Kemi Olunloyo calls out Kiki Mordi for exposing herself in #SexForGrades video

Controversial Nigerian journalist, Kemi Olunloyo and BBC’s Undercover journalist, Kiki Mordi are having a war of words on Twitter and their clash is generating an internet tension.

Kemi Olunloyo calls out Kiki Mordi for exposing herself in #SexForGrades video

It all started when Kemi Olunloyo, in a series of tweets, called out Kiki Mordi for exposing her identity in the #sexforgrades documentary released by BBC Africa, thereby exposing herself to the danger of possible assassination from desperate culprits.

Kemi also called out BBC Africa for being unprofessional by revealing the identity of an undercover investigative journalist, reminding them of how a BBC investigative journalist, Ahmed Hussein-Suale had been shot dead in Ghana in the course of doing his work.

Also, recall that we reported yesterday that Kiki Mordi in an Exclusive interview with SaharaReporters stated that she has been receiving threats since the video went viral.

In the cause of warning Kiki Mordi of the dangers she has exposed herself, Kemi Olunloyo called Kiki “arrogant and full of ignorance” for revealing her identity in order to appear as a hero in the name of investigative journalism.

This did not go down well with Kiki Mordi to the extent that she blocked Kemi on Twitter. Follow the tweets below.

Kemi tweeted:

“There are CREDIBLE THREATS on her life that I have confirmed. @MrFixNigeria @CPJAfrica pls RT. @PoliceNG@TwitterSafety pls take note. The British Broadcasting Corporation and Anas were unable to protect Ahmed Hussein-Suale(Divela) #sexforgrades#BBCAfricaneye


“@BBCAfrica didn’t protect her identity as she went undercover in a sting on #sexforgrades. It was completely unprofessional. An undercover Journalist must NEVER be revealed after the job is done. The Journalists that did Siasa and Codeine/Tramadol were never revealed. Huge danger


“She is arrogant and full of ignorance. @kikimordi leave Nigerian soil and don’t try to be a hero in the name of investigative Journalism for a BIG media outlet. BBC had an Exodus in 2014. Most Journalists told me they were “gagged”. #sexforgrades suspect in Ghana already boasting


“The network has been struggling now for 5 years. I’ve helped BBC promote or contribute to investigations but it’s an absolute travesty to put an undercover Journalist’s face and name to an UNDERCOVER story. Nigeria/Ghana are dangerous #sexforgrades#BBCAfricaneye@PoliceNG


“I will say no more on this matter. Nigerian media outlets rarely do UNDERCOVER WORK. Even @PoliceNG limits it to violent crimes. The bigger picture is the trauma these young ladies passed through has not been treated. Tomorrow is #WorldMentalHealthDay”

In response, Kiki Mordi wrote:
“This woman should leave me alone.”
She also went ahead to block Kemi on Twitter. Afterwards, she unblocked her.

Kemi also replied:

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