Jeff Bezos’ affair with TV host Lauren Sanchez led to divorce

Jeff Bezos’ affair with TV host Lauren Sanchez, reportedly led to his divorce from his wife of 25 years, MacKenzie Bezos.

Jeff Bezos' affair with TV host Lauren Sanchez led to divorce lailasnews

The billionaire’s relationship with the former “So You Think You Can Dance” host blossomed in the later part of 2018, after Lauren and her estranged husband, William Morris Endeavor mega-agent Patrick Whitesell seperated and began their divorce process.

The National Enquirer also disclosed that Jeff Bezos and MacKenzie were also separated, when he and Lauren started hooking up. While some insiders claim that both Patrick and MacKenzie have known about the relationship for months, others disclosed that Jeff and MacKenzie have known Lauren and Patrick as good friends for 10 years. Lauren and Patrick have a home in the Seattle area — where Jeff and MacKenzie live — and they spend a lot of time there, especially in the summer.

Jeff Bezos' affair with TV host Lauren Sanchez led to divorce lailasnews 1
Patrick (L), Lauren (M), and Jeff Bezos (R)

It was also gathered that Lauren who is an accomplished pilot of helicopters and planes, owns a helicopter and production company. Her affair with Jeff Bezos is not “fleeting”, but reportedly going  strong.


  1. Really? ?
    I knew they’ll start bringing out stories or reasons why they divorced
    Human beings sha
    Only both of them knows why they’re really separating

  2. I like the way white people behave. When you think that your stay with your husband doesn’t suit you anymore, you gently and quietly apply for a divorce and not fighting the person in question

  3. The look happy why would they divorce, if there is misderstanding they can fix it . well they have their reason

  4. So that’s why he is trying to divorce his wife of 25years marriage,I think if he settle these with his wife it could be better

  5. Drinking Panadol for another person head should not be done this time around…dats his life… live him alone

  6. The both couples are doing the wrong thing why will you divorce ur marriage? no matter the reason you guys should better reconcile nd come back together.

  7. I don’t really know what people likes in divorcing, tomorrow great stories would be brought in contrast to eachvother on how they divorced!

  8. Wat god had join together no man should put it apart, wat dey want to do is not good atall, dey should think about it very well before dey do it

  9. I dont know why some couple cant just try to stay happy or why they married if they cant stay withone partner. Must they always cheat. But he can get another girl easily but it wont be easy for his wife.

  10. Divorce after 25years???….. That’s a whole lot of years to throw into tin air ooo.
    He should leave side chick and go back to his wife abeg, divorce is not always the best option.

  11. White people with easy means of getting out of marriage. Any small issue, they opt out straight away. Divorce is as easy as ABC to them.

  12. Why divorce? Why not settle the case? Well divorce is not the best idea for both of you over 25 years in marriage.

  13. I said it. There must be a reason for a man to say he doesn’t want his wife again but will prefer her as a friend and associate. So it’s because of his extramarital affair. God have mercy on him because this is ADULTERY OOOOO.

  14. I know there would be more to their divorce but what the Man did was totally wrong he is not trust worthy to the wife.

  15. I don’t even expect this from then i could remember there last post last year. Love of money sha


  17. Lack of trust and misunderstanding will always create problems for any union. They saw it coming, it started a long time ago and I don’t think they’re going to change their minds about it. They know what’s good for them, they have their decisions to make.

  18. They both know the reason for their divorce
    Anyways I wish they can try to reverse their minds.

  19. I guess they have been enduring the marriage for the past 25yrs if they are planning for divorce nw

  20. I knew there was something fishy and now it’s out. Who just comes out to announce a divorce with no reason. what a shame

  21. Extra marital affair is bad please let’s those that are married remain faithful to your patiner so we can reduce the level of divorce

  22. definitly, there must be issues in marriage, but let there be reconciliation, instead of divorce. abeg

  23. Well I’m not surprised because when celebrities hook up that is always the end of the story the END.

  24. This is very bad, marriage of 25yrs going apart ,this mather is becoming another thing please let you guys resolve the mather amicably.

  25. Divorce is not the best thing, 25years of marriage is not a joke oo. You suppose sit down and talk about it

  26. If that is the story, Jeff benzo and the TV host are they going to get married? Why don’t we respect our family for God sake

  27. Well, as of yesterday we heard that they separated amicably but now more reasons has been coming up, who do we believe then?

  28. Hmm,25 years down the drain just like that,this whites sha,only both if them know why they are getting divorced ,they will only feed us what they like

  29. I think in a marriage forgiveness is key. I don’t see the need of getting divorced after 25 years of marriage

  30. DAT good no quarell that is why I like american anytime there is inconvenience for each other dey divorce

  31. wow 25years of marriage inside trash can just like that all for another lady who got holes between her legs. this is so bad.

  32. The reason behind the divorce is not that serious but it that will bring peace to both parties. Best of luck to them

  33. If the relationship is not moving well as expected and can’t be fixed anymore, they should move on .They’re all adults.That’s just the way whites do their thing

  34. It’s always like this,why wouldn’t ladies be at a place instead of jumping from one man to another

  35. marriages always have issues but its expected they try until they resolve it, not witstanding the deed has been done

  36. Definitely something always leads to divorce, I because he met and fell in love with a TV host, he fell out of love with his wife, please when you meet someone else don’t fall out of love with the TV host ooo

  37. Imaging 25years of marriage and he his still having affair with another woman, I just don’t know what is wrong wit we men

  38. They might not be appealing to themselves anymore so let them proceed with the divorce instead of being in relationship and not happy.

  39. What is she looking for again after 25 years, she is not serious, she should tell the world reasons for her action.

  40. Marriage that I kw is for better for worse, and whom ever the Lord has joined together let no man put asunder. Guess the oyibos don’t know that. If that’s what you need so be it. All the best though

  41. European citizens is no in anyway leading by examples when it comes to marital affairs. Most especially among the celebrities divorce is very common in fact too rampant.

  42. That’s why l said l won’t be quick to conclude especially on marital affairs. The truth will soon surface is already coming

  43. Its not all about having affairs but looking at whether its worth wrecking your relationship or marriage

  44. Divorce is not solution i think they have to settle down the matter and fix out the problem, though cheating is a bad behavior in marriage

  45. Always divorce news keep trending on the social media, I don’t know, all these people will never stay in their marriages

  46. Personality clash between couples always end up in divorce, and its no BIG DEAL to them in Western world, both has moved on I believe.

  47. The two were already separated before she even started having an affair… It means its not just her current affair with
    other person that’s the issue here..

  48. Celebrities and divorce. It’s all everywhere. Divorce is better anyway than killing each other.

  49. Divorce shouldn’t be an option they would have look for a better way to settle their differences instead of filling for divorce.

  50. So that is why he is divorcing his wife, I I knew there’s more to this… Cause he can’t just wake one morning and say he want to divorce is wife.

  51. Marriages and divorce, like seriously why marry a man or woman u can’t tolerate? Anyway, they both know what’s best for them.

  52. For a white man to cheat on a lady who’s he is married to someone else it nothing new to them it’s just fun….i pity the poor woman, it’s only God that know why they divorce

  53. Mmm! I like there life Sha. Simple n straight. Even though I don’t encourage divorce but if it will make 1 happy, it’s ok instead of dying in silence or misbehaving.

  54. but according to the story I don’t think the husband cheated on her, why the divorce, can’t a man make friend with female again because he is married, and if he cheated on her wife too that is their problem

  55. Divorce is not the best. God don’t want that from us . But if there is need for it with serious reasons. But you can still settel .

  56. Drinking Panadol for another person head should not be done this time around…dats his life… live him alone

  57. If u like bring any excuse that cause the divorce that is ur business, they both agree to go there separate ways

  58. What guarantee you that you will not divorce this second one, if you can’t stay with your wife is it a friend you will stay with?

  59. I knew it, there is always another woman behind the sudden divorce. After 25yrs of marriage, all of a sudden your wife isn’t good enough any longer. God will punish you

  60. White people sees divorce as a way of life. Since they have their reason for divorce, let them go ahead because marriage is never a do I die affair

  61. I know too well that stories must attached to their divorce but since the two parties is OK with the divorce let them go ahead

  62. The reason for their divorce is not infidelity but lack of trust for each other in very relationship trust is the biggest contribution

  63. Divorce seam to be a norm in that part of the world. So to me is a normal thing for them in that part of the world.

  64. what I notice is that those white people don’t give a damp about marriage. they divorce anyhow. this is not new for them.

  65. I think he had issues with his marriage because of his extramarital affair and the wiwife filed for divorced upon finding out

  66. It will be painful to the woman,seeing a woman with your husband’s, well they should just continue the divorce process so that everyone will be at rest.

  67. New woman in his life is the reason for their divorce…end of discussion…whitemen and their way of living their lives…if going separate ways will make them happy then is ok…i wish them.well.

  68. The reason is best know to them, but no matter the reason they Should try to think twice, have a rethink.

  69. like the way white people behave. When you think that your stay with your husband doesn’t suit you anymore, you gently and quietly apply for a divorce and not fighting the person in question. Their life is so simple

  70. It’s better to divorce peacefully than killing themselves because of marriage… The reason of their divorce is best known to them

  71. but it is just friendship how are people so jealous this world is funny celebrities and divorces sha well all the best

  72. I like the way white people behave. When you think that your stay with your husband doesn’t suit you anymore, you gently and quietly apply for a divorce and not fighting the person in question

  73. Marriage is for two good forgives. Irrespective of what has happened, it still could have been resolved rather than opting for divorce. I wish them God’s best for their lives.

  74. Well, life is so simple, they should admit each other fault and live together divorce is not the solution

  75. I am still wondering why you lived and married a man for 25 years and all of a sudden you woke up some one and think of divorce . That’s madness . All I can do is to wish them good luck

  76. I Still see no reason for the divorce if there’s misunderstanding between them I suggest they settle it not divorce

  77. they should have settle their differences and forgive each others mistakes, the divorce will only shatter their home

  78. God will see them through their hard time. Its a family affair they should settle it amicably.

  79. Only because he is rich that’s the reason why they bring out the issue of divorce here
    I Wonder why people sometimes takes drugs on another person headache

  80. marriage of 25 years crash because of extra marital affair. Marriage is a life time Institute too bad.

  81. 25 years in marriage?? Divorcé is not the best option. They should settle it amicably

  82. I believe in marriage forgiveness is a key that sustain a peaceful family. I don’t see the need of getting divorced after 25 years of marriage

  83. Seriously, at last the reason is out. But is better to stay away what will cause problems in our relationship. I this should serve as lesson to we all. Let there be trust in our relationship too.

  84. You never can tell you might see them coming back toget her, that’s the life of these white people.

  85. This divorce of a thing sha,I know they will come out with one reason or the other why they divorce,they shd try and settle things amicably among them

  86. Billons is talking here, so he is ready to forfeit little part of his wealth, Divorce is not the best

  87. White people sha, they just divorce at will, anyway they both know the best of their divorce

  88. Forbidden fruit. Why not mind the wife of ur youth. I don’t know why ppl find it difficult to zip up.

  89. Except the lord buildeth the builder buildeth in vain
    Always put God at the center of your relationship and it will never hit the rock

  90. When he has too much money, why won’t he have numerous girls. He has to enjoy himself. The wife should have understood.

  91. I think divorce is not good enough because you’ve been together for more than 25 years so why can’t you live to you die

  92. After many years of relationship.. They now want divorce
    I dont think is okay..they should try and get bk..

  93. Their main purpose of divorce is best known to them n I think they are happy with the development

  94. You can go as far as supporting whosoever. But the question is, will divorce solve the problem ?

  95. that’s very wrong, then why did you marry the first person, and how are we not sure of another woman

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