Keke napep rider returns iphone found inside his tricycle

A Nigerian has taken to twitter to thank a keke rider who returned his lost phone to him.

Adeoluwa, the Twitter user stated that the phone dropped from his pocket while he was inside the tricycle but remembered after about 30 minutes.

He was however surprised when the rider picked his phone when he called the lost line and returned the phone to him.

Read what he wrote below:

I boarded his keke this morning in a hurry and I forgot my iPhone in his keke, i only realize 30minutes later that my phone was gone(I froze) then
I called and he picked, he found me and returned it.
I first did idobale and walked away, I came back and forced a cash gift on him

Then after waking away the third time cus I was too dazed by his integrity and kindness I ran back to him again and took this selfie so I can show the world my hero.
Thank you sir for your labor of love

Pls retweet so my Keke Man can blow

This has attracted many positive comment from online users and many have praised th man’s integrity and urged him to keep it up.

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