Journalist arrested, remanded in Ikoyi Prison for wearing dreadlocks

A photojournalist identified as Yinka Badmus is reportedly being remanded in Ikoyi Prison, Lagos, for wearing dreadlocks.

According to reports, Badmus was allegedly arrested by policemen attached to the Lagos State Anti-Cultism unit for wearing dreadlocks, which the officers allegedly said made him look like a cultist.

Journalist arrested, remanded in Ikoyi Prison for wearing dreadlocks lailasnews 2
Journalist arrested, remanded in Ikoyi Prison for wearing dreadlocks

According to Vanguard, Yinka was arrested while eating noodles, at Pedro Bus Stop, Gbagada on December 30th 2018. He was detained and was not allowed to contact his relatives or friends.

Yinka’s plight was brought to his family’s notice on January 3rd 2019 by a detainee who left the police cell.  The detainee contacted Badmus’ relatives explaining to them that he had already spent three days in detention, contravening the stipulated instruction that every suspect must be charged within 24 hours.

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His family members then contacted Yinka’s boss, Stephen Oguntoyibo, the owner of Talk Village International, to help secure his bail.

It was gathered that when Stephen Oguntoyibo went to bail Badmus at the station, he was shocked to see the Police conveying him and other young men in a Black Maria to Ogudu Magistrate’s Court, Lagos, where he was eventually arraigned and remanded.

”At the Ogudu Magistrate’s Court, the resident judge asked that Badmus be granted bail and a lawyer in the magistrate court was attached to us. The lawyer subsequently requested for the following: means of ID proof, house rent receipt, NEPA bill, company ID and tax payment receipts for two years.

He also received N10,000 and later the lawyer demanded another N20,000 for his service, with a promise that he would have a meeting with the judge and, thereby, effect Badmus’s release. On Tuesday, I called the lawyer with the intention of submitting the requested documents, so the boy can be released.

The lawyer, again, demanded another N25,000 for bail bond, and also made me know that I would have to pay police for verification and other processes. Meanwhile, the boy has been remanded in Ikoyi Prison.”Oguntoyinbo said

National Coordinator of the Network for Police Reforms in Nigeria, Okechukwu Nwanguma, who has also been alerted over the case, wondered where it was a crime for anyone to wear dreadlocks.

“The Police officer was quoted as saying the guy was arrested because of his hairstyle. Where in the law is a hairstyle a crime? And why did the Police officer go ahead to charge him? Since he was granted bail, why did the lawyer keep making financial demands from the surety, including money for the Police to go and verify the surety’s residence? Isn’t that unbecoming of a lawyer? The innocent guy is languishing in prison, reported to be very sick, all because of a lawyer’s greed.” he said


  1. Badmus a photo journalist should have looks cooperate for his professional job, this will teach other nigerians on appearance of their beauty during their public duty. Nigerians should lives as good example.

  2. It’s unfortunate Mr badmus has to go through all that, that is Nigeria police trying to raise money.

  3. May God kept us in this Nigeria how can one with dreadlocks become a cultist what will we not see or hear in this country and the greedy lawyer keep making money for himself instead of fighting for the boy release.

  4. What has dreadlocks got to do with the matter..I don’t even know if this police knows their jurisdiction

  5. Instead of them to go after thief and Boko Haram, they are chasing people with dreadlocks.. Jobless people

  6. May God help us in this Nigeria how can one with dreadlocks become a cultist what will we not see or hear in this country and the greedy lawyer keep making money for himself instead of fighting for the boy release. Those polices should be beating because they don’t know their works

  7. Nigeria!! When its time 2 arrest criminals, d so called police ll b nowhere 2 b found..yet dey go around arresting innocents; nd 4 wat? Hairstyle..

  8. Ohhh.that doesn’t mean he is a cultist now.normally dreadlocks make somone look irresponsible.maybe other tins are been caught in his hands

  9. both the police and the court dont even know what the law says but rather victimizing innocent individuals. they are very useless for such act. after bail. the guy should sue them back. rubbish

  10. What a backward country. Very soon they will start arresting citizens of found eating food! It is rather unfortunate that I was born into this country. Nawaoo

  11. This is too bad. What a greedy lawyer. How could he keep demanding money from the young boi.. corrupt people

  12. They will leave where they suppose to go and arrest people and be arresting the innocents. If they send them to boko haram now. They will varnish. Balderdash

  13. Well is been said that you will be address the way you dress, is a common trends that anyone who wear all this kind of hairstyles is retarded as hooligans. So we want to be careful and watch our grooming before leaving our home. But as for the loyal they need to report him and sieze his license for practise for msy be a year or two for that corruption

  14. They are out of their sense, dreadlock or no dreadlocks has nothing to do with the cult,can they withstand the cultism. Instead of doing the right things they are busy chasing shadow.

  15. To me the reason behind his arrest has not been stated because from ages till non,not even in the constitution and that someone with dread will be imprisoned.

  16. Actually one of the ethics and quality of a good journalist is to dress decent , you dress the way you want people to address you

  17. Please my brothers did your pastor tell you that dreadlocks is a sin police allow the boy to do his fashion nw

  18. What a rubbish that is why I like abroad they dont care even there FBI officials do were hairstyles they like….

  19. The safe guiding and protection of some policemen are practically unprofessional. Imagine an Innocent citizen to suffered in this manner, this call for national concerned and the govt should do something about it.

  20. There is so many places seeking the help and attention of the police men to tackle security challenges but they keep doing such an unnecessary things.

  21. Nigeria police and the judicial system who is supposed to protect the citizens. That’s Naija my country

  22. Permit me to say we are in a country where we all are evil and like to make money by all means, and we never see each other as brother’s, and we never stick to laws that we claim to be guided by a young man on dreads and you apprehend him for been a cultists but if you had been invited to a place where the cultists are truly you will give excuses. My advice to we all is to learn to love and respect one another, because law of KARMA is always there.

  23. how will they arrest innocent man for wearing a dreadlocks, how does dreadlocks relate to criminal, police will not do the job they are suppose to do, they did not know more than arresting innocent people

  24. Thanks for the information and I will be very grateful to here more from you it’s very vital keep it up

  25. That’s total rubbish is dreadlock a sin against the country or what the people you’re supposed to detainee are walking freely and you put innocent guy for prison for what Nigeria police are something else

  26. why is Nigeria so corrupt dread lock is now a sin in Nigeria … where on heart is hairstyle a crime in the Nigeria 1999 constitutions police with stupid reason to arrest a citizen … when there so fucking uneducated stupid police i hate police so much in Nigeria.. crazy people they should go to jail for what they are doing

  27. Has it become a crime now for anyone to wear dreadlocks in this our country. Something is fishy here. Imagine someone demanding money severally just to grant the poor boy bail

  28. Hair style is now a sign of cultism in Nigeria.? very soon it will be color of your car.May God help Nigeria.

  29. Hairstyle is a choice not an offence why will they make case out of this those policemen and the lawyer need to be sanctioned.

  30. This our country self! Many celebrities are wearing dreadlocks so who arrested them? In as much as you are being address according to how you dress but that doesn’t mean that they police officers don’t know who the can called bad guy abeg they should do the right thing

  31. As a journalist the guy should dress cooperate.
    And for the lawyer what is he using NEPA bill, and house rent receipt for.

  32. May God Almighty save him from the hands of police force. Besides learn to dress well and look responsible.

  33. Police are always looking for a way of finding money in their pockets, what has dreadlocks has to do with them.

  34. the world of hypocrite
    the children wear this style,they cannot reprove and correct them
    always looking for scapegoats to fund their pockets.

  35. Thats Nigeria but it’s not fair oo they are just making money from the guy who seems not to be caught with any crime

  36. Things are realky going worst in this country. so because a young man decided to wear dreadlocks, it’s now a crime.The police is now extorting anyhow.Thats really bad.I just the guy get the right help to deal with all of them including the police

  37. What rubbish us this now, so somebody cannot do any hairstyle he.she wants anymore, this is disheartening

    • This Is Not right by police ,They are trying to make money in all means,leave the guy alone because Not Only has that dreadlocks there are others out there most Especially celebrities have youpeople get them all? This Is Not good.

  38. This is very sad incidence Alot of negative things have happend and swept under the carpet. The police should deal professionally with citizens

  39. why the collection of money haba Nigerian police can’t you think for your younger once in the country you are corrupt how will that work for people

  40. Nigeria police are just beating around the bush, doing dreadlocks those not mean that person is a criminal


  42. Police has left their work and doing something else. Though as a journalist u are been addressed by the way you dress

  43. Dress the way you want to be addressed. The hairstyle you put on has allot to say about you. Responsibility is also tied to our grooming

  44. Some of these police men are just stupid. I dunno when dreadlocks emit some one as a cultist. They left issue meant to be addressed and doing rubbish
    Yhu will see the wrath of God too the stupid lawyer extorting him for money

  45. As a photojournalist,you are not expected to dress crazily.Appearance shoes the manner.learn to dress well to suit your professional job

  46. I don’t think corruption will ever leave this country. So people born with it will be also charged for cultism. That’s the dumbest excuse ever heard

  47. As a journalist he is supposed to dress decent and neat and keep a nice looking haircut and not following others to dress rugged and he has seen what he has caused to himself

  48. Like the saying goes the way u dress Dats how people will address u and Dats the reason why he was caught and mistaken to be a cultists

  49. See they should not blame any body or thing. There is something wrong somewhere spiritually. So they should go and pray and if possible fast as well

  50. before going out every morning,it is expedient to knee down and pray to almighty god that one should not encounter misfortune especially the one coming from the nigerian police

  51. The police would have had concrete evidence before detaining him as a criminal, but unfortunately, certain things are done off the book in Nigeria.

  52. Hmmmmmmmmm
    Police go their work go dey chess innocent shildren
    It’s bad. Dreadlocks doesn’t show anything for me

  53. You are address the way you dress and groom. Please let’s all learn to dress responsibly and with self respect

  54. Nigeria I hail thee, since when has it become a crime to wear dreadlock in Nigeria. Nigerian police will never cease to amaze me.

  55. I think as one who serve the public, it is required of him or her to dress decently and and not as you want to dress

  56. It’s a very sad incidence, A lot of negative things have happened and swept under the carpet. The police should dealt professionally with citizen’s.

  57. To me I think there is nothing wrong for a journalist to wear dreadlock, please just leave him and focus on how Nigeria will be a better country

  58. Appearance shows the manner.It is good when we learn and recognises the ethic of our profession.a good photo journalist is not expected to dress in that manner…

  59. The Police officer who. made the arrest should be reprimanded and that is low for the lawyer to do, can’t he wait till he is released

  60. If he is not caught with the crime just live him alone. Their are so many criminals outside police go for them.

  61. This is very wrong of the police force. You can’t just conclude that someone is a cultist because he wore a dreadlock

  62. The way he dress is not good atall, and i hope wat happen to him now we be inform of lession to him and other people’s

  63. This what happen when people refused to dress properly and smart. They always say: The way you dress is the way you will be addressed” and it is true. If he had dress professionally, he wouldn’t had encounter such.

  64. He does not deserve to be arrested talkless of charging and detention. That is how Nigerian system is so warped.

  65. See criminals everywhere you did not go after them and you were after a man that does not have anything doing with you what is wrong with him if you wear such things what I noticed nigeria is that when the have money to eat they will just go and cut everyone they will choose

  66. They Are All Mad I Have Not Seen or Heard That Hair Style Is A Crime This Nigeria Is Going To Some Where Else.

  67. Nigerian police harsh oh. Because of dreadlocks again person dey spend time for jail and still pay money to lawyer again

  68. As a journalist there are young people who wbt to be lie y you, so u should dress and look well. At the same time, the Nigerian police has no ryt to areest someone bcos of this. If they see armed rubber now they sill run. God bless Nigeria

  69. Since I was born I have never hear that hair style is a crime moreover, he has been granted bail why the police still charged him? And for the lawyer, I am not sure he attended law school at all.

  70. …Shame on the police arresting an innocent person all because of a hairstyle, This police will never stop causing issue to the neighborhood…. May God really help us from them

  71. Am dumbfounded…when will Nigeria police force stop all this nonsense of arresting innocent citizens when the ones that are not innocent are busy bribing them to get their way.

  72. it is his choice of hair so how does that make him a cultist then they should go and arrest footballers

  73. If he is a cultist, would he come close to the prison, the police should leave him and face those with serious crime

  74. The police force had gone too far because he wear dreadlocks they arrested him to be cultist,I hope he see justice to this injustice

  75. This is very wrong and it’s against human right.. He has freedom of right to wear any hair style he chooses to carry on his head

  76. A journalist should present himself in a good manner, how could a journalist be doing dreadlocks? That’s irresponsible

  77. They should have investigated first before they cannot accused person by looking at his appearance

  78. This Nigeria is a shit hole how can you arrest someone because of his hairstyle and even after the arrest you still get to extort money from the family all in the name of lawyer hmm

  79. It is just a means to extort money. The change we desire in this country – will we ever achieve it? People seem to be money conscious these days

  80. This is a trample on ones human right to keep him in cell for more than 24hrs
    Secondly when has dreadlocks become a case .

  81. This is serious oo
    So anyone with dreadlock is now a cultist
    The Nigerian para military will never seize to amaze me

  82. Just too funny… Just because he did dreadlock…. They wil never face the important things

  83. The police officer who arrested the guy in the first place is wicked and the lawyer greedy. Hair styles including dreadlocks has nothing to do with cultists. It’s choice

  84. But why is there any Constitution that forbids journalist not to wear whatever they wish? Is dreadlocks a sin?

  85. The way you dressed is the way you will be addressed. I pray God will help you come out of this to learn your lessons

  86. I don’t understand this our Nigeria again oooo what as dread lock do with Jonalist did that tell the journalist is bad

  87. Naija nawa, so people are been arrested because of their hairstyles, I hope they won’t also arrest my little son because of his dread too

  88. corruption is taking deep root in the minds of Nigerians, both the citizens and the authorities. The lawyer keep extorting money from them instead of helping matters. What an act

  89. The Nigeria Police is a joke and our judiciary a disgrace. Imagine putting someone on jail because of his hairstyle? I wonder where we are going to on this country

  90. When did it become a crime to wear dreadlocks in Nigeria? This police officers are bunch of clowns, when crimes are rocking the country they are there busy arresting harmless people about town

  91. Where is it written in the law about someone’s hairstyle again,hmmm this is not ordinary at all,his village people are using the police to get to him aswear

  92. And why would a journalist have thread locks on when he his not a gangster I guess this will serve him right nonsense

  93. I seriously did not know its a crime for journalists to wear dreadlocks. But is it only in Nigeria that this law is applicable.

  94. Justice delayed is justice denied. Why would a lawyer be doing such a thing when he’s meant to defend human rights?? As for the police it’s only that will judge them, just hairstyle, you got him arrested.

  95. They are trying to make money in all means,leave the guy alone because Not Only has that dreadlocks there are others out there most Especially celebrities have youpeople get them all? This Is Not good.

  96. That is not not good at all why? What a funny situation government should do something all this iligal detention of innocent citizens is an abuse.

  97. Although hair styles doesn’t matter personality but his work doesn’t allow something like that but they should just warn him

  98. Does that mean his the only person having dreadlocks that’s he style of life so you guys should let him go

  99. He’s being addressed by the way he dresed which is very bad
    A book shouldn’t be judge by it’s cover

  100. Nigeria how can one with dreadlocks become a cultist what will we not see or hear in this country and the greedy lawyer keep making money for himself instead of fighting for the boy release.

  101. I dont think someone should be jugde with the way they appear people has the right to dress and look in anyway

  102. This is Nigeria for us and it’s only God that can deliver us from the hands of corrupt people carrying out corrultible acts.

  103. Some Nigerian police men so so stupid. And that charge and bail lawyer need to b jail too for fraud. All of them are thieves.. what a shame and disgrace to all lawyers.

  104. Actually according to the saying of being addressed as you dress as gone onto him but why will that be

  105. This is very funny but a serious one, what has dreadlocks got to do with the nature of his job, I don’t see any barrier there

  106. Police again? When has wearing dreakluck represents cultism? Based of which part of d law? Abeg realese this guy jare

  107. That’s the nice movie if you wish to work for the government you must learn to maintain some level of courtesy in your dress mould and modesty

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