John Boyega reveals his sister’s bride price

Nigerian born Hollywood star, John Boyega who took to Instagram to share a photo of his family, has revealed his sister’s bride price.

John Boyega reveals his sister's bride price  lailasnews

This came as a reply to bride price question from one of his followers. Well according to John Boyega, his sister’s bride price includes; 35% of his family’s overall networth, two years in a Mexican prison and a hand written note by God himself.

Here is a screenshot of the exchange below;

John Boyega reveals his sister's bribe price  lailasnews 1

The Nigerian born British actor was born to parents Abigail and Samson and he has a sister. He grew up with his family in Peckham, South London, England. Boyega began acting at Theatre Peckham, a local performing arts centre in London for talented children aged 9 to 14. He spent almost every day after school at the theatre, as well as weekends.

At 16, he moved to South Thames College to study performing arts and joined the Identity School of Acting in Hackney. He enrolled at Greenwich University but as his career took off, he left to concentrate on acting.

He is best known for playing Finn in the Star Wars film franchise. John Boyega is also known for his role as Moses in the 2011 film Attack the Block.


  1. Haha he must be joking forget the two years in mexican prison, a handwritten note from God himself, and 35% of the familys overall networth, jokes everywhere

  2. This bride price list that includes a hand written note by God is serious if really the hand written note is from God.

  3. That is you don’t wish your sister well then,no problem since you want to marry your sister yourself ride congratulations in advance

  4. Lol. He probably not serious . He savages the guy . Maybe the task is up to the guy who asked about the bride price

  5. What is so special in this bride price stuff nah ,,,,we no need am at all , it is not our business nah , tell us something we wanna hear joor

  6. Hahahahahaha this is a clear warning not to come 10 miles close to his sister. I will blame anyone who will fall victim of this because to before warn is to before harm

  7. I know he was just joking….Just telling any guy eyeing his sister to work real hard and make it big before approaching

  8. This is very serious issue oooo, how can one even confirm the family network first now to talk 35% of it.

  9. He must be really joking ,even If you are selling her that’s too much bro plus no one will be ready to go to prison to marry a girl

  10. This is a kind of telling people to stay off from his sister or be well prepared before coming to ask her hand in marriage.

  11. Am sure no guy will dare move close to his sister and if need be he must meet up with this bride price… Very funny

  12. This guy is a joke written later from God that means she’ll stay till 80 anyways God can perform miracle. But if you are serious when you’ll be getting married you’ll be doing double of it

  13. To those guys that are interested in his sister, he has has made it clear to you all, so go work hard before coming closer to his sister

  14. Mehn!, U gatch your sister all by yourself. As for me, I pay my bill, and I can get what ever I want but your sister if off list

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