Juliet Ibrahim reveals why she can never date a broke guy

Actress Juliet Ibrahim has revealed why she can never date a broke guy no matter how handsome, intelligent and obedient he may be.

Juliet Ibrahim reveals why she can never date a broke guy

The Ghanaian actress of Lebanese decent made this know during a question and answer session she held on her Instagram page.

Juliet Ibrahim shared:

Ask me a question and I’ll answer… Question 1. What is the most important quality you look/looked out for in a love interest?

Answer- Intelligence, maturity, respectful, empathetic, family-oriented, attentive, good-kisser and someone who’s self-sacrificing!

A follower chipped in by asking:

“Can you date a broke guy but handsome, intelligent, respectful, caring, family-oriented, humble and obedient?”

Juliet Ibrahim replied:

“How do we take care of ourselves and kids?”



  1. You don’t even need to be a celebrity to decide not to date a broke guy, absence of money decreases love

  2. It’s her own way and she believes that is what will work for her. And from the bottom of my heart I respect that

  3. Everyone have their own way of love life, that’s good for Juliet,money may mean everything to her but not to every other lady.

  4. No guy or man likes to be broke. Money isn’t everything but almost everything needs money. Love is sweet but when money comes in, love becomes sweeter. But a broke guy today may not be a broke guy tomorrow. So girls be wise!

  5. Remember that the majority of those rich men are not born with silver spoon in their mouths but they worked for it

  6. Its right but no condition is permanent. Just love him for the sake of God cox a poor guy might turn out to be rich tomorrow and vice versa

  7. She is entitled to her opinion. She may have her experiences. But money is not everything. Live is principal.

  8. Money answers all things. No matter how solid love may be, the absence of money kills it gradually. True point from her.

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