#JusticeforElizabeth: Kogi Commissioner, Hon Danga arrested for alleged assault and rape

Kogi state commissioner, Hon Abdulmumuni Danga, has been arrested for the alleged assault and rape of Elizabeth Oyeniyi an ex beauty queen.

In March, Elizabeth had called out Hon Danga, the current Commissioner of Water Resources in Kogi state for allegedly assaulting and raping her after she had urged the commissioner on Facebook to assist his sister and family financially.

#JusticeforElizabth: Kogi Commissioner, Abdulmumuni Danga arrested for alleged assault and rape of Ms

According to Elizabeth, Danga, hired thugs to kidnap her from her home with her three-year-old son, flogged her himself, stripped her naked and made a video of her threatening to post it when next she makes a public comment. She added that he held her captive then took her to a hotel at night and raped her.

A video of her ordeal was shared on social media and it immediately went viral with Nigerians calling for justice.

Two months later, Hon Danga according to SegaLink was arrested on June 2, 2020 but later granted bail.

Taking to his social media page to share and update, SegaLink wrote;

The Kogi Commissioner that allegedly battered and raped Ms. Elizabeth is now in Custody at the @PoliceNG FHQ after several attempts to obstruct justice by the Governor of the state. He is currently making a statement & we hope he will be detained & charged for his infringement.

The pressure from the state Governor to have this man walk free despite his crime against humanity is unthinkable. We are calling on the @PoliceNG_CRU
and the office of the IGP to ensure justice is served. He must be charged to court for his abuse based on evidence gathered.

Violence against women must never become a norm neither should it be reinforced by the political class. Elizabeth has gone through Hell. There’s been many threats to her life on the record & the @PoliceNG investigation have all the evidence. #JusticeForElizabeth #EndImpunity

They made a call to Elizabeth telling her she can be killed by the whim of she refuses to let it go. They dictated several Facebook posts to her to make in order to be free from their crosshairs. The police have this on the record. That man must not be let off the hook.

It took over two months to get Hon Danga to answer for his crimes at the FHQ due to obstruction from the Kogi State Governor. He is refusing to make statement and he is proving he is above the law. I have called the CP in charge of Intelligence to alert him the world is watching.

ppreciate all CSOs working tirelessly to ensure justice is served as led by
monitors the police end of things. There must be no compromise. He must be charged lest we make a mess of our criminal justice system.

He is still in custody and have realized that he is in a Fishbowl being observed by the entire world. He is now cooperating and have started writing his statement. We recommend detention for aggravated assault, threat to life and rape.

After writing his statement and invitation of the petitioner for their bit alongside
and their lawyers by the investigation, the Kogi Commissioner was released on bail pending the need to invite him again as the investigation proceeds. I called the ACP in charge too.

Till now we are unsure the condition of his bail and why he was released despite the damning evidence against him. We also acknowledge the pressure from Kogi Governor and police’s subservience to political push due to the lack of operational independence. We are watching!

We ensure we called all the senior officers that gave him an audience to register the fact that we are monitoring the process and if need be will be calling out each and every should wads of Naira activate its magic as often done in high profile cases.

This is unlike any other case but a Rape allegation that is supposed to be a crime against the state. Unfortunately the chief security officer of the state is the one obstructing justice. It’s a game of evidence & we came with a trailer load

#JusticeforElizabeth: Kogi Commissioner, Abdulmumuni Danga arrested for alleged assault and rape elizabeth

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