Kiki Mordi: “Women shouldn’t feel ashamed of having multiple sex partners”

Award-winning Nigerian journalist Kiki Mordi, is of the opinion that people shouldn’t feel ashamed of having multiple sex partners.

According to her, as far as it is safe-sex, there is no reason to be ashamed.

Kiki Mordi_ Women shouldn't feel ashamed of having multiple sex partners

Kiki Mordi made this known while responding to a Twitter question on what people feel ashamed about but isn’t really shameful.

According to her, as long as people practice safe sex, they shouldn’t be ashamed of having multiple sex partners.

See what she wrote below;

Multiple sex partners

As long as you’re practicing safe sex and not lying to anyone, I don’t see why anyone (women especially) should feel ashamed of it.

Lmao you can all stop deceiving yourselves. If you’re single, safe and having consensual sex often, you have nothing to be ashamed of. The tweet didn’t say you must engage in it, but if you do, you haven’t committed a crime. There’s nothing radical about this

Apparently only women get diseases from multiple sex partners and not men. Seen.

Should have known this rebellion came from a place of shame culture as opposed to caring

People already have multiple sex partners. You just want women to be ashamed!

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