Kidnappers release Ondo pregnant doctor

The Ondo pregnant doctor, Jumoke Aiyeku, has been released by her kidnappers, after the payment of an unspecified amount of money.

Jumoke Aiyeku, was amongst the three medical personnel and two lecturers abducted by gunmen in Owo area of Ondo State.

Kidnappers release Ondo pregnant doctor lailasnews

According to Vanguard, her family decided to pay the ransom because of her condition. However, a source said the abductors have requested for another N50 million before others still in their custody will be released.

A member of the doctor’s family said she got back home yesterday morning after an undisclosed amount of money was paid to the hoodlums.

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The state Police spokesperson, Femi Joseph said police detective combed the thick forest to secure her release. Joseph said:

“Since the abduction took place, our men have been at work, they didn’t sleep. He said that was how they freed the victim and no ransom was paid.

Meanwhile, the families of the other victims, vanguard learned have opened a line of discussion with the kidnappers on the payment of ransom.

It was gathered that the families of the two nurses are working together while those of the two polytechnic lecturers are also said to be working together.

The abductors, dressed in mobile police uniforms, blocked the road and stopped the vehicles.


  1. Does kidnapped need to be fished out and they should be punished… How can they demand for that huge amount of money

  2. Thank God for her release even though random.was paid. Let the kidnappers be caught and others released.

  3. These kidnapping business dey lucrative if government no fit stop am person go fit begin dey consider

  4. Thank God she has been released, now she will be safe from them, besides this issue of kidnapping should be addressed to make sure they are caught up with and they pay for all the damages they have cost, they must face the full wrath of the law

  5. Thank God for the doctor’s life. Well done to the police too. The lady is a lucky one cos not everyone gets released and free of charge too

  6. Thank God for her release . This is really such a good news for her and her family . Congratulations to her

  7. A country where the security is porous, that some hoodlums can disguise themselves and be on the road without being notice

  8. A country where the security is porous, that some hoodlums can disguise themselves and be on the road without being notice

  9. No amount of money is enough to purchase life ,,,it’s a good news she and her unborn child lives were spared.

  10. We give glory to God that nothing happened to her or the baby. Those kidnappers need to be brought to justice

  11. It a wonderful news that she was freed, however we cannot forget that there are still other captives in their custody. . The police should still search that area very well, they cannot be too far.

  12. That’s so nice and kindful of them to do, I pray God forgives them all their sin if they wish to repent.

  13. God be praised…….all this kidnappers should be eliminated from the surface of the soul…..the security of the nation is really dangling like seriously…

  14. Is better you have ur life back than die. Money will remain while you die. So why combing the area in search of the hoodlums??

  15. Thank God she came back safety… What’s our country turning into every kidnapper hear n there…God safe us from those kidnappers hand o

  16. kidnapped need to be fished out and they should be punished… How can they demand for that huge amount of money

  17. well we thank God for making it possible for them to release her alive despite all the money and other thing that entire

  18. God just saved you from the hands of this evil people,no ransom paid,it was Good that made it to be so,what a lucky being you are.

  19. Glory be to the Lord for their freedom. One may not know how traumatic it is until such is experienced

  20. Thank God for her safe release that she is even alive and well and praying others are not harmed but released to their families too

  21. Thank God she came back home with her life. The police should also try to set others in the kidnappers net free.

  22. Thank God she was finally released, but the information is quite contradicting as the Police Officer said no ransom was paid whereas the family member is saying money was paid

  23. Thank God that she was released and no harm was done to her. But those kidnapers are wicked, kidnapping a pregnant woman,, very bad

  24. Thank God she has been released, they should try to negotiate for the release of the others, it doesn’t if they pay ransom or not,so far they are released

  25. Do they hav heart at all? Why kidnap a preganat woman.? Heartless people.they will be caught…end of the road is near.

  26. Is a good thing she is free and fine but I still blame the insecurity in the country giving way for all this atrocities. And our police force must stop this lies that people are being released without Ransome being paid. The true story here is that Ransome was paid and the police is trying to use this means to project there own image. They are not doing enough in protecting life and property.

  27. Thank God are release ooo…
    In good health and nothing happened to hear
    …God will soon expose does kidnappers

  28. Thanks to God that she had since being released from the den of the kidnappers who care for nobody’s life except money. May God assist her to bear the trauma.

  29. Thank God for the life of Jumoke Aiyeku, it is really a great testimony for her to be released from the hands of those kidnappers

  30. When i was little kidnapping was only for children…but now old men,and pregnant women…thank God for her realese…

  31. When kidnapping has found it’s way to he abduction of pregnant women then moral has been thrown to the dust

  32. May it never be well all these kidnappers. How could they have kidnapped a pregnant woman. Thank God she has been freed.

  33. it has gotten so bad that pregnant women are not spared from the hands of kidnappers in this country,so so bad

  34. thank to almighty God.
    I personally do not think the police justified their formal pay, to warrant increase.

  35. Thanks to God for her safe release. Thank God nothing bad happened to her coupled with her condition

  36. Glory be to God for her release. People are wicked o. They had the guts to kidnap a pregnant woman… Thank God noth

  37. These kidnappers, when caught should be made to face the wrath of the law because their activities are becoming too much. They are making life very unbearable for people.

  38. Thank God for her release, the police should up their game, to buff up security, and ensure others gain freedom.

  39. They’ve gotten what they wanted, had no option than to led the lady go. Look at how some people have been forced to accept that they can create such jobs to earn a living.

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