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Job seeker loses opportunity after interviewers spotted him with 2 phones

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A twitter user has narrated how a job seeker lost on a job opportunity after he was spotted with two mobile phones worth over N200,000 during a job interview.

According to the narrator identified as Okeke, the job seeker had not had any academic certification since 4 years and the interviewers were surprised he was able to afford phones that are reportedly worth a fortune.

Job seeker loses opportunity after interviewers spotted him with 2 phones lailasnews 2
Job seeker loses opportunity after interviewers spotted him with 2 phones

Mr. Okeke tweeted ;

Someone recently didn’t get a job cos he was in possession of two phones worth over 200k but his last academic/professional certification was 4 years ago.
Lead interviewer simply said “If he can’t add value to himself, I don’t see him adding value to this firm”

Real life story.


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  1. I will agree with the interviewer partially but on the other hand, what if the phones were gifts? I think the decision couldn’t have been the best to my own understanding.

  2. Job seekers going for an interview should always pay attention to themselves, because anything could be used to interview you. Your good morning alone is a suspect.

  3. When has possession of phones being a criteria for getting unemployed,the phones might be as a gift to him, only God should intervene.

  4. This is surprising. What they think is that he’s rich enough to be given a job. Even though its me that’s what I will do.

  5. Doesn’t really make sense to you expect one to own just one sim card considering the way networks disappoint

  6. You guys don’t know how the phone came up,that shouldn’t be the reason why they will not give him a job,,okay let’s assume the stole the phone,or he is a fraud,what could be the course of that ,because no job,,,but no one knows how he got the phone

  7. As we keep updating our profiles on social media, it’s also applicable to us as Individuals. But it’s unfortunate that our thirst for luxury has the better part of us. He wants to look all classy with the ki design of phone in his possession, but not by investing on himself. This is good, it will help to curb people’s excesses

  8. But I guess spotting him with two phones that worth fortunes as twitted isn’t any of his business. But without cert should be his out most concern

  9. Well, if I’m to be objective in this, I see absolutely nothing wrong with him having flashy phones because he might have borrowed it from someone to look classical during the interview in other for the company to know that he’s not cheap and pay him well if he was offered the job.

  10. He may be a phone freaker or probably it was given to him as a gift. That he is having 2 big phones in his possession dosnt concern the employees if they want to employ him, provided that they agree on the amount he has to be earning

  11. I think the criteria with which he was judged was completely unfair, what if those phones were hand me downs that he received from a seemingly well to do person? The interviewers themselves appear to also have a complex, please judge a person by his essence not just outward appearance.

  12. What they did is wrong…what’s there business…for Christ sake this could be phone given to him as gift….so he should throw them away because he’s getting interviewed???..we lack civilisation…..

  13. I think the interviewers are partially right,why display the phones,instead of focusing on the interview.

  14. That is wrong,what is having two phone get to do with the services he came for interview for,that is just total wickedness and black man slavery mentality

  15. Because of two phones? What if he has good content in him to grow the firm? Even Jesus no dey judge person based on outside content but the content of one’s heart.

  16. Whats their business with him having two phones they are not ready to employ him,that excuse is not genuine my view though

  17. The judgement on him is actually fair in the sense that you have to humble yourself to get what you want it was more like he came to show them that he was already comfortable getting the job or not
    And on the other hand it might as well be gifted with those phones

  18. Their decision and baseless, senseless and absolutely out of the world. Since when does owning expensive material things become a criteria for not getting a job.

  19. Job seekers going for an interview should always pay attention to themselves, because anything could be used to interview you. Your good morning alone is a suspect.

  20. That he is in possession of two phones worth #200k mighty not be the only reason why he was disqualified. Because, it might be gifts, he might be using it for online business, he might not be a fool to have two phones of that values without using the value of one phone to start small scale business. He is graduate and he ought he ought to know that to secure job is difficult in the Country. May God help us.

  21. Awwwww! He should hav left 1 of the phones at home..they may be gift he got from relative or somthing he won somhow..that serves him right…next time.he will be more careful.

  22. I don’t really see anything wrong with him having two phones, I mean, it’s not anybody’s concern

  23. Is this for real seriously? They should just say they are afraid they can’t afford him, do they know how he got the phone? They should have even ask him abt the phone. Some firms are ridiculous with the way they interview

  24. Let’s be objective here the interviewer based his decision on value and responsibility of the job seeker.what was he going to an interview with two phones that’s a costly lesson on humility. The man interviewing him may not have that kind of phone. Priority is important with people like this. The guy job seeker messed up. Period

  25. Spotting two phones worth 200k should not be a measure for disqualifying him, someone might have given him the phones or bought it from a relative and still paying the money at installment. I think they should have based the interview solely on his performance

  26. it’s incredible with no source of income yet your phone can feed you for month. Let change our mindset please

  27. Is not a good reason for loosing a job, and that someone has two phones that worth 200000 should not be a yardstick for not getting a job

  28. Considering his phone is part of what is look at, but thorough investigation most be done before denied him the opportunity.

  29. I think during interview or seeking for job we have to keep ourselves simple. But that doesn’t make them not to give him job

  30. You don’t go for an interview displaying all your cards. Even if it was a gift, you should know how to carry it when going for an interview. Some venues have CCTV cameras monitoring everything the interviewee does. That why some of them fail on arrival.

  31. The interviewer may have said his own opinion and could be right. For the job seeker, I think he went to show off and he lost his opportunity.

  32. I wouldn’t blame the interviewer…who goes for interview displaying his/her gadgets… a prospective employee, you abide by every rule so as you fit the criteria the employers has

  33. What if he has been adding value to himself throw self development? At least if he presents himself well and he has something to offer, why not give him a chance? Degrees/certification doesn’t really mean much, if someone is good at what he does and can defend it with some sort of evidence to back himself up, why not give him a chance. Weighing the value of people through their certificates – a piece of paper that could be forged by anyone, is simply backwardness!

  34. This is funny and hallarious because even if you have two fone you shouldn’t bring it out or allow ur interviewers to no

  35. Amazing. This is what happens when we place our priorities wrongly(on temporary things), instead of on value lifting activities!

  36. When did phones start being a criteria to seek a job during a job interview . If he was able to get two phones worth of 200,000 that doesn’t mean he is not need in of the job

  37. if the story is real like they said, then its sad. in as much as many job seekers are guilty of this in a way. even if its not having two phones, one phone which cost a lost can also make that employer the rejected this one to reject you, then the issue of academic qualification or adding value to ones self, is it urine the person will use and add value to himself? a job or source of income is still needed.
    i dont support the fact that employers will judge or write one off because they are using a good phone and are still job seekers, these people should know that many job seekers need good phones not because they use it to show off but because there are little internet businesses which they probably do to earn money and keeping body and soul together. people use good phones for many positive purposes, besides the little money people get from the online business is what they use for the run around of getting a job

  38. That’s Nigeria for you, how could they refuse to accept him because of using two phones, that’s not a good excuse, they should have told him in the first place that he shouldn’t come. What if he doesn’t have any phone, they will surely say “how do you want us to communicate with you ”. That means they are not ready to employ anybody. And to the guy, it’s not a joking matter, you’ve to go into prayer, cos na your village people dey work oh

  39. I feel it is not fair to conclude that a potential employee will not add value to a firm, simply because he was seen with two phones. What if those phones would help him to work effectively.

  40. Having 2 phone worth over 200k that means he is ok now but they should av allow him if he passes the interview

  41. This not right, having two should dt be the reason for droping him, i dt agree with this
    did you know how much does phone is given

  42. let it be known that people use phones for online businesses which they use in getting little money to support themselves and have transportation to seek for these jobs. having a good phone doesnt mean its all for show offs

  43. I see some people here saying it wasn’t fair for the interviewers to drop him because he had expensive phones in his possession. I think what they did was right. He probably flaunted those phones to show how sophisticated he was. Why didn’t he drop them at home or better still keep them hidden inside his bag? If my employee should have gadgets more expensive than mine, I would sack such one speedily!

  44. Oh my God,sinple logic and humility should have thought him that the appearance of such quality phones will scare his prospective employers of the ability to pay him.

  45. Why do you have to go the interview with two heavy phone. That shows you are doing well already. Give way to those who do not have such opportunity.

  46. That is not fear, does it means that you most be educated before affording expensive things. The interviewer’s should return the guy’s phone.

  47. Notwithstanding, I believe in some sense, the interviewer can not be realistic about the job seeker’s worth. Accedemic qualifications are not the best way to measure a person’s worth.

  48. carrying two big phones isn’t a crime because it could have been a gift but flunting it everywhere to show the employer is a different thing they are humans and they read meaning to everything as well

  49. It’s funny how everyone is focusing on the phones and missing the main essence he lost the job.
    The interviewer said, ‘If he cannot add value to himself (in 4 years since he graduated), then he cannot add value to the organization’.
    If you are out there looking for a job with the last certificate you got couple of years ago, this is a warning to you. Upgrade yourself always, learn something new, grab a new certificate, learn a new skill with evidence to prove, etc.
    You out there reading this, if you have not added mental and intellectual value to yourself in the last 6 months but have bought new shoes, clothes, bags, phones, games, etc, we might just be reading the story of your loss next.

  50. Interview entails alot… Just imagined what made him lose that job.. But trust me he must have read all the readables. One should just be oneself while preparing for an interview

  51. Every one could have a phone, that should have not be the a yardstick of dropping him out, his family members could have given him those phones

  52. But the interviewer wouldn’t have concluded on him just like that,it might be that his siblings outside the country sent it for him.anyways that is his luck

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