Labour finally declares prolonged strike over N30,000 minimum wage

Labour has finally declared a prolonged strike over the N30,000 minimum wage, which according to them was rejected by the Nigeria Governors’ Forum, NGF.

Labour finally declares prolonged strike over N30,000 minimum wage lailasnews

The organized labour who asked workers to fully mobilize for a prolonged national strike, stated that the decision was reached over the inability of the government to commence the process of implementing the N30,000 new minimum wage.

The lengthy new year message released by the President of Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, Ayuba Wabba, reads in full;

“Government’s dilly-dallying on the issue has strained government-labour relations with a potential for a major national strike which could just be days away.

“Accordingly, we would use this opportunity to appeal to the government to do the needful by urgently transmitting the bill on the new national minimum wage to the National Assembly.

”We also would like to use this opportunity to urge workers to fully mobilize for a prolonged national strike and enforce their right.

“This strike becomes the inevitable last option for us and we crave the understanding and support of all Nigerians and businesses.

“We would want to assure workers that their labour, patience and diligence will not be in vain and that this leadership remains committed to giving all it takes to ensure that they get just and fair wages due to them in a decent work environment appropriate to their well-being.

“This leadership is similarly committed to ensuring there is social protection for workers.

“In the year that is ahead of us, the Nigeria Labour Congress remains unequivocally committed to national and workers’ goals.

“It saluted the contribution and sacrifice of the entire workforce, great men and women, saying:

“We use this occasion to reach out to all workers, pensioners and other citizens in Nigeria and elsewhere with the message of love, joy, hope and goodwill.

“This day is an opportunity for celebration and stock-taking. Pursuant to this, our reflections on the year 2018 are both positive and negative.

“Throughout 2018, the NLC completely invested in the struggle to protect workers interests, promote democratic values, advocate the rule of law and defend human cum trade union rights. We sustained our fight against anti-labour practices at the work place and insisted on the observance of the rules of decent work and fair wages.

“We kicked against the rising incidence of unemployment, especially, youth unemployment and the danger it portends. We canvassed the preservation of existing jobs and creation of new sustainable ones through alternative policy options with potential for expanding the economy.

“Aside from the regular commemoration of May Day, the year was remarkable and memorable for the observance and celebration of Congress’ 40th anniversary. Many of our affiliates were to follow suit.

“One of the major activities in the year was the renewed strengthening of our relationship with our civil society allies through regular collaboration and mutual engagement.

“Congress remained vigilant and responsive to national issues as they unfolded and frequently made its position known through press statements, comments, communiques, state of the nation comments, etc which relatively influenced policy and legislation.

“Congress, for instance, always condemned prevalent violence in some parts of the country and called on government to bring this to an end. “Congress sustained its robust engagement with the National Assembly, especially on issues of concern to Labour or great national importance.

“At the international level, the year remains one of the most remarkable through deepened interactions, engagements, programmes and activities, culminating in the election of the President of the Congress to the headship of ITUC Global.

“In spite of these relative successes, the year remains one of the most traumatic for workers, especially given the failure of government to enact and implement the new national minimum wage of N30,000.

“This is in spite of the unimpeachable tripartite process leading to the agreement by the social partners on the new national minimum wage. It is unfortunate that the Federal Government is yet to transmit to the National Assembly an executive bill for the enactment of N30,000 as the new national minimum wage.’’

On campaign for industrialization, labour said: “We will work assiduously to promote and advocate the removal of all barriers to industrialization, growth and productivity. We should be able to build a country where we produce what we consume.

“We cannot continue to export precious jobs away to other countries through successive poor policy choices of government and expect to change our unfortunate status as the poverty capital of the world.

“In 2018, government at different levels in Nigeria tried to use the “No Work… No Pay” to hound and victimize workers. This policy actually arises from clear violation of Collective Bargaining Agreement by the same government that seeks to use the policy against workers.

“The fact is that the obnoxious policy of “No Work… No Pay” is derived from Decree 54 of 1977 which even military regimes that promulgated it refrained from deploying against workers. It is unfortunate that such cruel policy is being used against workers by a democratic government.

“There is no place in modern industrial relations for workers to be owed arrears of salaries. A case in hand is the recent shutdown of the government of the United States owing to disagreements between the executive and the legislative arms of government over budget issues.

“Most workers whose salaries were affected by the budget impasse were asked to proceed on leave until government is able to pay their salaries.

“In worker-sensitive climes, even our West African neighbours, it is unthinkable that workers would go home in a month without their salaries. We have tolerated this evil culture of prolonged salary indebtedness for a long time and government has taken advantage of our patience to extend the frontiers of this impunity to the policy dump site of “No Work… No Pay”.

“The Nigeria Labour Congress will continue to resist such unjust, draconian and insensitive policy and insist that workers’ salaries, pension and gratuity must be paid as when due.

”In furtherance to this, the Nigeria Labour Congress will intensify the struggle for regular, predictable and appropriate payment of salaries, pension and gratuity. This struggle will continue to be our topmost priority.

“In 2018 and the years preceding it, we demonstrated our commitment in this regard with rallies in defaulting states. We also demanded the probe of governors of such states.

“We went further to call on the federal government to make subsequent release of further bail-out funds or Paris Club refund contingent on clear evidence of judicious use (for payment of salaries, pensions and gratuities) of previous releases. We will continue to insist on accountability.

“Furthermore, the NLC will continue to promote worker-education and mobilization through Congress education programmes and other union training programmes. These activities would be religiously held with the objective of positive impact on workers.

“Therefore, we urge government at all levels to consider workers as assets and partners in development rather than liabilities.”


  1. From all indications, strike has never been and will never be the best option. Government should do all it takes to meet the demands of the labour union before the situation gets so bad.

  2. If government should look to the wages of Nigerians workers the protest will stop everybody will be happy working and work with relax mind.

  3. Finally we’re out of this strike…. I love the last part of the statement which says “Therefore, we urge government at all levels to consider workers as assets and partners in development rather than liabilities.”

  4. Nigeria national government is not even ashamed of herself. Common 30k a month she can’t pay. They should go on srtrike joor. Infact no 30k minimum wage, no voting.

    • Yes government should consider workers as assets and not liabilities
      Our government should please look unto these.
      Pay 30,000 minimum wage. I no they can do it

  5. Am in full support with Nigeria Labour Congress in their decision for the Prolong strike new year new change of level.In God we trust.

  6. It is better to embark on this strike action once the federal government had fail to comply with them

  7. Mr..president help the workers please provisions are very expensive, and we need price control too.

  8. I think if the government didn’t meet to their demand, so the best option for them are to go for strike.

  9. If labour should embark on a prolong strike it will not have much impact on the government as it would to the common Nigerian citizen, I think the labour should still try and dialogue with the government

  10. This buhari’s administration is a very terrible one all over the nation, I totally agree with NLC, God is our strength

  11. Finally the strike is the only option left. Let all and sundry prepare and stock enough food awaiting when the strike will start

  12. The government should do the best possible to Solve this…. We can’t afford to see labour going on strike again

  13. Yes, I support and agreed with the Labour Congress. I think the prolong strike is the best option as FG seize to respond to their N30,000 minimum wage. FG should see to thus as soon as possible.
    Nice speech by Ayuba Wabba

  14. Government should do all it takes to meet the demands of the labour union before the situation gets worse

  15. Hmmmmmm! I support the Labour Union. I think the prolong strike is the best option. But I pray that God will touch them this 2019

  16. What the nlc is trying to do has both negative and positive course the government should come and do something about this strike

  17. I had thought this, most states may not be able to pay the minimum wage of 30k. Especially when the FG had to bale them out on worker’s salary issues.

  18. I support the labour Union.Government should do something about the new minimum wage because things are very costly now

  19. Imagine, those who have work to do are calling for increase in wages and salaries or they go on strike,what do they want the unemployed to do? what a selfish demand.

  20. This month minimum wage should be resolved by the government .and let the world know that we are capable.

  21. Is high time they should settle this case onces and for all please the children are tired of sitting at home please

  22. Nigeria is one funny nation in the world. THe painful thing is that we have what it takes to pay even #50,000 minimum wage. But the country’s federal government will not repent from the dilly dally attitude they always show

  23. I just hope after the strike, their petition will be granted because we are tired of strikes which will end up not yielding the desired result. God help us all.

  24. Our Government should not make it look as if our workers are for granted, so let the strike continue until they do something

  25. Whatever happens I hope the minimum wage is passed.
    The governors should come to an agreement on this quickly

  26. Why is Nigeria government so insensitive of the plight of Nigerians how can they not be able to pay @30,000 when they have the means l support the labour %100

  27. Bunch of selfish leaders, especially dat senate president, he can pay someone in prison $39000 but cannot approve comon 30k minimum wage.

  28. I support the idea. All these politicians in government have eaten us to the bone. They are not the only citizens of this great country Nigeria.

  29. Hmmmmm me I support it ooo
    Some workers has not been paid for one year now
    Tell me how they are surviving
    Mtchwwwww nonsense government

  30. Labour I totally agree with u
    The government should not only pass the bill on minimum wage but also implement it. If not let the strike begin
    I really appreciate the doggedness of Cmr Ayuba Waba the NLC boss’s

  31. This government has done nothing, strike coming up from different sectors and they are yet to do something about it

  32. The simple truth is that nigeria is already even borrowing to sponsor their budget, and its even difficult as of now to pay salaries, I have a feeling this strike will definitely take a long time.

  33. Good one by Labour Union, I don’t know why people should be working like Elephant and eat like ant.

  34. Federal Government should please give in to their requests and stop this plan of the labour because going on strike will affect us o

  35. The amount is not that big why cant the government settle this once and for all instead of waiting long time with many warnings of going to strike…anyway i support them let the govenment sit their ass up and do the needful asap

  36. God help this country of ours ….. the government can pay even more than that and our economy will remain strong. Them just want the chop only them….. There is God oooo

  37. The governor’s and the federal government should better implement the new minimum wage so that works can have enough to spend

  38. I think I support Nigeria labour Congress for prolonged the strike. That is best way there will them attention.

  39. I support the labour union 100% . Government should support them more. It’s not easy, thing are getting too hard

  40. This is embarrassing so to speak how can Nigeria not pay 30k with ease. What is thier problem with such a small money

  41. I support the movement
    Government should please do the needful things
    And amenities
    So that this poverty should subside

  42. Nigerian government just keep disgracing themselves. Ordinary 30k they can’t pay as minimum wage. That’s why other countries are mocking us.

  43. A country where the government is a monopoly of power and the people are mere puppets. Let’s see if this long speech will yield something fruitful. What is 30, 000 that is so difficult to make away with?

  44. I don’t blame them is the mass that suffers the reactions and their reactions all their family members who will take 30 thousand naira to 84 per day but that woman being spent 292 in feeding for just a day according to the current budget god will punish buhari

  45. Biko cant this strike wait and continue when buhari steps down….i tire cant you people read the hand writing on the wall, this government is not intrested in your case. Case closed, una too talk too much.

  46. APC and buhari led Federal government is a big failure which thrive in divide and rule method…I pray that the labour union will fight this fight to a logical end.

  47. I don’t know where this country is heading to people are dying in the war front innocent people fighting for this country yet the government don’t care about their welfare

  48. It’s we the students that are suffering it
    D kid of the elites school abroad and we are left with assu strike

  49. Since Nigeria govt have refused to pay ordinary #30000 to workers. Therefore let the strike begin. Am in support.

  50. Why can’t this people be paid. Even the Bible says “give what is unto Cesar, Cesar and unto God God

  51. This government is still playing with us . ordinary 30k is what they cannot pay.well, we dey watch

  52. is this not a shame nigeria is a disgrace to africa not that the money is not there, every senator goes home with millions of naira

  53. how much is 30 000 minimum wages that our government can not approve?? And you know the huge amount of money you are collecting as salary every month. You don’t even pity the masses

  54. Can you imagine the country we dwell in just because of minimum wage the strike was prolonged and up till now the government are not doing anything not to even consent on the bills and we have those useless senators,honourables and minister earning millions of naira every months its so sad

  55. That’s a great idea they should go ahead they are collecting millions buh they can’t pay labour ordinary 30k

  56. And did the government agree on their demand before the strike was called off.. Well calling off the strike is the best decision anyways

  57. This country is so confused. We need Gods Intervention..

    Because I see no reason why the federal and Governors forum deny to adopt the 30k wages..does 30k care for their recharge cards a day.

    We needs God’s help

  58. This is serious oh, I don’t when we will be able to speak for ourselves in this country, I hope it’s get resolved soonest

  59. What sort of stupid men occupy the governors forum that can’t be reasonable enough
    We should even ask
    Is 30k fair at all
    When south Africa is about implementing a minimum wage of about 125k
    From the present 90k

    This is disgusting

  60. So well said by the NLC chairman. May our bid be giving adequate consideration as we hope earnestly for a better Nigeria in 2019.

  61. Nigerian workers are the less paid civil servants in the whole world and yet our government does not see any reason in increasing their minimum wages. This is unfair, I support the labour union on the strike

  62. Government should just look into the matter as fast as possible, why will they allow the strike?

  63. What is 30k that Governors are saying they can’t pay, Everyone should ask his/her state governors why they can pay, when they are living expensive life, except their state citizens

  64. Government should please try and meet up with the demand of labour. I support labour, they should go on strike until government is ready to comply. 30000 naira is not too much as minimum wage.

  65. The government should settle this once and for all. Its will be good they accept the minimum wage worth the labour brought to them

  66. First it was ASUU, now its Labor Party……Where is this country going to for Christ Sake???…

  67. Although Nigeria workers are facing various hardships but labour Leaders should continue to dialogue with the government on how to pay the minimum wages without going on strike. When labour and government are on strike, it is the poor citizens that suffered.

  68. This is bad when will Nigeria government start placing the interest of their citizens in their heart

  69. It has become a tradition to embark on strike everytime we are about to conduct general election

  70. I think is high time labour come up with other ways of going about this and the gorvment should be sincere… For how long are we going to keep going front and back,and the bleam game

  71. Government should please heed to their advice as this strike is really we students backward, even though am in full support of the strike.

  72. Common 30k in a month that is not even up to their allowance for a day, this Nigeria sef don tire person

  73. This is good they shul b on their stand 30k is not much for federal government naw….so naw they call of the strike oluwaseun

  74. Common 30k in a month that is not even up to their allowance for a day, this Nigeria sef don tire person..

  75. Government should find a solution to this before it gets out of hand cos I don’t buy the idea of prolonged strike, it is not the best option

  76. The long national strike on the implementation of minimum wage is long overdue, Nigeria workers should get ready for the strike and until the issue of minimum wage is settled there should be no shelving of strike for any negotiation

  77. Since the governors forum are proofing stubborn let labour commenced the strike we are behind them

  78. The government and the labour should reach a compromise to avoid going on strike cos is not good for our education sector

  79. Everybody, is embarking on strike. Is good cause now that the election is at the corner, anything you don’t get know you wouldn’t get it again.. please FG should do something….

  80. Don’t think they are asking for the undoable. The federal government should listen and sign the 30,000 minimum wage to avoid the nation wide strike

  81. This is a long & well articulated message message from Mr Chairman. Strike is the last resort & we stand by you.

  82. If the government want to increase the minimum let them do it for the betterment of it’s members and citizen

  83. I hope the Labour union will be able to go ahead with this prolonged strike if the government didn’t get to approve the #30,000 minimum wage

  84. State governments will not take Labor serious until the strike enters 3rd day, and they must not call it off until all governors signed that they will pay #30,000 minimum wage.

  85. Going on strike will be the best thing since that is the only means to fight for your right from government of Nigeria. I don’t know what is the problem of the government when one senator is collecting millions of naira in a month paying 30k to the workers is now a issue.

  86. The Government has billions to spend on politics and useless campaigns but none to use for salary increment for the same people that will vote for them

  87. Its so funny how the real working citizens earn so little and the opportunists end up looting national funds. Its just a shame. I hope they consider this wage soon.

  88. Hmm they want to start this new year with strike…
    Nawa oo.. Government should pass this bill Na..
    If labour go on strike.. It will affect the economy has a whole oo

  89. Federal government is really not taking the matter seriously, the government should do the needful.

  90. Nigeria government like playing prank when matters concerning workers salary and welfare. I support the strike action the Government want to be pushed to the wall before they do the needful.

  91. I don’t know why thirty thousand naira is difficult to pay when countries like south Africa pay more than three times that amount. Yet millions of naira is budgeted for the food for the president and his vice.

  92. This government is not even ashame of themselves, what will 30,000 buy in this period of time, but they are paying themselves in millions

  93. Common 30k Dey cannot approve, bt they can approve budget of billions for food and travel for d government

  94. If labour will embark on a prolong strike it will have a negatuve effects on the givernment and the people of nigeria please labour and givernment shiuld ubderstand each other well so that these strike will nit hold

  95. Can you imagine that up till now…the FGN have not implemented the N30,000 minimum wage. I guess the strike is inevitable then

  96. Can you imagine that up till now…the FGN have not implemented the N30,000 minimum wage. I guess the strike is inevitable then

  97. Am fully in support of the strick the government are not ready to look into the Labour matter and going on strick is the there last choice to take are they should remain silent for ever if they fail to embark on the strick action.

  98. Up NLC, fight to win don’t quit, cos the government has nothing to offer, but they are busy stealing money in dollars but cannot pay common 30,000, how much is their security, that they lavish on their girl friends, they should go on strike till the pay

  99. Other countries are paying more and are still doing well, in Nigeria the case is vice versa all we get is fake promises. I support the strke

  100. Let them go on strike. The government should take into consideration the sufferings of the workers.

  101. Federal government approved this bill na. How much is 30,000 compared to the salaries if this political office holders

  102. This wasn’t good enough by the government of Nigeria, fine you’ve reached the 30,000 as new wages then what still delaying it from implement it and get it done once and for all, this is too bad I support NLC carry on until they listening to our crying

  103. The current government does not even have interest on any issue rather than the coming election, we have ASSU strike and now labour strike again, may God help us all in this country called naija

  104. just 30k in a month and our government cannot afford. is a pity; i urge everyone to awake and start providing legal jobs for themselves.

  105. Labour are trying their best Government should do something and settle them not spending money unnecessary

  106. Nigeria government do not understand anything from labour force force than strike. I don’t think 30k is too much an amount to pay the government workers.

  107. This government is always good in making empty promises. It’s their right to embark on another strike.

  108. They are right with all this fact, the best is for government to do the right thing in time to prevent the strike and safe the country from drought.

  109. This is good news,I hope labour do things well,our government should be straight forward, let us know where we are,this is good news

  110. While this strike action is going to bring untold hardship on the poor masses, it will also help them to choose whether to retain this government or change it

  111. The government should try and meet their demands so that the labour union won’t go on their proposed strike

  112. They could pass a huge sum of money in the name of travel budget, food and medicals but cannot pay those who ache their back to help make that money for them. What a pity

  113. They should reach a logical conclusion, the strike action is detrimental to the economy, asuu is still on theirs.

  114. They have my 100% support.. If the government eventually approves this minimum wage it will really benefit me a lot.

  115. Am very sure very soon Nigeria as a whole will go on world strike Cox we too are tired of living in a country that don’t compensate. Sick government that don’t know their left from right. Salaries you won’t pay, security you won’t provide. What is the essence of having a government.

  116. 30,000 minimum wage is too small compare to what other countries government workers are earning. Moreover it is the private sector that is even employing more Nigerians than the government.

  117. God help us. When two elephants are fighting it is the grasses that suffer, strike is never the solution to some things.

  118. It’s high time the NLC take a final decision on the issue of minimum wage. What the lawmakers take home monthly is outrageous, they should be placed on minimum wage too. While should the majority of people are working while the minority is getting huge payment.

  119. Please the governors should listen to the federal government and comply to the new wages in order to avoid unnecessary strike please…

  120. We believe in labour force than the people in power, they should prevail on them to pay the minimum wage

  121. Exactly! it would be best if the government sees workers as partners in development instead of liabilities. This situation is getting out of hand, our government is totally selfish.

  122. The federal government should implement the agreement that had with the labour unions to avoid the strike

  123. Again, federal and state should not let this strike take place again na, must they strike before you people listen to them.
    ASUU is on strike since last 2months.

  124. I have decided not to even vote this year, cos the government is a disgrace to the country, what is even 30k compared to other African countries who pay higher and even planing to increase it

  125. F.G seems not to be doing anything about this,they just keep calm until the situation worsens..

  126. The Government of our country is just so messed up that almost everybody has to go on strike to be heard

  127. The government should do the needful because this prolong strike will cause serious economic damages if allowed to hold

  128. Please this issue of labour and federal government should stop, so that this strike Will end for sure.

  129. I’m totally in support of the NLC, the new minimum wage of #30,000 should be Implemented the government should find something to do about it.

  130. This country self. You can’t pay your workers at least 30,000 per month to enable them meet up their requirements. But you can spend billions just for traveling. It’s unfair

  131. I don’t know where this country is heading to people are dying in the war front innocent people

  132. The government should please grant this 30k of a thing and stop all this dragging every time

  133. Why is it that the government is finding it difficult to impliment this minimum wage ehen it can be compared to what the ate eating up there.

  134. I don’t know the problem of Nigeria governors, what will be there gain if workers go for strike. they should settle it amicably without strike.

  135. What is all this we re still battling with 30000 while south Africa has bargain for 106 of am not mistaken

  136. Am embarrassed when i hear of this
    Bcos am fully aware that.our country is capable of paying the money
    Corruption is a bad thing

  137. 30k a month the government is still against it, too bad, I support the Labour Union. I think the prolong strike is that will be best option.

  138. Nigeria is rich than not able to pay worker 30,000 minimum wage, I support labour to go on strike if government insist

  139. What kind of government exist in Nigeria, how can they find it difficult to pay N30k as minimum wage besides they have billions to spend on travels and unnecessary items, only God will have mercy on them, they better do what is right

  140. The NLC are toothless dog and joke to the government and that is why government won’t take them serious and its a pity

  141. Nigeria Governance is wack..
    Still struggling hard to certified the minimum wage of 30k .
    It a shame .
    But labour won’t rest .

  142. Well let mutual understanding be carried out and let the needful be done so that this strike can be called off

  143. I’m sick and tired of this government of Nigeria, just N30,000 thousand is taking this long to implement as minimum wage too bad

  144. The problem is that some Governors are just so self centred ,I see no reason why they can’t pay the money wage when allocation are been provided for that.I tire o ,they just enjoy making the common man suffer.

  145. What kind of country is this? Can’t even pay #30,000 monthly but could budget 1billion and for traveling. What a shame for a president that doesn’t care about her citizens. Keep enslaving us to enrich their pockets. I support a prolong strike and I hope with this action the citizens will arise and kick this buhari and his government out. Enough is enough. We should rise in unity and support this strike maybe that’s the only way to achieve this request.

  146. Pls the government need to do something urgently about all this strike here and there before nlc will shut down the economy

  147. This is a fine fight and it well deserve prompt action. Minimum wages of 30k is not so bad compared to what our government waste on the needless. The average man have need to meet up with. How much is even the 30,000 self?

  148. I have been waiting for this strike because I want my allowee to be increased so you guys should start fast

  149. Nigerian government can not pay 30k minimum wages,when senators are receiving millions every month. What a shame.

  150. Strike is never an option. All we are praying is that God should touch the heart of the government

  151. Its better, just fight for your right.. Just 30k while Mr president is collecting huge amount for food and travels

  152. God should help us in this country, can you imagine how much our president is going to spend on traveling and feeding allowance

  153. The federal government too isn’t ready to impliment the 30000 minimum wage and so labour do not have choice than to go on a prolonged strike.

  154. This country self!!! What is 30thousand that a country like Nigeria can pay as a minimum wage? The money is there they don’t want to release it..we are still talking about asuu now its NLC… OK ooo

  155. I don’t believe governors can’t pay the 30000. To crying out loud what they earn as salary as allowance is too much for them to refuse the workers such amount. To me its not fair. What has to be done, has to be done. NLC go ahead abeg.

  156. Why is the government finding it difficult to pay the minimum wage see the amount they spend on themselves

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