Killing an armed robber who attacked you not a crime – Yomi Shogunle

ACP Abayomi Shogunle has responded to a question on if killing an armed robber under self-defense is a crime, and his response was ‘No’.

Killing an armed robber who attacked you is lawful - ACP Yomi Shogunle lailasnews 3
Killing an armed robber who attacked you is lawful – ACP Yomi Shogunle

A twitter user had asked him if he was attacked by robbers in his home and he had weapons to defend himself, which he eventually used on them and caused them serious bodily harm. He wanted to know if that was a crime:

pls sir, if I am attacked by robbers and I have something like sword at home and I defend myself and get him injured seriously. Have i committed any crime sir?” He wrote

The Yomi Shogunle replied:

NO. It is called self-defence in law. Even if you kill the robber in stated circumstances your action is lawful; right to protect yourself, your family or your property from attack. I don’t think it is illegal if a house owner/occupant throws acid on robbers attacking the house.


  1. That’s the truth, if you don’t kill him you’ll lose your properties and probably your life and the lives of your family.

  2. It is not a crime. When it becomes a crime depends on the weapon used like if you use a gun which is not supposed to be in your possession. This is Nigeria.

  3. That is very good, defending yourself was the best cos if you fail to do that he will surely wipe your family away.

  4. That’s really true. It’s self defense. There is wrong with that. I am just protecting my self.

  5. If you have the opportunity to defend your self. Do so but do not kill intentionally when there are other ways you could have silent the robber without killing him or her. We should not be like the robber who is very wicked and want to kill people at every given situation. Remember that our heavenly father knows each actions that each person is taking, God knows how we can avoid killing our fellow human. Except for those that are unintentional. Always look for a way to avoid killing people, even robbers. Do not Judge them by killing them but allow the authorities that God has put in place to handle matters of such

  6. Well said but this is Nigeria where police that is supposed to be your friend can become your enemy. They might end up accusing you of taken laws into your hands and ask you to prove he is an armed robbed. May God help one in this country.

  7. This sounds great. Let me see any robber that will try me. If I no go kill person child make I know why

  8. Self defense is not a crime, your victim can either be dead or injured as long as he was a threat to your life, you have every right to take him out

  9. Wipe them out before they waste you.For me,I shall never see them in Jesup name. We can’t cross path.

  10. It is self defence. You ve not committed any crime. If you didn’t do it he ll turn back and kill you.

  11. Yeah.. he’s absolutely right.. that’s the law.. by virtue of section 33(2)(a) of 1999 Nigeria constitution. U can equally see the case of Sambo v State

  12. Its self defence but make sure he’s dead or jail for life if not you and your family will not espace the come back of his revengeful act

  13. It’s no crime to kill a robber in self defense, but if it happens here in Nigeria has there been any such incident whereby the individual was freed, I am asking this because I am skeptical about our J system

  14. If that is the only solution to The issue and you can not help then you have to defend yourself and you will not be in prison because law allows it

  15. that is very correct if he does not kill him the robber will also keep the police man.
    I don’t see anything bad here.

  16. Doctrine of self defense has exceptions , if someone attacks you with a knife and u use battle axe to defend yourself you commit murder like wise someone attacks you with a cutlass and you use gun to kill the person

  17. Yeah you true it’s all part of self defense kill them with your power and no one will charge you for that

  18. Acttually such kind of things is not easy but my prayer is that such kind of things we not happen to every one of us

  19. It’s self defense, because if you didn’t kill the arm robber, then you will be killed. So it’s not a crime

  20. The officer spoke very well, if you don’t kill him definitely the armed robber might go on to kill you, so defending yourself is no crime at all.

  21. Self defense is not a crime, no one on his senses will watch been killed by a wicked person, self defense can never be called crime

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