Kim Kardashian justifies Kanye West’s slavery comment

Kim Kardashian has justified Kanye West’s slavery comment. The raper had earlier in May told TMZ Live that slavery is a choice.

Kim Kardashian justifies Kanye West’s slavery comment lailasnews

This was on the next episode of her family’s hit reksitt TV show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Kim has a convo with Jonathan Cheban and Simon Huck about her husband’s May 1 appearance on “TMZ Live”.

Huck says

“the way they edited that clip”.

Then Kim said;

“If you listen to what he said, he said, ‘Slavery was 400 years? If it’s gonna be another 400 years, that sounds like a choice to me.’ He didn’t say, ‘Slavery is a choice.’”

The rapper who has never been shy about expressing himself had said,

“You hear about slavery for 400 years. For 400 years? That sounds like a choice”.

West elaborated little on his statement but appeared to be drawing a parallel to how he is presumed to hold certain views as an African American artist.

“We’re mentally in prison. I like the word ‘prison’ because slavery is too direct to the idea of blacks. Like Holocaust is Jews, slavery is blacks,” West said.

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  1. Slavery Is not black.and Kanye is wright because back in old days slavery is nt choice its force but now civilization as taking over the world now.

  2. Slavery is not a very good something he should not joke with that people might perceive he his supporting the act of slavery

  3. Slavery is a thing of choice because someone decide to be a slave,since civilization has come,is no longer in voke

  4. Back in the early days, slavery was forced on people, it wasn’t a willing act and as such i don’t see it as a choice, it wasn’t a choice they choosed, they were forced and duressed into it

  5. Yes is really a choice to make to be at the ruling side or bullying side……those that sees themselves as slaves are at the bullying side and the rulers are those that uses them…is not all that are to rule….choice indeed..

  6. Back then it’s nobody choice to be a slave, thanks to civiliazation for putting an end to slavery in most part of the earth

  7. That’s it exactly because slavery I’d not just ordinary this that they can just justify, as a matter of fact I think I’d not a choice.

  8. I see nothing wrong with the line though………. He’s entitled to his opinion and has a mind of his own

  9. So correct when the word slavery is used it is like a direct to the blacks especially Africans

  10. It strictly depends from the angle he views slavery from. Of course, for the present, its a choice.

  11. Good one kim, the media always try to misinterprete peoples comments about certain issues. Its good that kim clearify that for people to understand what her husband said.

  12. Gona days of slavery. No one want to lives life of bondage and can be any ones choice in this generations

  13. It can never be a choice, no body in his or her right senses will dare to choose slavery as a choice

  14. He’s so stupid for even saying something so close to that whether he meant it or not…No one had a choice to his or her freedom then, they were all forcefully taken into slavery but now its history.

  15. What’s the statement all about, of course if you want to be a slave then its your choice.. So he’s right.

  16. Slavery was never a choice…many people where forced into slavery…how can someone on his bright sences choose to be a slave if he or she was not please slavery was never a choice..

  17. Kim’s clarification on West’s statement is application 10percent
    And west is right
    Though slavery is a past thing but could be found still and if its going stay 400?
    Then it’s our choice to keep it’s existence Alive and for that long

  18. He is right to an extent, in this 21st century some people choose to enslave themselves, but back in the old it was force.

  19. Slavery is not black… West is right about that too. Back is in old days slavery is force not by choice

  20. I think Kim is right to make a correction here because from what was published, it wasn’t so. I understand it now, slavery was not a choice about 400 years back but presently for slavery is a choice . he’s right and I support him.

  21. Kanye is right on this,4000years ago,slavery was force,they took the Africans away from their birth against their will,they were put through a lot of hardship,it was terrible, but today because of civilization, everything have changed, we have a choice not to be a slave again

  22. It’s because you have not been under slavery that’s you could say slavery is a choice. West is right.

  23. slavery was forced on people, it wasn’t a willing act and as such i don’t see it as a choice, it wasn’t a choice they choosed, they were forced and duressed into it

  24. those that sees themselves as slaves are at the bullying side and the rulers are those that uses them
    slavery is definitely a choice indeed

  25. In as much as words can always be misinterpreted, those making the statements should also be careful to choose their words.. Slavery has been abolished since 19th century, so anyone under slavery is either by choice o even by cohesion in the backward society

  26. Either way he is wrong, something that sensitive you don’t just talk bashly about it, he should have been as clear as possible

  27. May almighty god will not let us see the trade of slave in life. Because those century they talk about it shows that they suffer alot.

  28. Is there still people talking about slavery now? That is no possible now because of the level of civilization,,, no one will give such permission now and no one can be forced to do so now unless you choose to do so unlike the olden days

  29. Life in s simple for those who take it lightly and it is as well hard for those who take it hard so u both should take it lightly I think.

  30. There is no justification anyone can to the slavery comment.even Kanye West already took the blame to the comment . We all should just ignore Kim

  31. I don’t think anyone will like the idea of being a slave, so I don’t believe that slavery is a choice

  32. Back in the olden days, it wasn’t by choice. But if he meant that it’s a choice in this present time, then he may be right.

  33. na to be a slave is bad o because so many thing is attach to it o. our old fathers can testify of it very well. its not encouraging

  34. All men are equal among with their inalienable right which are right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness… Best American quotes for freedom

  35. All men are equal among with their inalienable right which are right to life and liberty and pursuit of happiness

  36. Please when you talking about slavery,it is not only Blacks were slaved Asians was once in slavery business

  37. Well, I believe his right by saying that slavery now is by choice not in the olden days when people are been forced or sold out for slavery

  38. Yeah Blacks where known as slaves in time past, but some whites still have that mentality up till now, hence their discrimination

  39. She is just siding her husband because for me slavery is not a choice but something brought upon people against their wishes.

  40. no one can will make the decision of being a slave, we are often force in one way or the other to be a slave.

  41. I agree with what Kanye has said. We choose to be slaves or not to be. When we choose not to be slaves nobody can enslave us. In Nigeria we have chosen to be slaves.

  42. the comments people makes this days,one needs to sit and wonder if they are going through some kind of mental relapse, he should slavery and see how it feels…just for one day

  43. the issue of slave is not even something you can wish your worst enemy talk more of someone making the choice.

  44. he’s right in a way. Slavery was something that was forced on people, particularly the blacks about 400 years ago. But in this day and age of civilization, slavery is a thing of choice because if you know that you’re uncomfortable and you still remain where you are, then that is your choice

  45. Slavery is not a good thing and shouldn’t be a thing of choice. Sometimes people become slaves by circumstance

  46. We as blacks need to come to terms with the way some nationals see us, even when we want to pull out of that mentality the issue of racism will still come up

  47. Sometimes is by force to be a slave to sombody else…may God deliver us from every slavery is well oh

  48. Controversial Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. This statement had since being ravaging the social media. Watch what you say!

  49. slavery can never be a choice. It is a terrible experience. Go ask your grandfather, he will explain better to you

  50. Kanye is right, and I think one need to understand what he says very well before drawing conclusions. He said he didn’t say slavery is a choice but it sounds like a chioce.

  51. You can put your self into slavery because is a choice , and it is the worst thing that can happen to any person, God help us.

  52. That’s what family does, they protect one another. She understand him more, maybe we’re looking at it from a different context.

  53. Back then slavery is a not a choice. But in todays world it can be. Because one have to decide what he wants to be n work opon

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