Kenyan man cuts off his joystick after getting drunk

A 25-year old Kenyan man has cut of his joystick after he got himself drunk to stupor. The man identified as Sam Maina screened at the top of his voice after realizing the horrible thing he had done to himself.

Kenyan man cuts off his joystick after getting drunk

When his neighbors showed up on hearing his scream, they quickly rushed him to a hospital. However, his joystick could not be restored immediately because the neighbors left it in his house.

The police confirmed the case stating that Sam Maina had been drinking and wasn’t aware of what he was doing to himself. They narrated how he was found.

“At around 12.50am Antony Kago Kanuthi was in his rental house near Momomiat village. He heard a loud scream from his neighbour Samuel Maina. When he rushed to his house he found he had cut his private part.”

Sam is currently receiving treatment for his wounds at the hospital he was taken to.

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  2. People are so foolish why can’t you control your drinking level next time you learn how to drink..

  3. This is a grate lesson for you. If you like you can still continue drinking your alcohol. May God save your soul.

  4. This should serve as a lesson to all drunkards out there.
    You can drink but not too stupor… It pays to drink moderately.

  5. The issue of drinking to stupor is something really disturbing, how can a responsible adult drink to the extent of doing things stupid even to the extent of cutting off private parts

  6. Is this even possible?anyways,he as maimed himself forever ,what is he going to do now.driji responsibly if you must or don’t drink at all

  7. This is not possible I don’t fucking beleive it that can not be true unless if another person does it

  8. I believe this should sound as a big warning to those addicted to alcohol…he who has ears et him hear.

  9. Why drinking in stupor… Nigerians are something else.. Drink responsible they won’t… I pity the man oo

  10. When drinking alcohol you should know how many your system can take, now you have cut off your generation well done

  11. How can somebody drink to the extent of cutting off his dick? The story teller did not tell us what he used to cut it off. I suspect that that his neighbour;who knows?

  12. This guy is stupid, foolish and mentally disabled. Thank God say nah him thing, not someone else own.

  13. Alcohol is bad. Please let drink responsibly, that is what is written on those alcohol please let take note. Sorry anyway

  14. Maybe he saw free drinks and decided to drink himself to stupor. Now, look at the result. Sorry man.

  15. When God says dont take alcohol, people thought it will affect God if they take it. See what he has done to himself now. May be some people will learn from this

  16. Too much of everything is Bad and that also applies to alcohol because it will make you forget you control you and use you cause you will be too loose. My sympathies man. I hope u recover fast

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