#JusticeForAlex: Doctor gives details on the dentist’s injection, how the student died

#JusticeForAlex – A student, Alex allegedly died after a dentist in the General hospital in Gombe allegedly gave him an injection and Aproko Doctor on social media has decided to give details.

A call #JusticeforAlex started after the student developed a reaction to the injection administered to him by a dentist which allegedly led to his death. According to reports, the dentist flee on hearing the news.

#JusticeForAlex: Doctor gives details on the dentist's injection, how the student died

Aproko Doctor revealed that the injection administered to the student, is known as Adrexyl, a combination of adrenaline and lignocaine, which calls for a lot of caution.

He explains;

Viewer’s Discretion

Yesterday, this video of Alex having a violent reaction to an injection surfaced. Rest in Peace Alex.

Some people had no idea what happened which led to a lot of different takes.

Here are a few things you should know

2. The name of the drug supposedly used is known as Adrexyl, a combination of adrenaline and lignocaine. One common use of this kind of mixture is to block the nerves around the area so the person does not feel pain.

It usually lasts longer than just lignocaine alone

3. Because the adrenaline component makes the blood vessels around that area smaller so that the lignocaine stays in that area for longer and does not leak out as fast. Here are a couple of things that went wrong with what I saw in that video yesterday

The person giving the injection had no business doing that. He was a therapist and not an actual doctor/dentist. The dental surgeon was on leave You could tell from the way he held the injection to his position. It is best to stand on the right side of the patient.

If you’re using a non aspiration needle, that is a needle you cannot withdraw from, you check if you’re in a vessel by withdrawing to needle to check if it bleeds. Using this type of mixture in a vascular area calls for a lot of caution, but a quack would not know that

Lignocaine is an antiarrythmitic(can restore irregular heartbeats and at the same time a pro arrythmic drug(can put a heart into irregular heartbeats) It can produce an arrythmia which can give hypoxia(low oxygen) and a seizure like response like what you saw in the video

Now adrenaline too can cause sudden surge in blood pressures and race the heart very massively especially when administered systemically that sudden cathecolaminergic tachycardia too can mimic this Imagine what a combo of both you can imagine what it will do on the heart.

You do not give this drug directly into a blood vessel as it has direct connection to the heart, that area he was injecting is a vascular and needed someone with expert knowledge to give it It’s also possible that the patient may have had some underlying heart problems triggered

By the medication The guy was rushed to the Emergency department, was resuscitated, and was strongly advised to wait for further observation but refused as he was forcefully taken away by friends and family. Not a good idea in my opinion He was brought back dead

If he had been left, he may have stood a chance, no matter how small. This is just a case of gangster therapists and technicians parading themselves, wanting to do the job of Doctors and as well earn DR’s salary but when things like this happens, they go into hiding.

Not sure if the state in question can boast of 20 dental surgeons on the state government payroll Quacks will usually fill the gaps that experts hands leave. Our healthcare is far from perfect, but the question is how can we get it back to acceptable levels

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