Klopp warns Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City

Liverpool manager, Jurgen klopp has warned Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City that his side are ready ahead of both teams clash on January 3, 2019.

Klopp warns Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City lailasnews

The 51-year-old also said that his side has a different game plan against City.

Klopp stated this following Liverpool’s 2-0 victory over Wolves on Friday night in the Premier League encounter. Klopp told BBC:

“It was clear that the whole game would be difficult.

“Everybody wants to press. We want to be compact but wide as well which makes it difficult. We defended it pretty well. The heavy rain was difficult for both teams tonight. It was a big fight. We knew that we needed to be ready.

“The first goal was brilliant, it was cool. And the second goal – yes, well done! I am completely happy with the result and it is big for us. We wanted to surprise our opponent. It was brilliant – both goals. It was perfect football, especially on a night like tonight when it was difficult to play proper football.

“We have Manchester City waiting and that will be really tough for the boys. We need to have different game plans but the boys showed they are ready for that.”

Klopp’s men will tackle Newcastle United on Boxing Day in their next Premier League fixture.


  1. Congratulation to you guys over your victory and pray you win the next game as well.don’t forget that it’s not over until it’s over.

  2. Huge success To the team , they were really ready for the game, the first and second gaol was amazing

  3. I think klopp is scared, why issues warning wmif you believe in your team, go and face guardiola’s squad and see yourself

  4. Liverpool is really up and ready for the challenge. This is a man that unwound and exposed pep towards the end of last season, thereby beating him thrice when they met. I hope he wins the EPL with Liverpool.

  5. Its going to be a tough game Liverpool and man city but I see man city winning all the best as you both challenge yourself

  6. I rep Liverpool. I trust Klopp to make it a complete Manchester tragedy. If he can repeat the 3-1scoreline. Keep planning, while we the fans keep praying

  7. That is a wonderful results yesterday, on man city game well let watch and see how prepared and planes you have for game.

  8. Huge success To the team , they were really ready for the game, the first and second gaol was amazing I love it.

  9. I think is going to be a tough match between the two sides, they are both in good form but I top city for winning

  10. That will be a very serious fight I know Man city is a very strong sit. Any till then. But I rep Liverpool to win

  11. The game will be really a tough one. Liverpool has been on top of their games this season, I wish them success.

  12. It will be a pulsating and explosive match. We should brace up for a truly fierce battle indeed. But I go for city. They are ruthless at home.

  13. Klopp my man, I believe in you, am not a fan of Liverpool BT am supporting them to win the EPL cup

  14. Yes it was ! But I will be very happy if Liverpool can surpass Man city for the match and keep their good form for the tittle

  15. A very big congrat to them for their success..they should keep up with determination and focus..go team!!

  16. Well said but why come out and rant about it. They are also not there for play so what if they win his team.

  17. Its only Liverpool I know that can humble Man city.. No club got the swagger to deal with them well enough

  18. Its going to be a tough game Liverpool and man city but I see man city winning all the best as you both challenge yourself

  19. I guess its not who brags most but who has more to bring to the table at the game.. Never underestimate your enemy at any point

  20. When it comes to football, it is always a game of luck, even though skill is also involved. So may the best team always win.

  21. Liverpool has really played well with good performance this season, i believe Liverpool vs Man.city would be tough and interesting, let’s look forward to see the winner between both teams

  22. I think he wants to let pep know that it won’t be an easy ride for his team to retain the premier league title this season, that Liverpool are gonna fight to the end to make sure he stops them

  23. It wasn’t an easy challenge yesterday but the game against City is going to be a very tough one I know.

  24. Liverpool is really on top of their game, they have been play well lately, I mean unbeaten, Go Salah. Pray they finish unbeaten.

  25. This is so good,nice news,Manchester city is on top, hope they make wise decisions, we hope to see them rocking again,this is good news

  26. It’s like Klopp is afraid of Manchester City. That will be a game of the season. Can’t wait to watch the match.

  27. Well we will wait till that day and know what will be the outcome of the match after mancity lossing their match today

  28. Klopp should transfer his warnings to good manifestations on the field of play. Let him hope that the god of football will be with his team.

  29. Football is an unpredictable game of luck, no one knows the winner until it is played. Whichever ways I wish them them all the best.

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