Keyshia Cole reacts after OT Genasis says her vagina smells like FISH

It seems US rapper OT Genasis has not taken his age-long feud with singer Keyshia Cole off his mind as his recent comment on her Instagram sparked a new round of ‘fight’.

While one would think the joys and active schedule of welcoming a new child, or at least the devastation that has been the coronavirus pandemic would get people to go about things differently, not rapper O.T. Genasis.

Keyshia Cole reacts after OT Genasis says her vagina smells like FISH

While on Instagram Live over the weekend, the rapper publicly disparaged the singer, making comments about her personal hygiene and laughing about it.

“She ain’t shit. Keyshia Cole ain’t shit,” he said. “I am. I’m the shit. Keyshia Cole ain’t. Coochie smelling like fish sticks. That’s what’s going on. Coochie smelling like fish sticks. Keyshia Cole pussy smelling like fish sticks [laughs]. Nah, I’m not gon’ talk about her.”

The feud actually started when the rapper did an unofficail remix of her hit song ‘Love’ which she considered rather offensive as it was a lilttle off-key in her opinion.

In her reaction to the vulgar comment about her hygience, Keyshia Cole took to Twitter to express her frustration over the personal attack.

“I’m so …. don’t kno how to feel,” she tweeted. “This tortoise face a**….I can’t.” In a follow-up tweet, she retweeted a comment questioning people who start beef online, but don’t keep that same energy in real life.

“Hope this [don’t] go over some of u lame a** turtle head looking a** niggas heads! And hoe a** b***h n***as ain’t exempt,” Cole co-signed the tweet.

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