Kidnap gang notorious for selling children nabbed by police

Operatives of the Inspector General of Police’s Special Intelligence Response Team, have arrested members of a kidnap gang notorious for selling children in Abia State.

Kidnap gang notorious for selling children nabbed by police lailasnews

The arrested members of the kidnap gang include Kenneth Anaba, Emmanuel Izuchukwu, Ikechukwu Ajagbu, Joshua Samuel, Emmanuel Azumara, Chinedu Samuel, Ukonu Anurika, Chidinma Okpara, Chimezie Okpara and Favour Christopher. The suspects were reportedly arrested after they kidnapped a woman in September 2018, in Aba, Abia State, and collected a ransom of $13,000 (approximately N4.7m at the official exchange rate of N363 to $1) from the hostage’s relatives before she was released.

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Abba Kyari headed the team of IRT operatives that tracked down the suspects, after the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, received several complaints about the gang’s activities in the state.

Members of the kidnap gang notorious for selling children had escaped from Abia State Police Command’s Criminal Investigation Department in 2017, and reportedly stole some police rifles and went on to form different dangerous kidnapping gangs across the state.

Punch reported that after the IRT operatives stormed Abia State and interacted with some kidnapped victims, they discovered that the leader of one of the gangs terrorising the state, Kenneth Anaba, was part of the group of the inmates who escaped from Abia State Police Command’s State Criminal Investigation Department with police rifles, in 2017.

Anaba’s gang broke up and the other faction began to kidnap and sell little children. Anaba was trailed to his hideout at Ogbor Hill area of Abia State and he was arrested with the help of one of his girlfriends. It was further gathered that an AK-47 rifle belonging to the police was recovered from him, and he confessed to have carried out several kidnappings in Abia State.

Speaking to newsmen, the 29-year-old suspect revealed that he was arrested after his first operation, as the vehicle which was snatched from the man they kidnapped was tracked to him.

“I was arrested early last year when some of my friends and I kidnapped a man with my car along Force Road and we took the man to our camp at Ogbor Hill, where he was for four days until a ransom of N500,000 was paid.

“My share of the money was N150,000; I also took possession of the man’s vehicle, a Toyota Highlander, which I took to a hotel around Ogbor Hill. The police tracked the vehicle to where I was and I was arrested. I was detained at State CID, Umuhia, and I led the police to arrest my friend known as Chikodi Akoma, who introduced me to kidnapping,” he said.

On how he was able to escape with his cohort, Anaba said;

“While we were in custody the gate of the cell was left open so we stole five police rifles and escaped. I went to Aba where I started robbing people with the guns we stole.”

He explained how he recruited his friends to join his notorious gang and they began rob in the state.


  1. they must not go unpunished,they have to put an end to all this rape,kidnapping,boko harram,gunmen and herdsman before this country can be peaceful

  2. Weldone to the police man, Nigeria police force are really trying these days… Those thieves must not go unpunished

  3. Animals in human forms!!!! Look at the way they are looking like zombies but they are demons. Let them not go scot free because this is slave trade in this modern world and some of these kids are being sold to ritualistic. Let them face the penalty of the crime they committed!!! This evil is too much.

  4. No sinner will ever go unpunished, expected reward should be awarded to them and i pray God should expose others engage in such acts

  5. What is the world becoming, thank God they have been caught they must pay dearly for terrorising Aba, can you just imagine, you escaped from prison and went back to crime instead of learning your lesson, they must be severely punished.

  6. That’s very gud…kudos to the Nigerian police
    They should be dealt with with the many form of punishment…it’s height time we purge out child trafficking in Africa as a whole

  7. Goodness! These perpetrators of evil don’t have joy of family, that’s why they are theirs heartless. Your end has finally come.

  8. That’s very bad one,why not use all this time using to plan how to thief people property and plan any business you can do that will help you in life.we youth should please find something good to do as business please

  9. On behalf of Nigeria police force I say thank you, keep on the good work and for the kidnappers.
    Allowing Devil to use you have brought you this so enjoy what the devil haven given to you.

  10. This story is like a formulated one, how could police leave their door open for inmates to escape even with their guns… Lol

  11. Selling children for how much?they have to be punished… Thank God for the police force.. But come on, how come they escaped that time? Security now a days need to be tight o

  12. The youths are getting worster by the day government should do something about this mess unemployment is putting our youths. When there is no source of living that is why they engage in all kind of criminal act.

  13. Thank God they have been caught. Some jobless young people will just choose to constitute nuisance to the society. They deserve a death sentence.

  14. Thank God they have been caught, instead of them to look for what to do with there lifes they think the best job to do is by selling innocent children, forgetting that everyday for the thief one day is for the owner N,igeria police welldone

  15. Sometimes Nigerian police tend to b intelligent,,it’s a good job they did by tracking the kidnappers ,,those men should be made to face their punishment

  16. Many like them are still out there….God help us.
    I pray u rot in Jail and not bailed out because in Nigeria most times such case are just published by policemen so they could be hailed but later they will sought things inside and are set free while innocent are beign inprisoned

  17. How come the police left the cell open for them to escape in the first place, secondly they will not go unpunished and they should put more security guard on them

  18. Enough of all this police showcasing…i pray they rot in jail..and not bailed out…they will go and do inside work and still let them out again

  19. Its a punishable offense aand so should not be allowed to escape sso as to teach others who might be thinking toward tthat to change his mind.kudos to the police

  20. Let them not go scot free because this is slave trade in this modern world and some of these kids are being sold to ritualistic, they must face the panel

  21. “Everyday is for the thief and one day for the owner of the house/property”. God is just wonderful. Kudos to the police

  22. The spate of arm robbery and kidnapping, is so alarming, I’m so happy that the police are doing a great job in nabbing them,I’m so happy that they caught them,atleast the people of Abia state ,will now have peace

  23. This is getting out of hand they should do something this time around to stop all this immorality in this country.

  24. They should be punished….. It pains me after all this they might burial it…. Please let them face the wrath of law

  25. How will this man who kidnap people feel if they kidnap his children, wife or even him. Thank God the police caught him, hope he won’t escape again.

  26. That’s a great job on the part of the police. Kidnapping little children is an offense against God and humanity. They should face the wrath of the law

  27. Thank God they were caught . They should not be forgiven. Most of these people have a place that they abduct young girls get men to get them pregnant after giving birth they sell the babies off

  28. Finally your evil has caught up with you, if not for anything, the innocence of those children just exposed you.

  29. That was outright carelessness by that police unit. To leave cell gate open. Thank God has been rearrested.

  30. Glory to God in the highest the wicked people ways shall not prosper that is what the bible says, they need to face judgment as fast as possible

  31. Weldone to the police man, Nigeria police force are really trying these days… Those thieves must not go unpunished

  32. Everyday for thief and a day for the owner, Thank God for the job well done, and this time around their must be severe punishment for them

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