Kim Jong-Un looks slim in new photos – Soldiers wear hamzat suits

New photos of Kim Jong-Un from North Korea, appear to show him way slimmer than a lot are being used to.

This had led to some more speculations around his health, even as soldiers in the footage were seen wearing hamzat suits.

North Korea held a midnight military parade in Pyongyang early Thursday morning, September 9, to mark the 73rd anniversary of the country’s founding.

During the event, soldiers could be seen wearing hamzat suits while North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un looked way slimmer as he waved at the crowd at the Kim Il Sung square.

The new images of Kim appeared to show the North Korean leader has lost weight.

During the military parade, planes flew above Pyongyang firing flares, and paratroopers dropped from aircraft in the night sky, Rodong Sinmun said.

While on the street, marching bands led a parade, which included laborers, research units and an “emergency disease prevention unit,” it added.

There were troops and tractors, but no missiles, a surprise as new or updated versions of the country’s missiles are often shown at the military parades.

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