James Nwafor is on the run – Bonaventure Mokwe-Dikeh

One of James Nwafor victims at Awkuzu SARS, Bonaventure Mokwe-Dikeh has alleged that the dread retired Policeman is currently on the run.

James Nwafor is on the run – Bonaventure Mokwe-Dikeh

James Nwafor who has been in the news in the past few days, was allegedly responsible for the deaths of many young men arrested and detained at the Awkuzu SARS office in Anambra state.

So many tales of the extra judicial killings at the detention center circulated across social media and the main culprit is James Nwafor who at a time served as the Officer in Charge at the Awkuzu SARS.

One of his victims, Bonaventure Mokwe-Dikeh whose hotel was demolished in 2013 over allegations of murder, and whose bitter experience tales at the Awkuzu SARS office circulated across social media, has alleged that the former SSA to Governor Willie Obaino is currently on the run.

If you recall, the governor relieved Nwafor of his duties on Wednesday and promised to prosecute him, even though the governor has been accused of facilitating James’ return to service despite being in the know of the atrocities he committed while in service.

James Nwafor is accused by many of constantly bragging of killing people and telling their family members nothing can be done to him.

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