Man kills estranged wife after she refused to get back with him

Police in Chachoengsao, Thailand on Thursday, January 11th arrested a 38 year old man who murdered his estranged wife after she refused to get back together with him.

The suspect, Norasingh Buakhiaw was detained by neighbors at a Sukprayoon Road condo after he committed the crime.

Jealous man kills estranged wife after she refused to get back with him Lailasnews

His wife, 40 year old Arom Chamsawat, a local department store clothes seller was found on the seventh floor of the condo. She had been stabbed in the abdomen and neck and was lying in a pool of blood.

Two fruit paring knives were found at the scene – one bloodstained, another with the blade broken off.

Neighbor Phichet Sinchai said that the victim worked with his wife and had asked to come to their room for shelter as her estranged husband was on his way over.

At that moment Norasingh arrived and when she refused to face him he kicked in the door of the neighbor’s apartment and attacked her with two knives he had bought earlier.

Norasingh Buakhiaw then fled the scene but was held by neighbors called by Pichet.

The suspect told police that he had split up with his wife who he had been with for three years. He had tried repeatedly to get back together with her after she moved out to the condo. He followed her there, to her work and made phone calls, all to no avail.

Then he was told by the victim that she had a new man. In a rage he bought two knives and drove over on his Honda Wave to where she was living.

Police found rope and electrical cord by the bike that they believe was to be used in the murder.
Norasingh was been detained Thursday by Pol Lieutenant Jatusoke Petchkhong investigating the murder.

Recall that an Arkansas man also stabbed his wife to death on November 19th 2017, because she changed the TV channel from a football game he was watching while he went outside to smoke.

After she was dead, he then called emergency services to bring a ‘meat wagon’. He has been in jail since the incident and has now been charged with capital murder.


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