracted to her natural beauty first.





  1. That’s true he man should love your natural look not the after makeup look that’s why some marriage did not last in this country

  2. True talk. They should go without those paintings on their faces. It rather makes them look uglier to me

  3. What if she is not beautiful, what I’d she is not good as she looks, love is not all about beauty, it’s about love.

  4. Interesting! Well I don’t believe in the use of heavy make up. Modesty is key in everything. Let your man see you and accqept you just as you are

  5. They are lots of ladies that really do look great when on their natura looks….. Fully accepted for me as a nigga….. I like the ideas.

  6. Funny but the truth because a true lover will surely loves you as you are without make up or any artificial materials

  7. Good idea but for me beauty is in the heart not in the face or body,let a beautiful face not deceive some men


  9. And the first time you met her was she wearing makeup? For you to ask a lady out you must have seen her before either from picture or physical.
    If a girl honour your date without makeup on you will still complain.
    For me heavy makeup is not my thing

  10. That is the bitter truth, ladies now live on make up cos they believe without make up they are ugly which is not so natural beauty is the best

  11. If a man loves you he will love everything about you whether you are in natural or not it doesn’t matter

  12. There are too many girls nowadays that after make-over would no longer be able to recognise themselves. I support d man to avoid @I used to love you. But not any more.

  13. These Men have come again.They think they can control everything about women.Like What the fuck.You all can go on dates by yourselves then.

  14. Make up is part of most women life style ,,, so it doesn’t make sense asking her not to make up when going out on a date ,, if a guy wanna access her true beauty ,the take her out for swimming ,,, Lolz, sense will not kill me,,

  15. I love this, atleast u will know the person u are going out with very well. God bless Nigeria

  16. Well i agree with Joro on this one. So one can know what truly lies behind the makeup and no deceit involved.

  17. Well is true because it has been the part of them but I think to look natural is gud

  18. Funny but it’s the truth,some ladies can package for Africa.It is good to be natural even if it is once in awhile, appreciate your natural beauty please ladies

  19. I think it’s a good idea as many ladies now masquerade themselves in make up, thereby deceiving the innocent men.

  20. What’s the big deal there….I am more than ready to go on a date without make up. Please hint me up let’s give it a trial

  21. it is good but prepare for the unexpected if she is always seen on make up. guys too should reduce make up for those into it

  22. natural beauty is a natural thing God has giving the women, we all men like a fancy and a make up face but we don’t admire the natural beauty, I support the natural beauty of woman

  23. So many guys like the makeup ladies than the natural one,is just a way of life and something that has come to stay

  24. That’s a very nice one, ladies covers their faces with makeup without knowing that natural beauty rocks

  25. True fact.Like me I am not a make up freak.Some ladies and girls can’t go a day without make up.All these make we apply on the faces cause face to shrink on makes you either develop unwanted pimples or small rashes on the face.Some of them cause skin reaction.Some my fellow ladies.Let us be mindful of what we apply on face and it should be all the time

  26. Loving a lady in her natural beauty would make the relationship last longer. I think going without makeup on the first date is a good idea.

  27. Hahahahhah… You are not serious.. One man’s food is another man’s poison. If you want natural looks some other guys might want exposed…. And all that. Good luck to bachelor’s

  28. From a man’s perspective it’s true but for a woman you men shouldn’t forget that she normally wear make up even b4 she met you. So that one no hold ground

  29. I don’t subscribe oooo! Every one hides their turn off on a first date. So, a natural beautiful lady might then shot herself on the leg on a first date. Thus, not getting a chance for a second date.

  30. If this isnthe noms now then Alot of women won’t be able to marry because the can’t even go out to even greet a nieghbour without make up

  31. I wish I were still single, this will be my opportunity to laugh at all this cosmetic beauties we see everywhere now.

  32. That’s true he man should love your natural look not the after makeup look that’s why some marriage did not last in this country

  33. It’s a good idea but one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Some men appreciate all the nonsense make, they will even buy it for their woman and get furious if she refuses to use them.

  34. Makeup or no makeup, I can tell a girls natural look, and also makeup cannot change her physical appearance totally

  35. It’s true man need to see you in normal natural before you approach you but nowadays all of this girls are make up

  36. Obviously, this should be upheld. Makeup has given us two different shades of one woman.
    Anytime, any day, natural beauty is incomparable.


  38. Confirmed…… I hope they will wear their natural looks than packaging the package ables and fixing the fixables

  39. Good talk because the way young girls behave this day in the name of makeup I don’t understand.

  40. That’s true talk, its just like buying a product and expecting to meet made in Germany and you find made in China

  41. Hmmmm thats very very true This will reveal the natural beauty more than painting or make up cause is a sin God dont like it

  42. He is very right… Going without make up will allow the man know what he is truly into and not all these Marykay things

  43. That’s very correct. Sincerely speaking, the type of fraud ladies commit with makeup is too bad. They need to file a case against most of them because corruption is going on in their faces

  44. There’s senses in what Joro said, it is good to see your prospective wife in her natural beauty to ascertain weather she’s really beautiful or not, Make-ups changes a lot of things in ladies.

  45. Well said, but I doubt if they would listen, even u guys wanna see ur babe looking good in nice facial paintings

  46. I agree with him, ladies need to be comfortable with being natural sometimes makeup takes away your real beauty

  47. good talk and perfect. ladies must not deceive guys to believe what they are not. any guy that will love you will do so because he love and not because of your make ups. i mean real man o.

  48. He is right. These make up are fraud. Any guy should know the real face of the girl he is asking out to avoid stories that tickles the bum.

  49. Seriously, is it that difficult for guys to see pass a lady and see pass what she is putting on, or how naturally endowed she is and actually see her for who she is. If guys still falls for makeup, then they need to be reeducated again.

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