Jesus will be happy if you apologize on this photo – Uche to Tonto Dikeh

Nollywood actor,Uche Maduagwu has in his reaction to Tonto Dikeh’s nude bathtub photoshoot, asked her to apologize to Nigerians and then Jesus will be happy with her.

Jesus will be happy if you apologize on this photo – Uche to Tonto Dikeh lailasnews 3
Jesus will be happy if you apologize on this photo – Uche to Tonto Dikeh

Although, the actor had first slammed people who were criticizing the actress for the photo, and thereafter, took to his page to ask that the actress apologize to Nigerians for the photo.

He wrote,

I think Jesus would be happy if you APOLOGIZE to Nigerians over this semi Nude pics… 🙈🙈 Nobody is perfect, but how many “unbeliever” will go semi NUDE for a photoshoot?😁 Not to talk of a christian sister…😭 in 1 Timothy 2:9-10, ”

Likewise also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self control”.✏ @tontolet God is the only judge, but do you think most people will still listen to you when you preach JESUS to them after this pics?😁

They’ll probably ask you, “Did Jesus go naked in the public for any product or photoshoot?😁 @tontolet God is not the author of confusion, if you still want to be “radical for Jesus” and WIN souls to Christ,🔥 start by apologizing for this pics, yes, it was for a photoshoot, but such is not allowed in Christianity.🍎

I would never follow haters to JUDGE you, but if you still want people to take your “preaching” seriously, then you need to APOLOGIZE firstly.

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  1. The question should be, when has she preached Jesus, does she know who Jesus is? Abeg you have told her, carry her in your prayers so that she will truly encounter Jesus.

  2. Tonto Dikeh is not serious. She had better stop all this charade about her being a Christian and make up her mind already. You can’t serve two masters. She’s obviously not serving Jesus.

  3. Is she really a Christian or has she ever preach Christ? I hope she take your advice and repent because she has really messed up.

  4. No one is defying the fact that going semi nude as a Christian is wrong but wdf is his business.i still don’t get it..

  5. What did she want to preach about with this, is only that are deceiving theirselves that will listen to her

  6. Bros, did Toto ever tell you she is a born again christian? Not everybody that goes to church is a Christian. Also, by their fruit you shall know them. So does this picture depict a christian? Abeg allow her enjoy her relationship with the devil jor. Na me and maybe you are interested in eternity. For her and many others, it all ends here on earth. May God have mercy

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