Iyabo Ojo says she’s done with business in Nigeria, as taxes/bills knock her out

Nigerian actress and entrepreneur, Iyabo Ojo in a new Instagram post disclosed that she is done with doing business in Nigeria following some government policies.

Iyabo Ojo says she's done with business, as taxes/bills knock her out lailasnews

According to Iyabo Ojo, not much is happening in the business world and the little she makes, the government takes it all and much more. Here’s what she wrote below and the video she shared;

am tired of doing business in Nigeria!!!
it’s crazy!!!
business it’s so dull & d little u make that is not even enough d govt will still want to take it all n much more, like am so done


As many wondered where and how she was able to get the money which she used in acquiring the two-storey building that houses her joint, Iyabo Ojo who ventured into the hospitality business and became a food vendor with her amala joint which she called Abula Spot in a 2017 interview, disclosed that she sold some of her landed property and her jewellery in order to achieve her dream.

She said;

“I did not collect a loan to open my business, I saved. I had been planning to open this place for a very long time, so I had been saving. When I wanted to get my new office building, I sold some of my property. I sold almost all my gold if not everything. During that time, I sold one batch and when I needed more money, I sold the rest. I told myself to forget about gold for now because I know that I can make the money back later. With the support of good people as well, I was able to get my office building. The first lady of Kwara State who came to inaugurate the building supported me. Some of my godparents also supported me because I told them that I wanted to sell amala.”


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