Justice Ayo Salami: “I never said I regretted probing Magu”

Justice Ayo Salami, chairman of the presidential panel investigating Ibrahim Magu, has denied reports he regretted taking up the assignment.

Justice Ayo Salami_ I never said I regretted probing Magu lailasnews

Earlier reports had claimed Salami made the remark to some lawyers representing Magu – the suspended EFCC chairman.

But the respected judge discredited the report as figment of the imagination of the medium and the lawyers who spoke with it.

“The reports were a figment of the wild imagination of the reporter, the two lawyers quoted as his sources and the medium that published the story,” Salami was reported to have said on Tuesday.

“There was no time anything near the unthinkable scenario painted in the false story occurred in any meeting between myself and the lawyers to Magu or any other person, for that matter, since the Judicial Commission of Inquiry began its sittings.

“I have no cause to express any regret over my Chairmanship of the Commission, not to talk of betraying any form of emotion before anyone about it. I see my appointment to serve as the Chairman of the Commission of Inquiry as an honour and call to service, thus my decision to accept diligently and patriotically discharge this responsibility.

“I have never appointed any of the two lawyers or any other person(s) to speak on my behalf as I can express myself without recourse to the lawyers of the persons we are probing. As an eminent jurist, who retired as the President of the Court of Appeal, I have handled much more complex cases than the current one before the Commission. There is no doubt that the false reports were aimed at causing mischief and tarnishing my hard-earned reputation and integrity. I remain resolute and committed to the service of the nation and ready to champion the ideals of justice and fairness.

“I want to point out that such wild claims against me and the Commission are not strange to me, given the manner in which the lawyers to Magu have been carrying on in the conduct of their client’s case before the Commission. Planting such lies in the media about proceedings at the panel has been their pastime. They believe that it is by engaging in such media propaganda against the Commission that their client can be easily absolved of the various allegations that have been brought against him.”

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