King remanded over robbery in Ondo State

A King in Ondo State identified as Oba Oluwambe Ojagbohunmi, has been arrested, arraigned and remanded over an alleged armed robbery, arson and conduct likely to cause breach of peace.

King remanded over robbery in Ondo State lailasnews

The King who is said to be a claimant to the throne of Ogeloyinbo of Ayetoro, Ondo state, was arraigned before before an Akure Magistrate Court which was unable to hear his plea in a nine-count charge preferred against him.

According to the police, the traditional ruler who was accused of conspiracy to commit felony to wit armed robbery, reportedly robbed one Ajimijere Ayodele of a Tiger Generator and a sum of N160,000 alongside others armed with guns, cutlasses and other dangerous weapons. He was also accused of shooting one Olu Obolo in the leg and macheting him at the rear pelvic girdle.

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The King was however remanded in prison, as the Magistrate fixed the hearing of the case to January 24.


  1. A king an armed robber? Ha, I think proper investigation should be carried out o, because I can’t imagine a king stealing common generator oo.

  2. May God continue to expose the wicked ones. But please let proper investigations been carried out ooo

  3. Did they say a king involved in an robbery attack,gracious father what will he teach the people hes leading unbelievable
    that throne has been polluted

  4. This man is not worthy to be called traditional rulers. He is a crime. And he must face the law. No one is above the law.

  5. What manner of king is this one, So u used your position as a king to commit crime. He should not be spared severe punishment and sentence shall be his portion.

  6. Why will a king be involved in a criminal activities like this? There is no respect for the throne anymore.

  7. How true is this story , please let it be properly investigated so that the innocent will not be punished

  8. Police please do proper investigation on this issue, if is true let him face right judgement on it.

  9. See the traditional rullers that we supposed to carry this kind case go meat Is a big shame

  10. A king deceiving and doing bad to his subjects. The long arms of the law has finally caught up with him.

  11. I dont think this is true, it can be a sort of allegation laid upon him, it should be properly be investigated

  12. Why could even a traditional ruler be engaged in such crime?
    Well let him be well interagoted and dealt with after ward

  13. Am not so sure about this news how can a king get involved in such a local robbery of 160k and a generator? Who dose that

  14. He is nothing but a rogue, king in the day and armed robber in the night, the law is no respecter of person

  15. Imagine a king for that matter could stick so low to conspired against the people his ruling. He doesn’t deserve to be a leader at all.

  16. Well done to our Judicial arms for dragging him to court despite his position. he should be interrogated properly and closely and if find guilt, he should face the arm of the law

  17. Our traditional institutions are not what they used to be. A lot is going wrong. See respect pour for ground.

  18. this is so not right with the rate of injustice in the land, well status will not play well for h he has to face the law

  19. I hardly hear of a king robbing, hmmm originally kings comes after God but today’s kings love money more than anything. Let him get the punishment he deserves

  20. This is a gross misconduct from a dignitary who is a king. It’s a shameful act and should be ashamed of himself.

  21. How come the money involved is 160k and a whole king committed himself to such a robbery case. He should face the wrath of the law

  22. No body is bigger than the law, if he is guilty, then he should face punishment for such wicked act.

  23. All these kings of these days are unpredictable they can do and undo, many of them have secret business that you can never believe, making rough money, alright let answer for himself.

  24. I had to re read this three times to be sure they wear talking about a king personally involved in robbery. Things are happening ooh! King Kwa!!!

  25. Nobody should be above the law in Nigeria again, he should be made to face full wrath of the law to as deterrent to others monarchs who may want to use their positions to commit atrocities and feel nobody can arrest and prosecute them

  26. This is a big shame to the amongst fellow kings and should be completely dethroned and stripped of his power and authority.

  27. This king should be dethroned and stripped of his power and authority because he is a big shame.

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