James Brown cries out as “they didn’t caught me” alleged homosexuality court case lingers

James Brown who became popular after his arrest for alleged homosexuality ‘They didn’t caught me’ went viral on media platforms in August, 2018 has revealed the court case is still ongoing.

The case according to James Brown has been dragged for so long in court because there was no evidence to prove he his gay and practices homosexuality.

James Brown cries out as "they didn't caught me" alleged homosexuality court case lingers

He is now crying out to the Nigerians, to come to their rescue as he and 57 others still do not know their fates after atleast five appearances in court and one month in the Police cell.

He wrote;

Hello masses. I’m literally calling the world 🌎 most especially Nigeria As a whole to listening to my cries….I am sure most of y’all still remember this 2018 case that made me went viral . Most of Nigerians think the case has died down but no it hasn’t , the shiiit is still going on,at the court . They keep Adjourning court date for over a year now. I need to Address this, so many of the Victims (us) are schooling in a far places, they just have to make it to court every slated date and yet the judges are not even seeing the stress😥 , all these young men have dreams to chase but no way to Chase it cus of this ongoing case . Majority doesn’t even know the next things to do with their life’s . We are too young for all these pressure, btw we never killed anyone!!! I am tired 😓 we are tired 😓 and it’s frustrating Iswear…. I’ve always wanted to bring this up on social media since last year but Lawyer didn’t let me, now I’ve taken permission to do so… We Need Nigerians to stand up for us, we don’t wish to continue this case again in next year 😩😭😭😭😭HELP!!!!!!!!!! along side with @king.yinkosh X @mac_claudo @wf_jamesbrown ! !

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