Khloe new bikini photos – Reality TV star flaunts thigh tattoo

Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate, Khloe new bikini photos would surely have her male followers drooling over their phones as they stare at her banging hot body.

Khloe new bikini photos – Reality TV star flaunts thigh tattoo

The reality TV star hit the beach in Lagos over the weekend and she looks so radiant in the photos.

The petite beauty looked sensational in a green one piece swimsuit. She looked quite happy as well as she captioned one of the photo.

We ain’t happy cos of what life gats to offer but by the LIFE given to us by God 🙏. #grateful#nature#beach#love

See below:


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  1. That’s true we should be grateful to God for given us peace of mind its good to be happy that way you not have bad thought or any negative thinking

  2. So scantily dressed. Must u wear that to feel happy? I am a feminist but I hate it when women degrade their dignity. Do guys dress like that?

  3. Beautiful baby girl.It’s good we always take out time to appreciate God for everything He has given us.Let me Men folks keep dreaming

  4. U should have removed the whole clothes instead. Not every body likes people who expose their body all in the name of having fun. Have sense and dress moderate

  5. It’s good you are happy and grateful to God for life but my dear stop exposing your body anyhow some men are out there masturbating on seeing your nakedness, Don’t lure them to sin

  6. Enjoy while you are going dear…. Cause when your face start witnessing age then you become someone far from media….

  7. On don’t need anybody to be happy. Very important to be in charge of your happiness and always celebrate your self. Very cool seeing you enjoying your self. Ride on girl!!

  8. OK Khloe, I know you are really good at enjoyment and stuff, but you are good. Happiness is off your own accord.

  9. This is not Good because there is no any religion that allows sexy dresses,women have to dress decsently

  10. Her body doesnt look that hot to me. Nothing special. I wish her best of luck in her endeavors.

  11. Though she is beautiful as God’s creature but I do not see anything beautiful in that her leg and the tattoo there

  12. Flaunt your boobs very well. Naija boys won’t look your face but downstairs. I pity your region.

  13. I am looking towards a fateful day I will tattoo my body. Nothing is wrong in revamping God’s creativity.

  14. What is this now.. Flaunts tattoo
    . What should we do. It’s shameful to see girls go naked integrity to showcase their body. Don’t see anything attractive

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