Kemi Lala Akindoju reacts to viral video of Nigerian men sexualizing 5-year-old girls

Kemi Lala Akindoju has joined other Nigerians in reacting to the viral video of educated Nigerian men sexualizing 5-year-old girls.

Kemi Lala Akindoju reacts to viral video of Nigerian men sexualizing 5-year-old girls lailasnews

According to Kemi Lala Akindoju, the viral video of educated Nigerian men sexualizing 5-year-old girls is just a sneak peek into the minds of the average Nigerian man. The Nollywood actress who stated that much work needs to be done, added that this is why we all need to be feminists.

She wrote;

They should start showing themselves! These men think a child in shorts is revealing her body sexually. This is just a sneak peek into the minds of the average Nigerian man. Yet we want Yaba male traders to stop harassing women. We have so much work to do! Sad!!

I know some of us struggle with the term feminism but this is why we all need to be feminists. We are not fighting for equal rights yet. The girl child/woman is not on the same level as her male counterparts. Nobody’s fusses on boys ‘dressing properly’ or ‘sitting properly’

From the #MarketMarchYaba to the new mum who went for a concert and then the paedophiles on this clip, I am reminded that the girl child/woman in Nigeria already has the odds against her just for being a woman. There’s so much work to do. It’s also a telling of how we were raised

Boys are also being abused by MEN & WOMEN (even though statistics say the men are still more). But does anyone accuse the boys of dressing indecently and being the cause for the rape/abuse? Can we see that the odds are already against the girl child?

Kemi Lala Akindoju reacts to viral video of Nigerian men sexualizing 5-year-old girls lailasnews 1

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  1. Me don’t understand ooo, how can a 5years old girl be sexually attracted to you. Deliverance is needed

  2. Its just pure madness to think a 5 year old’s dressing can turn a man on. What is the world turning into for Christ sake?.

  3. They are just being inhuman and wicked,nothing about a 5year old child is attractive and they have no reason for such traumatizing act towards the girls,anyone caught should pay dearly for it.

  4. The guy is just been wicked or could it be that he made a mistake to say that? Or he was just been overzealous to be on air

  5. I support the feminist campaign. Let’s learn to secure the girl child.both in morals and dress code.

  6. How can a little baby seduce an adult I don’t know. But since the world is turning to another thing entirely parents need to be very careful with their children whether male or female.

  7. Even though it sounds somehow to admit that a 5 year old dressing can turn a man on, the girl child should be properly dressed to protect her from paedophilic men.

  8. Being feminist is never a solution to the problem of child abuse by men rather the solution to the issue at stalk is improving society and family values

  9. I agree with Lala, we need feminist. The girl child need to be sex educated from a tender age to avoid harassment from paedophiles

  10. That is why it is necessary for every parents to give their children sex education from home before any one else does that.

  11. This are the kind of in responsible fathers we have because ur daughters nakedness will surely turn u on because they don’t have self control.

  12. Very important to make sure that our children especially girls are well dressed because i think that there are some possessed men out there that doesn’t know what is self control. At least when your daughter grows up, she would be a able to take care of herself even if she likes being naked

  13. This is strange, what does a 5years old girl have that will attract a man. Just don’t know what to say about this issue.

  14. 5year old child is attractive and they have no reason for such traumatizing act towards the girls. At least when your daughter grows up, she would be a able to take care of herself.

  15. This is serious, so a five years old bby can actually seduce a man, hmmm men no get self control again oooo

  16. Sex education is the best, parents should bring up their children either male or female in an appropriate manner of dressing

  17. Whether a 5yrs old girl child can seduce a man child or not but parents should learn to dress their children well n educate them early on sex issue with d opposite sex.

  18. Sex education is the best parents ensure you train your child and they should speak up against such act,the mind set of most men now is absolutely corrupt

  19. I don’t really understand you as the man what pleasure do you derived from harassing a 5year old girl, all in the name that she seduced you how?

  20. I support you 100%..there is nothing sexual about a five years old and if you think otherwise you are a pedophile

  21. This is becoming a serious issue that must be nipped in the bud. Pedophiles should have a particular kind of punishment or sentence, something that would really pinch them for this heinous crime against children.

  22. We are Nigerians. I remember so well that girl children are trained on how to do basically everything, from sitting, eating and of course dressing. We should uphold such trainings because things were saner then.

  23. I will never agree that a 5 year old girl will seduce a man except the man is dirty and filty in his heart. He needs to examine himself. Then he can be seduced by his 5 years old daughter if all these talk is correct . I agree with Lola 100%.

  24. Some people can be very stupid, how can the attire of a 5 years old girl turn a man on, is the person okay? Please mothers should try as much as possible to watch over there girl child to avoid story that touches.

  25. What is the society turning into, even a 5 year old is now looked at sexually, immorality must be stopped by all legitimate means

  26. How can he say 5year old girl dressing turns him on.He insane,he needs to be check in a psychiatric hospital.

  27. Some men are just a disgrace to manhood because a responsible man can never be seduce by a girl of five years

  28. Even if the children are not being dressed for nicely if the devil in some men want to play it will surely do

  29. I totally agree with her. What 5 years old girls got to do with sexuality? Some men need to be rehabilitated

  30. Men do many unspeakable things these days.They are just being inhuman and wicked,nothing about a 5year old child is attractive and they have no reason for such traumatizing act towards the girls,anyone caught should pay dearly for it.

  31. Na wow ooo things happen in this life that I will think if people do somethinga with there right sense or not what they supposed not to do,parents be careful

  32. This world Is coming to An end! How can 5 years old girl seduce A man?, How can Well man sexually attracted to A 5years girl? That means his own daughter Is Not safe

  33. My advice is that parent should look after their female children very well because most men are dogs in human flesh just like this man

  34. This is one of the story I haven’t hear in a long time but anyway I think this man need to be check(medicial attention)

  35. I can’t believd what the world is turning into . Nigeria is a well cultured country with rich traditions. How did we get here

  36. All these men that sexually abuse children should be checked properly because I don’t know what is attracting all these children to them

  37. Am a feminist, let’s put a stop to all these heart touching stories. Sex education is important to young children

  38. These can can be seen to be master minder of child rape and abuses by calling 5year old girl child a sexual being, they have to be kept under watch.

  39. To he what he is trying to say is simple… A five year old girl is not sexual being but wearing that short wear from that age she will get use to it

  40. It will very interesting if the ladies thinks something can be done to stop the rampant sexual abuse of little children

  41. Some men are just evil and demonic and unmannered, so any act of such as at that age is really devilish and the perpetuator should be punished severly for that

  42. You’re making a whole lot of sense my sister as its the mentality a male child grows with matters which is where parents should up their game at grooming.

  43. I don’t understand how a 5year old girl be sexually attracted to you. Deliverance is needed

  44. The honest truth is that we all got work to do to help the younger once growing up boy or girl to be decently dressed.

  45. i love this topic parent should keep eye on their girls starting from tender will do good to reduce this raping stuff

  46. Weldon madam Kemi. That’s a good talk. I think those men are beast. What normally come in to their mind .

    What’s there that they wanna enjoy.
    I am saying it again
    It might be for the purpose of ritual

  47. Being feminist is never a solution to the problem of child abuse by men rather the solution to the issue at stalk is improving society and family values

  48. Some men can’t control their libido…how can he say a 5years old girl is seducing him? End time things.”death sentence” is the only way out of the rape cases here and there…is becoming somthing else.we need strict laws 2 be put in place.

  49. This act is bad and should be discouraged, I just don’t know why matured people do things likenthis

  50. I just read a comment here . Someone said that parents should know how they dress their kids . Are you for real ? What will a man find sexually attractive in a 5 year old child . Any man who finds a child sexually attractive is not only a pedophile but a pervert and should be locked behind bars and the keys thrown away .

  51. I still don’t get it , a 5 year old cannot seduce a man . What of people that rape’ s girls wearing big skirt? A rapist is a rapist weather the girl dresses seductively or not.

  52. Whether a 5year old girl can seduce men or not, parents should make sure they dress properly for their girls child.

  53. Exactly its always girls ladies or women men are so out of faults. So a small boy now dressing even decent cannot be attractive to a woman abi. Male pedophiles do what then. I’m just tayad of this. I rep feminism

  54. Those men spoke what thousands of the men out there feel. They just expressed what the have in their perversed minds.

  55. So many sick men out there , even the so called educated ones. If a man sexualized a five year old for any reason whatsoever, he is seriously sick in the head!

  56. What is a 5 years old, know to talk about seducing a man, that man may be possessed, he need prayer,

  57. Tf….what is wrong with the world
    How can a 5 years in shorts arouse you
    What kind of sex demons are you

  58. How can the flat chest and flat ass of a 5 years old child seduce a full grown man. God will help us all.

  59. I strongly support Kemi Lala, she’s on point. Has anyone heard where a male child is being accused of indecent dressing apart from sagging that few mothers complained about? Some men mindset is just absurd and criminally endowed. I rest my comments biko

  60. I hate this feminist if a word especially it’s supposed usage
    Just as she saudy
    We are not fighting to be equal yet
    I believe it’s more like in the sense of being on top of a man and be the king
    So so silly
    Not yet implies
    Strategies are being put in place

  61. Paedophiles everywhere. These men are like cankerworms gradually eating deep into the society. They need to be stopped to avoid further damage

  62. Forget about being feminist here…. Some mothers especially dress their femy children any how alot. Imagine at a tender age you already exposing her body, allowing a male to bath and touch her body. Plz parents be careful with the way you train your kids and those idiots sexually abusing that child should all be arrested

  63. These sexual harrashment by men on underage girls is getting too much and I think there should be law that wil punish anybody found comminting such act

  64. Is possible that 5years old girl can seduce a man, this is gotten from home videos… But the man shouldnt ask like a fool towards that

  65. This means that there are odds we have to deal with from cradle to fuse out girls/women discrimination.

  66. How can a five years old girl seduce a man.this is a pure lie the should be go for delievence. Let all mothers be careful of what they wear their kinds especially the female once

  67. From what I have seen in the news ,this is what’s on some of these men’s mind that’s why you hear rape everyday

  68. The devil is dividindg any means using all strategy’s and all kinds of weapon, parents say no to this, dressing properly is the way, no Mather the age limit.

  69. Inhuman peadofiles….interesting country right??please we need all the way in order to avoid more ELIZABETH OCHANYA

  70. See when it comes to dressing for some men if you like cover Everu part of your body they will still come for you so its just mentality stuff abeg

  71. The mean are talking sense jare. Flee every appearances of evil Bible says, first dress your child descently. That is called Value. If the edge is not broken no serpent will bite.

  72. This is really getting interesting. There are men out there who are sexually attracted to little female children. Men like this do not need any form of seduction from these little female children before they abuse them sexually. These men are attracted to them. The reason why emphasis is been made on how little female children should be dressed is because it puts or should I say place them in situations that can expose them to such kind of sexual abuse. If there are pedohiles around then it’s only wise that you look out for your female child. Looking out in terms of the clothes she puts on especially when going out. Though it won’t stop it but it can do a lot

  73. How would a 5 year old dress that would make a grown up fell aroused? Even if she were naked? Such men just have indecency in them from time. I believe so.

  74. Thank you Kemi Lala for speaking up, the way our society treats a girlchild/women is serious bad.. Imagine a full grown man saying a child at 5 on bum short is a sexual being, instead of teaching our boys/men on self control, they are busy blaming a girlchild for rape. I’m so ashamed of these men..

  75. That’s a good one coming from kemi..
    All these things is not making sense at all
    Exposing a young girls of 5years oo to the world of sexuality… That’s very bad.

  76. I totally agree with you kemi . This men who think that 5 year old child on bum short can seduce sexually , they are paedophiles

  77. Is only a man who is possessed that would be attracted by a 5yrs old girl,,, this would is turning into something very evil,, now if a full grownup is bathing a kid he would be fingering her, is only God that would deliver us oooooo

  78. It can never be… on earth can 5year old child be seductive. It’s a big lie
    Parents please be clearver

  79. Male and female are meant to be raised equally. Decency is not for the girl child only. The bible says train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.

  80. I disagree with her. You can’t compel a woman’s body to that of a man..God created us well with good shapes you don’t expect to flaunt them about through your dressing.

  81. How on earth will that kind of man not have self control toward a 5yr old girl, this world is really coming to end, this is serious but funny, may God help that man., because he is so loss.

  82. If the average Nigerian man can think that way, then we women better gird our loins and be ready to fight for ourselves especially for our female kids.

  83. You can never get the ladies to be on equal rights to the male counterpart, so if the work that needs to be done is in that light, then you have your work cut out for you.

  84. It is really the devil at work for a grown up man to sexually attracted by a 5 year old girl. Such man should check himself

  85. no matter how a girl is dressed, men should learn to control their self nd not harassing a 5yr old sexually

  86. Feminism no feminism, what is wrong is wrong and indecency in dressing is a wrong thing, biko call a spade a spade

  87. Those have just cone out to disgrace themselves. But really the females do have the odds against them with men like this in our society.

  88. For a girl of five years old to seduce a full grown man that means the man is insane because I don’t get it.

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