Judge sentences 5 men to death by hanging for armed robbery

An Osun State High Court sitting in Iwo, on Monday, passed a guilty verdict on five men for their involvement in armed robbery and sentenced them to death by hanging.

The convicts, Ifedayo Adebiyi, Semiu Taofeek, Afolabi Ogunwale, Oyeleke Mukaila and Ogunbayo Joshua, were arraigned before the court on September 23, 2016, on three counts, Punch Metro reports.

Judge sentences 5 men to death by hanging for armed robbery lailasnews
Judge sentences 5 men to death by hanging for armed robbery

The charges preferred against them were armed robbery and unlawful possession of firearms contrary to sections 6 (b), 1 (1) and (2) (a) and punishable under Section 1 (1) of the Robbery and Firearms (Special Provisions) Act, Cap R.11, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2014.

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The prosecution counsel, Tijani Adekilekun, said the accused robbed one Mr Fabiyi David of his valuables, including a Lexus SUV, at Emmanuel House, opposite the P.P. Hotel, Olupona.

The vehicle was later intercepted by the police at the Guru Mahraji area of the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

In his judgement, Justice Akin Oladimeji said the prosecutor proved his case beyond reasonable doubt and found the accused guilty of the allegations of armed robbery and unlawful possession of firearms.

Justice Oladimeji sentenced the men to death by hanging.


  1. When did armed robbery without murder involved have death sentence. The sentence is too huge biko. It should be appealed. Robbery is a crime but it doesn’t deserve desecrating the sanctity of human lives.

  2. What a way to waste one’s destiny. Young men being sentenced to death, perhaps in their next life they won’t try to take other people’s belongs

  3. They deserve the death sentence because at the cause of their robbery they might have shed human lives, this will serve as a warning to others.

  4. Death sentence should be the penalty for armed robbery in the country. It will reduce the killings by robbers

  5. It’s a pity they ended their life this way. They deserve what they called for. Let’s train our children well.

  6. Dis life ehnn imagine sentencing ordinary armed robbers WOt of our politicians dey arr more dan armed robber dey shud die by hanging

  7. I have seen their offenses.. Good and fine robbery and firearms but the law has failed to investigate whonare their sponsors…now they are during alone. Poor them

  8. I like this its better for them to be killed at no waste of time than for them to continue the bad things

  9. What about those criminals with suits and agbada in government? They should be treated the same way if you ask me

  10. As i was reading,i was hoping to see where the accused killed someone, stealing is bad not in support of it possession of firearms more deadly. This is the first time am hearing people being sentenced to killing by hanging for stealing.

  11. If you are a victim of this arm robbers you will prefer to kill them instantly, but the judgment is a warning to other….. That’s good. Nigeria will be clean if we have dis type of judgment in all other state… No more stealing and robbery

  12. I don’t even understand some judges atimes, sentenced to death by hanging?? As if the guys killed citizens.

  13. Well that’s very stupid of them,I think other aremed robbers will learn from this,may God forgive them because they don’t know what they are doing

  14. Its a pity that they have decided to end their life’s like this by deciding to be an arm robber may God have mercy on their soul

  15. I am against capital punishment for armed robbery except killing or rape is involved. The judgement should be appealed.

  16. The punishment is too harsh as no case of murder was reported, this should serve as a lesson for others.

  17. That the end point of them. Making other people to cry why you laugh ! God has cut off with you now.

  18. Armed robbery and death sentence since when, when politicians are looting away millions of naira without sentence God save us in this country.

  19. I thought is only when someone is charged for murder and found guilty that such sentence will be given.

  20. Serves them right. Unlawful acts in this nation should not be taken lightly. How can. I struggle so hard for one person to come and steal it from me. Not only by hanging they deserve torture before hanging. Idiotic extortionists.

  21. Who ever falls victim to the law will face the consequences. For them to have the heart to rob people off their hard earned money , extortionists like them deserve hanging indeed.

  22. Young men being sentenced to death, perhaps in their next life they won’t try to take other people’s belongs

  23. I thought death sentence by hanging is no longer practised.well that’s not a criteria for them to involve in crime. I think there is better ways of issuing punishment to them order than condemning them to death by hanging

  24. Oh my God….what huge verdict,it was robbery not murder na,people should be given second chances biko..may their souls rest in peace though this judgement will be a lesson to other robbers and will make them turn a new leaf.

  25. Your handwork as finally reward you, situations doesn’t warrant you to go into Armed robbery. May your gentle soul rest in Peace

  26. Are we sure the justice is ok please our learned colleagues when did robbery, possession of fire arm lead to death without murder or is the story not complete

  27. Robbery punishment has become death sentence again. This is serious. Robbers repent before you will be caught

  28. Really? I didn’t know Nigeria still have death by hanging in their constitution , even after this some people will still prefer to live this kind of life

  29. Our judiciary is a mess. Sentencing armed robbers to death by hanging while collecting bail from corrupt politicians that stole with enough evidence.

  30. This is serious. What a tragic life. That’s why it’s not good for one to involve himself in any kind of crime, it does not pay.

  31. That serves them right,some people are so lazy, they can’t work with their hands and earn from their sweat but prefer taking what belongs to someone else

  32. Chail how I wish people will learn from them and stop to taking what dose’nt belong to them
    May their souls rest in peace

  33. Death by hanging is it not too much? Was there a proof that they killed someone. May God help them repent before they die.

  34. It’s so sad but only God knows the number of people they’ve killed, I think it’s their own turn now to die a horrible death

  35. Good for them, never pray to encounter these people anywhere anytime, they are heartless people, may their souls rest in peices where they bargain

  36. They deserve the death sentence because at the cause of their robbery they might have shed human lives, this will serve as a warning to others.

  37. Why are you miss using you power to sentence somebody to death can’t you see that they did it out of frustration. Use your power to tell the government to create job for them and reduce the crime.

  38. This terrible
    They deserve the death sentence because at the cause of their robbery they might have shed human lives, this will serve as a warning to others.

  39. I think the judgement on this 5 robbers was harsh, am not supporting arm robbery but the judgement is too cruel..no murder was involved

  40. This are men mother’s carried in their womb for 9months with the intention of giving them the best at last, you are a disgrace to the society and Nigeria at large.RIP in advance.

  41. The crime of robbery where murder/manslaughter isn’t involved doesn’t deserve the death penalty. If the act of robbery is punishable by death, then most of our top government officials & politicians are supposed to be dead men by now.
    When practising the rule of law, justice and equity should not be overlooked.


  43. These people who engage in possession of fire arms and robbery should do well to join the military and make use of their talents to build the nation instead of causing harm to people, so unfortunate they got a death sentence

  44. I strongly condemned armed robbery in its entirety. If judiciary could sentence high way robbers to death how about pen robbers who were never convicted for once. Youths should channel their strength to more productive activities.

  45. Death by hanging that’s not fair enough the judge should think about the country first before passing his judgement the killing in this country is not enough you now want to hang them he should have given them 35 years imprisonment them they will learn their lesson and be rebirth I hope the judge have a change of mind on this matter

  46. Nemesis has no two face, whatsoever you sow you shall reap. They have gotten to their final bus stop on earth.

  47. I wouldnt support death penalty for armed robbery only when no life was taken its almost like jungle justice , life imprisonement is preferred

  48. This one is too big ooo,but they did not kill the person why not jail sentence instead of death sentence I tire oo

  49. It’s a pity they ended their life this way. They deserve what they called for. Let’s train our children well.

  50. He who kills by d sword dies by d sword. The law has caught them and they will pay for their actions.

  51. See this young boys… That a mother suckled nurtured and brought into earth.. Going back in a treable state… You got what you deserve… It’s a pity. I can’t do anything…

  52. They deserve punishment by law but this death sentence to me is too much. Politicians are there stealing on daily basis and still no death sentence. What they did is wrong and they must be punished but to me death sentence is too much.

  53. bravo,i’m a strong advocate of capital punishment for all capital offences,a deterrent to others

  54. I disagree with the judge on this,when did arm robbery now become a murder that they will kill them by hanging,the judge is not fair with his judgement at all

  55. how i wish all this money launderers in nigeria are also treated like that.well shaa that is what they deserve so that others will learn from it.

  56. They deserve to die, from look of things this is not their first time despite a case of robbery without killing.the next attempt the kill.

  57. This is very sad and painful to the parents of the victims. But it is for the good of the society so that others will learn a great lesson and also abide by the rules governing the society at large

  58. They shouldn’t have sentenced them to death by hanging,at it a second chance wouldn’t have been a bad one, at list a serious punishment while under the police inspection, anyways,may their souls rest in peace

  59. In this case I think the judge here is not doing it right the punishment is too much for them nah moreover they didn’t waste a life should b punished BT not hanged

  60. That odd. Been a while I heard such sentences. Not 20 years imprisonment. Anyways, it serves them right

  61. They need to be dealt with as the law demand but not hanging them because we are not inform that anybody died during the robbery.

  62. I swear that good it will teach many thief lesson the judge really did a great job…….because the way people rob now is not a small thing…

  63. Some people are fast in doing things. Sentencing to life imprisonment is good o but before you do so asking your self having I done something like that before? If not go ahead, some people are found of stealing and taking away some people’s life, those that do so should be sentence to life Imprisoment.

  64. If should have known that stealing or armed robbery is now they have to loose their lives, others should learn from this

  65. They don’t need pity because they don’t pity when they go to steal and you try to resist they will kill so no pity . Hang them do that others. will fear

  66. Yes I love that they are some arm robber that want all person dead so if they court them I think they should be kill

  67. I think if this is how they have been given this wicked people death sentence, maybe this would scare some from involving in robbery attacks and killing of innocent people.

  68. Was that the best way to handle this? It was armed robbery and not murder. Why that sentence to death. Life imprisonment would have been better

  69. The families after hearing this news must have regretted given birth to them, when they have to commit crimes and die this way

  70. Hope this serves as a deterrent to those who are thinking about going into armed robbery as a means of livelihood.

  71. They only stole not murder any ways I don’t blame them may their souls rest in peace in advance next world don’t stay away from crimes

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