Jaaruma allegedly arrested by SARS over fake marriage report

Owner of Jaaruma Empire, Jaaruma allegedly arrested by SARS operatives after she had an altercation with some ladies over reports on her alleged fake marriage.

Just some few weeks ago Hauwa Saidu Mohammed popularly referred to as Jaaruma announced that she was getting married, but according to a new report by Arewa InstaBlog, the entire marriage saga was a hoax.

Jaaruma allegedly arrested by SARS over fake marriage lailasnews 4

It was reported that Jaaruma never got wedded and the supposed husband is just her Personal assistant cum Camera man.

Trouble however started when a certain entrepreneur identified as Layla busted Jaaruma’s fake marraige and she and some of her associates were consequently arrested by Jaaruma.

Jaaruma was reported to have ordered the detention of one of the ladies for about 10 days without access to her family, despite being a mum of three kids. This infuriated the ladies that they eventually got her arrested by SARS operatives, Arewa InstaBlog reports.

Read the entire report below:

FOR THOSE WHO KEEP ASKING ! PART 1 Here is how it all started ! A certain northern lady called layla (@landninteriors )who is into interior design and also a motivation speaker made a video asking young girls not to follow what they see online.

They shouldn’t just have anybody as their role model and they shouldn’t believe that kayan mata can tie any man down. That it amazes her how someone sells goron tula for 100k upwards and she tells you to take certain kayan mata .

If you sleep with anyone he will give you money and so on. She never mentioned jarumas name in the video but everyone knew she might be indirectly referring to jaruma .

Well jaruma upon seeing the video layla did started raining curses on her she said thats not the first time layla is making a video shading HER…she Called layla a prostitute and all sort of names you could think of. She went on to involving laylas best friend who is an actress @adizatou insulted her too called the both of them prostitutes and accused adizatu of sleeping with a certain governor and recording him because he refused to pay her! .

She went on and accused adizatu of of being the owner of a popular northern blog . Jaruma hated the blog because they were the first to expose the face of jarumas fake husband ross isabor .

Who used to be her camera man and PA (he is the one who holds camera for her to display her madness on the gram) the reason why she did the staged wedding was because people where asking that if really her kayan mata works why hasn’t she gotten a man!

So she had to pull that stunt for people to get off her back. Back to the main the main jaruma kept on insulting these two ladies for weeks but they both kept mute.

Rumour has it that the reason layla refuse to retaliate was because her dad asked her not to say a word! It got to an extent people were calling laylas dad, father of a prostitute all because of jaruma

PART 2 after continuously raining insults on the two ladies who refused to reply . She got bored but still wanted to keep fighting so she added two other ladies into the picture one who is @iammisscurves and her blogger friend @nothern_hibiscus.

She accused miss curves whose name is zee of shading her and so on. She went on to saying zee and the owner of @nothern_hibiscus whose name is Aisha falke are the owner of the northern blog that exposed her fake husband.

You can see how daft some people are.. She was no more accusing laylas friend of being the owner . She moved on to accusing this two ladies.. She went on to placing a fine on the northern bloggers head. She said anyone who could tell her who the anonymous blogger was she was going to give the person a million naira .

She went on saying they should bring the northern bloggers whose name is fauziya dead or alive . Our online investigators fetched her out and handed her over to jaruma thinking she will give them the 1million which she never did.

Jaruma took the blogger, mother of 3 children to the police and upon reaching there she met @iammisscurves she got so scared and miss curves asked her did you see a monster ? (Kinga dodo ne) although miss curves had the intention of beating the living day light out of jaruma .

After so much quarels the issue was resolved in the police station by the police officers . Jaruma wasn’t satisfied with this so after 2 days she went ahead and involved another set of police causing them to lock the owner of the blog whom is a mother of 3 up in the cell for ten days.

As this was going on she kept on insulting all 4 women .to the extent they couldn’t take it anymore.

Jaaruma allegedly arrested by SARS over fake marriage lailasnews

PART3 they got fed up and called the sars on jaruma. Which you all can see in the video how she was crying and shouting. Jaruma was bundled up in handcuffs and held in sars custody for hours after so much begging she was granted bail and asked to apologies to the ladies on the gram where it all started.

At first they refused to release the arrest video and only did after jaruma refused to comply to the rules. The case was about blowing up but one of the ladies (@landninteriors ) layla decided to forgive jaruma and asked the 3 others to please do the same. Well your very own queen J was released and back to selling her blue eye for protection.

Feel free to follow her and place an order 😏. To watch videos of how it all started go to YouTube and type jaruma vs layla and ask your Hausa friend to translate…

Stay tuned for more juicy gossip✌ and hey the anonymous blogger (gaskiyazalla) was released from cell and forced to delete her page.


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