‘Karma knows who they are’ – Adesua Etomi writes anonymous cyberbullies

Adesua Etomi in her new tweet, had a message for cyberbullies who hide behind faceless accounts to troll those ‘they hate’ on social media.

'Karma knows who they are' - Adesua Etomi writes anonymous cyberbullies lailasnews

According to Adesua Etomi, these people who hide behind fake accounts to write inhumane things about people, forget that Karma know who they are and where they live. Her tweet reads;

I’m amused when I see people write the most inhumane things about others and hide behind fake accounts. They forgot the 3 most important things.

God, the seeds they’ve sown and karma know who they are and where they live.

'Karma knows who they are' - Adesua Etomi writes anonymous cyberbullies lailasnews 1

Waje had also talked about cyberbullying directed at Nigerian celebrities, few months ago. According to her, she doesn’t really take cyber bullies seriously as she feels that she is a loveable person which is why they don’t get to her.

I understand that you don’t know me so your comments is just a comment, you don’t know me. Because if I am standing right in front of you, you will love me, I get it a lot. There are people that come in front of me and be like Oh My God Waje, so if you are standing in front of me, you won’t say it.

“So half the time it is attention you are looking for or maybe it is a bad day for you or you are just a hater. And it is ok! Everybody cannot be loveable, for love to exist, hate has to exist so, I can understand. There are times when I’d just ok, I’ll reply them,” she said

She went on to advice other celebrities on how to handle these cyber bullies, especially since they are not people they know personally.

“I think that the celebrities that let it get to them, I know, I have been in that phase but understand that these people don’t know you. All they know is what they see and all they see is just what they are going to know. So when somebody responds to you, look at it as they are just like anybody else, I don’t know you, you don’t know me and at least you are on my page that means I’m reigning,” she concluded.

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