Jose Mourinho sacked by Manchester United

Jose Mourinho has been sacked by management of Manchester United, following Sunday’s defeat at Liverpool, ending a tenure that began in May 2016.

Jose Mourinho sacked by Manchester United  lailasnews

Jose Mourinho was sacked in the early hours of Tuesday as confirmed by a statement released by Manchester United, managed the top English club which has slipped 19 points behind the leaders, Liverpool, and fell off the pace in the hunt for a top-four place. They have won only once in six league matches, drawing during that sequence with struggling Southampton and Crystal Palace.

The club issued a statement on Tuesday morning which read:

“Manchester United announces that manager Jose Mourinho has left the club with immediate effect.

“The club would like to thank Jose for his work during his time at Manchester United and to wish him success in the future. A new caretaker manager will be appointed until the end of the current season, while the club conducts a thorough recruitment process for a new, full-time manager.”

Jose Mourinho sacked by Manchester United  lailasnews

Man United fans seen praying on the mountain ahead of their victory (Video)


  1. Mou and his third season rubbish, so the best he can offer is first season and third will be trash. Well good for United.

  2. Jose Mourinho was becoming too proud.He started thinking that he holds the magic wand in coaching. No matter who you are and fail to acknowledge God you will certainly hit brick wall

  3. I think that he managed the club in the best way he could, anyway farewell and good luck in your pursuit for a better playing club.

  4. Wao, very good, he has been causing setback for man u ever since. As a fan of Man u, I was very excited.

  5. Wow o, what a wonderful news, thou Jose is a wonderful and skillful coach but this is the result of proudness, Jose Mouriho Congrats.

  6. I wasn’t surprise to his sack.. I know that this will surely come but still remain one of the best manager in the world. #the special one#

  7. I have always wanted this to happen long a go.. Thanks to the man u board for making the right decision………

  8. I think the club should have given him more time but since they have already taken their decision, I wish Mourinho success in the future

  9. Jose is so full off himself, I think he should work harder else it would take him a longer time than expected to get a new job

  10. Finally he’s been sacked, what a pity. Let’s await the new manager and see the miracle he brings with him.

  11. Coaching assignment is temporal, i believe may be he did not perform up to their expectation that was why he was sacked. I wish Mourinho well in his endeavours.

  12. This is serious. Too bad for Jose. I really don’t know much about the man and how he has been managing the club before his sack but it seems to me that the decision was made quickly. I’m not sure he was prepared for it

  13. I know this will happen one day…. Morio sorry is meant to happen…. Is not good to remain in one place… You still have higher places to go…..

  14. The defect on Man united was bad,but if sacking him will bring balance to Man united fine is ok

  15. What about the clause in the contract that says they’ll pay 5m?. Well hopefully they must have considered it

  16. Will sacking him bring back MANU on track ? I hope that club gets back on track though , they are really doing badly

  17. Hmmmm this is Unbelievably if na Nigeria they will say village people get power well well real Madrid sacked Chelsea sacked now man united has sacked him too ohh what becomes of his carrier now that he has been sacked twice within 4 years

  18. The long awaited sack letter is finally here. Jose you have tried your best sir. In an anticipation of a better coach. Goodbye from Man U.

  19. The relationship between mourinho and the players is not cordial. That was what led the the bad form of the team. I wish him best of luck where ever his service is needed

  20. I saw it coming hence I gave him the name “Specialist in blame game”. Too bad, better luck to him next time.

  21. Like seriously I know it will come to this they have not be winning and he his kinda stubborn and strong willed all the best in his future endeavor

  22. Wow it seems Manchester united fans are happy for this sack ooo…congratulations ooo…finally… Wish morinho well and successful future

  23. Too bad o, mourhino’s career is shattered,he has alot of talent but I guess his ego and destiny is working against him

  24. It is quite unfortunate for him to leave this way. i would have preferred allowing Michael carrick as temporal manager till the end of the season. but in all, its for the good of both parties, he just has to go

  25. Good move from the management of Manchester United club. This should have been done a long time before now.

  26. His sacked is not a support I knew he will be sa sacked , wish him well. Although I expected this long ago.


    Mourinho left Real Madrid a month after the 4-1 defeat by Klopp’s Borussia Dortmund in April 2013; two years later Mourinho was sacked at Chelsea a month after a traumatic 3-1 defeat by Klopp’s Liverpool at Stamford Bridge.

    Jose has tried his best for utd…. Ironically this is where his best can take us..

  28. This is an exciting news…this is what all Manchester United fans have been waiting for now they’ve gotten it…Goodbye Jose Mourinho

  29. Nice decision from the Manchester united, José really need to wake up. Its high time for Man u to take up the lead again.UP MAN.U

  30. Mourinho and third season syndrome hitting him big again. A stitch in time saves nine. One of the steps that has to be taken to rescue man u from the carnage their season is about to degenerate into. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  31. To me this is not fair at all, you should have allowed him lead till this one ends,what made you think you will start winning because he is off ,think well oo

  32. sacking moUrinho does it help the team to do better, is he holding their legs or their mind when playing. As for me the team should work on themselves because winning comes from God

  33. Mehn! I was a bit shocked when i saw this, but Mourinho Knew what was coming…he didn’t perform well and he kept having issues with the players. Man u has really gone down since he was appointed, and its a shame for someone like him that was doing well as chelsea coach

  34. The wrongest call ever made. The players need to be overhauled not the coach cause they aren’t playing like they are serious. If u can remember this happened to Chelsea some seasons back and they sold 80% of their players nd had replacements during the January transfer window and Chelsea bounced back. The players need to be changed not the coaches. My opinion

  35. While i feel so sorry for him,he might have done his best to see he pushes the team to a greater height.God knows best

  36. Sacked just like that? Oh well.I wish you good luck in your career.The game of football continues definitely

  37. Frustration was part of Jose Mourinho’s poor performance at Man United. He’s a good and competent coach. I wish him good luck anyways.

  38. wow this is really a shame to Jose, but the right decision has been taken by the board so he should go and look for another club.

  39. Sacking Mourinho is not the best option he should have been given a chance to prove himself because he is a legend.

  40. Am not surprised about the news just that I thought is Pogba that supposed to go instead of Jose Mourinho, anyway I wish him well.

  41. That’s a very good one, the best thing ever from Manchester United this season. Mourinho didn’t help the club but was a thorn on the flesh with his outdated football philosophy of bus packing. This change is really important for United.

  42. What a pity, though he has try hid best, but let’s wait and see the goodies that d new one will brought to us

  43. Let’s await the new manager and see the miracle he brings with him, Jose Mourinho that’s it life will continue,

  44. Hopefully this could be bring about a massive change with Man’U soccer all the same. Soldier go soldier come.Manchester lives on

  45. I wasn’t surprise to his sack.. I know that this will surely come but still remain one of the best manager in the world. #the special one#

  46. wow finally jose mourinho has been sacked. so sorry for him, though he was not straight forward and polite with the club

  47. Jose Mourinho has never left a club better than he met it, he lives them in shambles. His sack is long over due, for I couldn’t imagine Man Utd struggling at the bottom of EPL table.

  48. The move is long overdue. After so many fails no one can say Mourinho’s sack is undeserved. To whom much is given, much is expected.

  49. This is what they should have done before now, you can’t expect your players to perform better when you don’t have good relationship with them.

  50. I wish you well on your next job Mou. I still think you should have been given more time. But anyways, thank you for your time at Old Trafford. Come on Utd. GGMU

  51. Wow…….in fact this is really a good news……
    This an open door to heaven….seems everyone is just so glad over this development

  52. This is the same man been celebrated in many club some years ago, no man reigns forever . Weldon the legend

  53. When Jose Mourinho was Announced the coach of Man utd I woke up from sleep that morning and saw the news , that day I was the happiest man on earth . Now I Just woke up from a long sleep to also see that he has been sacked , am I happy ? Yes very happy because we needed that change at the club but I feel bad deep inside cos he is my favorite coach of all time and he would forever be . I am a Jose fan. Thank you for everything Jose.

  54. This might come as a big shock to Jose Mourinho but in his own accessment, he has tried his best. The decision by the management of Manchester United is okay and I think it will be profitable to the club in the long run.

  55. focus should be in getting a capable to redeem the Glory of the team. Mourinho should just take a break from coaching.

  56. Not every time things would go well for u dat nice this re all challenges to sit up, waiting to see ur next club

  57. It’s the squad that needs overhauling not the coach…’s funny how dey praise players wen dey are scoring but slander coaches wen d team is not performing

  58. Good thing.. He also has the habit of blaming others for his misfortune, never himself or his football strategy used.

  59. Thank God for this, Manchester united management should have sack him long ago, he’s too poor in managing

  60. Life is funny one moment you re up the next moment you’re down. Forgetting that that human for u. I’m not really happy though but well life must go on.

  61. Chai, I knew it that if he don’t be careful he will lose his job now it has happened, I just feel for him.

  62. Jose, Manchester United wish you success in the future. Pls make sure you pack all your properties in your office bcos a caretaker manager will be appointed soon

  63. Jose Mourinho finally loses his job,his £18million pay off is a good compensation, he did all he could,goodbye Jose.

  64. I was shocked when I had the news, Nevertheless, I wish Jose Mourinho the best of luck in his future endeavours.

  65. well I’m not surprised that mourinho is sacked because he used to have problem with always have problems with all is fantastic player so he should go and look for another club

  66. It’s unfortunate Jose was sacked. To me the club management needs to get players for any new coach they are to because that was also among the reason why Jose was sacked.

  67. I support the change, with countless unusual display by the player, wish you the best mourinho but you gotta go.

  68. The exit of the special one from manchester united as he’s fondly call did not come to me as a surprise. The red devil’s low performance this season have been so disappointing. I think the board took the right decision in sacking Jose Mourhino. I hope he reincarnates the glorious years he had while at Chelsea if he’s lucky to get another club/team. I wish him all the best in his future engagements.

  69. Manchester City has made a terrible mistake, if anyone has to leave Man United now it should be Pogba because he’s the only issue Manchester United is having

  70. This is not Good news ooo, he has done is best and will still remain one of the best coaches in the wworld

  71. Pogba will be excited that mouriho was sacked .the both never liked each least pogba won’t be sold out on January.

  72. It is a normal thing for a coach to be sacked, after some long term agreement of appointment, all I wish him is to see a better club to coach come next season..

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