Kenya set to use drones for fast delivery of medicine

Kenya is expected to start delivery of medical products using drones, Zipline International has disclosed.

kenya drones

During the launch of a medical drone project in Ghana, Feller Rinaudo, the Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of the American medical products delivery company, announced that Kenya will be among the African countries to start this new trend. He went on to reveal that negotiations are already in its advanced stage and alve.

“Neighbouring Uganda is equally on course for the futuristic medical delivery system that has saved many lives in Rwanda, where the project was first launched three years ago,” he stated.

He revealed that the revolutionary new 24-hour service would use drones to make on-demand emergency deliveries of 148 different vaccines, blood products, and life-saving medications to needy cases throughout Ghana.

Zipline was building the first logistics system on the planet to serve all people equally. He said each of the four distribution centres around the country would be equipped with 30 drones that would carry delivery to 2,000 health facilities serving 12 million people. “Each of the four centres will make 500 trips per day,” said Rinaudo.

According to Rinaudo, the system was easy to work with, as health workers only needed to place orders by text message and receive their deliveries in 30 minutes, on average, from distribution centres.

“The drones fly autonomously and can carry 1.8 kilos of cargo, cruising at 110 kilometers an hour, and have an all-weather round trip range of 160 kilometers,” said Rinaudo.

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