John Boyega backs #EndSARS outcry

British-Nigerian actor John Boyega voiced his support for the #EndSARS campaign,

The hashtag is a public cry for the Nigerian government to disband the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS), a unit blighted by accusations of corruption and brutality.

John Boyega backs #EndSARS outcry lailasnews

On Friday, the #EndSARS hashtag was trending not only in Nigeria, but in the UK and the United States.

Reacting to the trend, John Boyega wrote;

“The youth in Nigeria deserve good leadership and guidance. This situation is tied to many other issues. Please lend your attention to this pressing problem!

We can’t simply enjoy Banana island every December without noticing the concrete wall placed between Nigerians and their potential. The limitations become unbearable for them and this needs serious attention.

Three years ago Nigeria’s police chief re-organised SARS after public condemnation about the violence that came with their operations. That change has done nothing for Nigerians and today many are still in danger. “

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