Kaduna PDP governorship aspirant Sani-Bello joins APC

Sani-Bello announced his decision to join the APC at a news conference on Saturday in Kaduna.

Kaduna PDP governorship aspirant Sani-Bello joins APC lailasnews 2
Kaduna PDP governorship aspirant Sani-Bello joins APC

He said he consulted with different political parties before arriving at the decision to join the APC.

The News Agency of Nigeria recalls that Sani-Bello dumped the PDP on Nov. 12, due to what he described as unending mistrust between him and the state leadership of the party, and its governorship candidate, Alhaji Isa Ashiru.

He said: “Based on consultations with my supporters and other stakeholders, I have decided that from today Nov. 12, 2018, I Dr Muhammad Sani-Bello, cease to be a member of the PDP.”

According to him, the mistrust emanated from the refusal of the party leaders in the state to put the term of consensus which led to his stepping down for Ashiru into writing prior to the party’s governorship primaries.

He added that he was also not comfortable working with Ashiru, whose academic credentials were allegedly in question.

“Based on my findings, the documentation of the candidate contains certain flaws which remained unexplained,’’ he stressed.


  1. Anyone that wants to cover his mess runs to APC how then is this corruption of a thing been handled.

  2. All of them are just moving from one party to another, now when he moved in to the new party he will be criticizing the former party

  3. Some of the write ups are tinted. But I think there is a reason he is running away from PDP…. He is probably trying to hide under the umbrella of the APC to avoid something.

  4. He is just trying to hide under the umbrella of apc, that’s how they will be changing political party like pant

  5. All what these politicians do is to defect from one party to the other. Defecting to APC is not Nigerians problem, our problem is doing what is right for your people and the society at-large.

  6. Despite the candidate containing certain flaws which is unexplainable , decamping to APC doesn’t change anything . If he is corrupt . He will persecuted

  7. Good for him, but it’s not about party, it’s the individual, if you like be in the best party, if you won’t work nothing will change that.

  8. others are yet to move in and out . After he will move out again . It all what they know how to do best.

  9. When he can no longer take the heat from PDP he defects to APC so as to gain the freedom to loot. We need credibility in governance if you or anyone else can’t take it, the door is always open

  10. Trying to go to where he thinks will be rosy now, this goes to show we don’t have honest people aspriring to be leaders

  11. It is his choice, every politician has the freedom to decamp to any party of their choice any time they want

  12. All these politician who are always on the run has nothing to offer except for their personal selfish interest

  13. This is the most stupid idiot of our time , a begger of coomon food comtesting for election ,,,,god punish you if you ever comeout again trying to contest to us

  14. Don’t mind them,they are always moving from one party to the other,they are political prostitute,if one party did not favour them they move to the other

  15. Na their way na, when they don’t win in one they change to another cos all they want is winning not staying behind to build the party.

  16. Nigeria is in trouble. If you decamp from party to party without “justifiable” reasons, then you lack integrity.

  17. Personal decision!! Nigeria politicians are just after their own personal interests. They are not after the well being of this country, they are just after what they gain.

  18. If only we the youths can join our heads and vote rightly all this party stuff will be a total waste of time its when election comes around this politicians will start decamping to another hmmmmmm I don’t know much about politics though

  19. He’s not to late to decamped, he just want to be recognized and probably given a ministerial appointment.

  20. I wonder why some of the candidates move from the party they are initially, who tell them that’s a better party than the party they are in

  21. At this 13th hour. Is not late? Anyway politics is a funny game ,the tides may end up in his favour. Let’s keep our fingers crossed

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