kidnap victim narrates her horrific experience in kidnappers’ den (video)

A kidnap victim has narrated her experience in the hands of kidnappers while traveling from Lagos state to Port Harcourt.

The victim identified as Nneka Leonard said she was kidnapped on Saturday May 15 while for her friend’s memorial at Port Harcourt.

According to her story, she boarded a bus from Maza Maza in Lagos to Onitsha. On getting to Onitsha, she took a bus to Owerri were she boarded another a bus going to Port Harcourt.

Unfortunately, she didn’t know that the three male passengers inside the bus were kidnappers.

Along the way, one of the men brought out a handkerchief and she felt a hand on her nose which resulted to her dozing off. On waking up, she screamed as discovered she was in a strange environment and that her hands and legs were tied.

She was then beaten up by 6 men for refusing to stop screaming. Her phone bags were taken from after they stripped her naked.

They took a naked photo of her and informed her that the only thing that would save her is if she calls her family for ransom.

The kidnappers also asked her to open her phone after which they recharged and subscribed with her phone.

Immediately they called her family and demanded ransom. According to her, she was later told that her family were making effort to pay her ransom.

They then informed another kidnap victim that her family members were not making any move as they called call to an “Alhaji”, to know if he’s interested in buying the woman’s body parts.

“They said, ‘Ah, Alhaji, fresh meat dey oh. How we go take do am? Which part you need?’ The Alhaji say ‘breast, I need her second to the last finger, I need her eye, I need her ear’.

“So he said, ‘OK, how much are you looking at?’ and he said, ‘Ah, Alhaji, if you can give us 4 million, we’ll kill it now now now and send it to you’.

“The Alhaji started pricing. He said ‘let me give you people 3 million, it’s OK’. They said ‘done’ then cut the phone.” She narrated.

“They carried the girl immediately. They had a very, large, big table, but it’s an iron table. So, they took the girl.” Then the girl started begging, telling them that she was an orphan.

Nneka continued: “They said ‘who only child help?’ Immediately, they cut her head, started piecesing her, in my presence.

“So, after some hours, they came back again, they took the other girl, they cut her, they called and found out the part they needed gain. That one said ‘her private part, breast and eye’, that is the only thing he needed that night.

Watch the video below.


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