Karma is real, God might retaliate in a terrible way to teach you a lesson – Toyin Lawani

Toyin Lawani shared her thoughts on Karma in a recent social media page.

The serial entrepreneur, Toyin Lawani warns people imitating her business and speaking ill about her even when she has helped most of them that Karma is real and God can retaliate in a terrible way to teach them a lesson.

Karma is real, God might retaliate in a terrible way to teach you a lesson - Toyin Lawani

She wrote;

Sitting &thinking hw karma is truly Real, yo lets be careful out there,how we treat people is very important, whn u put people down for no Reason ,God might retaliate in a Terrible way to teach u a lesson,there are some battles u dnt need to fight ,Kneel to God&pray ,cry if you may, he will fight ur battles for u in A way u never even expected , life is A lesson, we all won’t make it out Alive, keep helping people ,keep letting d world misunderstand u, I hv helped so many people who end up soiling my name today, I hv bought cars/Jeeps for Atleast 5 people , they know themselves ,i hv rented houses for people , few of them still end up spoiling my name 2day , or imitating my business ,which Dey still don’t get right, well the world is Big enough for all of us, if u tell me I will even help u,I hv put my soul into helping a small business Grow into D biggest 2day& I’m still being called names ,never stop helping no matter wht u get back , people wonder wht would she have done 2get all this , well some of us are not just lucky that’s all , no matter hw gud u are to people , it will still never be good enough for them, All they want to be is u & there can only be one Tiannah in the world , cause u can’t wipe my Brian or clone my look or swag, pls live ur life to the fullest , I never used to live, cause I cared too much about what people thought of me , but made myself a promise , ist of January to start living my life without filter, im living my truth , don’t hv time to package any shit for social media dt is a game ,I laugh so much jst looking at some fake people on here 🤣I’m sure you all hv seen my season 1 & season 2 of @tiannahsempirerealitytvshow , well I’m here to tell you I will be taking Season 3 to utube, which will be easy for everyone worldwide to access , if you watch my show ,u will learn the Ropes of How I joggle being An Entrepreneur, A mom & A Fashion icon at the same time, u might also learn how to cook etc⭐️learn about my love life& Revealing my 3 potential husbands soon🤣🔥
Thanks to @moabudu for Giving me her platform @ebonylifetv #DSTV165 to showcase my talent to the world,IM GRATEFUL BUT ITS A NEW DAWN NOW 🔥

Karma is real, God might retaliate in a terrible way to teach you a lesson - Toyin Lawani

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