Kano Pillars signs ‘lucky’ American footballer

Young American lad, Neuer Abraham, has signed for Nigerian football club, Kano Pillars, leading to reactions on social media.

The young lad was signed to the under-15 academy of the club.

Kano Pillars sign 'lucky' American footballer

Neuer Abraham whose parents recently relocated to Nigeria was presented to Kano Pillars by his father after both parties reportedly reached an agreement.

Speaking with newsmen at the unveiling this week, the U15 team Manager Sani Abubakar Sadauki, described the youngster as multi-talented.

As expected, Nigerians have reacted to the news, with many wondering why young Neuer’s father would want to leave America for Nigeria.

See some reactions below,

@dammiedammie35; So that’s why they decided to unveil the guy infront of an uncompleted building wearing a jersey of another team yeah ? Kano pillars indeed

@Shawnifee; They unveiled the guy at a site, wearing a jersey of another team. This country is the perfect definition of cruise lmaoo

@im_fleezy; said; Kano pillars no see better place snap na incomplete building Weary faceHear-no-evil monkeyHear-no-evil monkey

@whoiskhalid replied; so u blind u no see pillars behind them abi

@ReformerOluseun; Who signed him exactly, the Jersey he is touching or the on he is wearing

@HitzLuzick; Dem dey unveil new foreign player for site

@lollypeezle; He has the most wicked parents in the world.

@mssminah; And no parents before or to come can surpass this wickedness

@signor_bobby; He won’t forgive his parents when he’s much older and remembers this Face with tears of joy

@ElSirdeeq99; Why wasn’t the guy unveiled in Kano pillars ground, TF this?

@Ayam_Chiboy; They are in Kano already, Look at their back, you will see a pillar, that makes it Kano pillar

@iam_topboii; This is the biggest breakdown I’ve seen.. me wey dey crave go abroad even as a cleaner, these ones na Naija sure for them to relocate.. Na from that unveil ground una go start the struggle

@ChiagawemH; And his dad is smiling… this must be a punishment, this boy did something wrong.

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