I’ve been single for a long time – Actress Hauwa Allahbura

Nollywood actress of the Hausa language genre, Hauwa Allahbura has said she has been single for a long time when she was asked about her relationship status in a new interview.

The actress who spoke with Sunday Punch also talked about her family, career and goals for the new year.

I’ve been single for a long time - Actress Hauwa Allahbura lailasnews 3
I’ve been single for a long time – Actress Hauwa Allahbura

Read excerpts:


I was born in Lagos to a para-military family. My dad was a Customs officer; so, we moved around quite a lot – from Kano to Abuja and even Badagry. I had an interesting upbringing because I moved around different states and was opportune to meet different people on my adventure. As a kid, I was not easily oppressed; I was in charge of things and could not be pressured into what I didn’t believe in. My family still calls me, “ready-made” because even as a kid, I had big dreams and ambitions.


For my elementary education, I attended three schools which were Crescent International School, Lagos; Crescent International School, Kano; and French International School, Badagry. I attended Police Secondary School, Minna, Niger State; and Federal Government College, Ilorin, Kwara State, for my secondary education.

I graduated from Nasarawa State University with a degree in History and International Studies. After that, I attended other institutions such as London Film Academy; New York State University, and Montana State University.


Ironically, I didn’t care to be a filmmaker as a child. I had one ambition and that was to be Oprah Winfrey. I wanted to have a show and change lives just the way Oprah did. As I grew older, I started to find myself and things changed. I set out to be a presenter but discovered acting.

Along the way, I decided to add film producing to my credentials. I am now in a place where I want to be because film means a lot more to me now than it did at first. Now, I want to make films that will connect Nigeria to the world, and collaborate with people from other parts of Africa and other countries. I also want to understand the business side of film and filmmaking on a different level.


I wanted to join the film industry as an actor because I thought that was my calling and passion but I realised while on set that I wasn’t as happy and fulfilled as I should have been. I would hear other people talk about how happy they felt being on screen and because I didn’t have such satisfaction, I started to think that I was in the wrong profession. I did like acting but I wasn’t just crazy about it. Then, I understood that I was more excited about the business angle of filmmaking.


The first movie I acted in was an Africa Magic Original Films production titled, Rovieno. The only challenge I had was going for the audition without any assurance that I would get called back. I was lucky to have got the role even though I went to film school while waiting. I was terrified on set on my first day. I didn’t want to perform poorly.

As a producer, my first project was more relaxing for me. I enjoy producing so much that I was not nervous at all. I put more energy and excitement into production because I am in my element with that. The first movie I produced is titled, 4thEstate and will be released soon. I also produced The Eve and a few more that will be released this year.


Northerners are generally conservative; they are not open to the lifestyle Nollywood portrays in their movies. I’m sure Kannywood is open to big productions and collaborations from outside; I’m looking at a bigger picture. The North generally has its culture and beliefs and that’s what they depict in the films from there.


The toughest part of my early years in the industry was the worry of not getting called back for a role after the audition. I had become fascinated by the stars I met while presenting on the red carpet for Tribes TV and decided to leap into acting. I attended many auditions and had to wait for various periods of time to get called back.

But when I started acting, it became better and easier. I was not even challenged by the dominating factor in the film industry, where there are more men and older people. That actually stirred me to push myself harder and prove my worth. I see the brighter side of the competition and use it to my advantage.


I am obsessed with travelling. Anytime I get an opportunity to travel, I leap at it without even thinking. I have great plans to travel around the world.


I will leave you guessing as to my relationship status. The best I can say is I’ve been single for a long time.


One thing I am sure of is that I am not a fashionista. However, I like to try new things. I like to wear high-heeled shoes and I am easy on my dress sense.


  1. Keep chasing your dreams till u get there lady, but when u ready to settle down trust me different men with a good proposal await you but choose wisely

  2. I think you are mature enough to get your one if you haven’t been into relationship , you are a woman and this is your premium time for friendship OK

  3. The face am seeing can’t tell me she is single and I will accept. Just say you re not willing to speak about her relationship

  4. Such an ambitious lady with a promising future ahead, I wish you the best as you journeyed through your vision. The hustle is real.

  5. When a lady is busy with her career,she might even forget she is single.I pray you fine Yo man soonest..

  6. Don’t worry everything will be alright trust me as long as u put ur trust in god wen it is time man will come for u

  7. Keep up with your dreams. One day your dreams will surely turn to reality . And definitely the right man will come along

  8. So good to know. Moreover I am glad to read that you graduated from nasarawa state University. Up Nsukites!

  9. Staying single for long is not a curse. I understand that people’s destiny are different. Just keep your faith active and work harder

  10. Keep chasing your dreams and you will definitely get there and be who u are, your Mr Right will come.

  11. It’s not yet your time. When the time comes you will get that Prince Charming of your choice. Good luck

  12. This is a good innovative ideas, it’s is good to first discorver your self before taking any step.

  13. Such a beautiful lady like you will surely find a perfect man,just pray for the better one and you will surely find one.

  14. That’s a very good one for u girl and I love her kind of person and belief keep it up girl and the sky will be your limit

  15. my dear God’s time is the best,continue praying to God. there is nothing difficult for him to do

  16. It’s not a crime to be single, I believe that very soon you will find love. Hauwa is such a beautiful lady. Keep pushing forward, very soon, you will achieve all your dreams and affect or touch people’s lives. You must have had a lot of childhood experiences as you were born into a paramilitary family.

  17. Although I don’t know much about u but you have a lovely story to share.l wish u the best in all your endeavors

  18. a well educated, talented and industrious beautiful lady. may God see you through in your endeavors. choose wisely when trying to settle down for marriage so as to avoid ‘ Mr chop and go’.

  19. I pray you get married someday! Unless you don’t have interest on having Your Own baby.. If not give some attention to men..

  20. Piece of advice….
    Don’t flaunt your money @ men, you’ll remain single
    Men dont like the idea of you being superior to them

  21. Don’t flaunt your money @ men, you’ll remain single
    Men dont like the idea of you being superior to them

  22. Who ask you whether you are single…
    All this selective lady
    Keep making yanga
    Express go leave you…

    I pray you find your preferred partner though

  23. Big dreams, great achievement , they are all wonderful but is also good to settle down because that is one of God’s divine plan and purpose for us.

  24. Hauwa, you unlike other northerners is radical in nature. Remain focused on your career till when the right man comes

  25. She has military blood I her body. Good upbringing is all I see in her. The sky is her starting point.

  26. Well done my dear and continue chasing tour dream and please being in a rrlationship should nit define you, lasting and a good relationship will come when the time is right.

  27. God bless your career,don’t worry about being single,when it time to get married the right man will come

  28. Whatever that makes you happy is your calling so long as it does not violate other people’s right and offend God. Go for it!

  29. Keep up with your dream job. You will attain higher heights. God will grant you the good man of your dreams

  30. Happy single to you oo. whenever you ready let me know so that i can apply. i loved your adventure life tho you travelled around Nigeria alot the way i do. and i love it alot.

  31. People are not looking for beauty anymore there are looking for attitude. So check your attitude then you will find a boyfriend.

  32. Your relationship status does not define your career. Keep the focus and fly high in your chosen field.

  33. well don’t be carried away by the so called career
    At the end we all need someone to share our feelings with

  34. It is a matter of time. I know she have admirers but she doesn’t go for any of them. The best man is on the way

  35. I actually read somewhere that beautiful women are usually single cause people think they have someone already but don’t worry your time will come

  36. That is good you had went to different university with different achivement, I pray dat god we provide good fiance for you

  37. You choose to be single.because I believe that in every condition we find ourselves,we can come out of the condition,thats if we decide to

  38. Your choice. It’s either you had a preety bad experience before or you just want to focus on your career.

  39. Just don’t rush,wait for a better man,so that you will have a long lasting relationship with whoever you get marry to

  40. You are beautiful, versatile, humble, hardworking and diligent, you are a good wife material, so don’t worry on been single for now, a reasonable man will soon locate you.

  41. Yea. Sometimes we make plans for ourselves while God has another plan mapped put for us. At the end we realise his will for us is the best.

  42. If you like, stay single all the days of your live. I just hope you don’t wake up some day and start regretting on something you think you would have done better. If you want to settle down, I think it’s time to put your life together and still continue pursuing your dreams. They could be done simultaneously.

  43. I love the fact that you know what you want for yourself and how to get them.With your big dreams and Aspirations, You’re really achieving them and not focusing on Men.Women should learn how to build their career first

  44. If not that the ears hears what others say about us, being single is not bad. I hope you don’t get carried away, and hope Mr right comes your way

  45. She looks beautiful and has achieved quite a lot, I hope God bless her with a faithful man that is not afraid of her big dreams.

  46. The context” SINGLE” is misleading because she’s single as in not yet married or single without a boyfriend. Anyways, congratulations on all your achievements and more on the way.

  47. She is such a beautiful lady with good ambition, just concentrate better, the right man will definitely come your way.

  48. Singlehood is not a crime but a waiting time.
    Good enough, your movement with your family increase your development.
    You will get settled soon

  49. I love her personality shes sounds like a hard working peŕson and very career driven. I think she should keep doing what she loves and if the right man comes she should try to balance it

  50. So determined, kudos to your parents who gave u all this education.God will crown your efforts because ur ambitions are wide and also what your country will achieve are spelt out.

  51. Being single is not a disease, is better to be single than to be in a bad r/ship or marriage. Just cool and wait for the right man.

  52. You are a beauty to behold with great ambition which ure already achieving.
    For all these to make more sense, give relationship a chance so as to enjoy the joy of motherhood.

  53. I don’t like her kind if person, she must be a flelter, and one with such background always aim high and that can cause why she is still single.

  54. Every thing in life has it own time, not yet time for you to married so keep pushing.wish you success

  55. Never keep on trying to pursue your dreams or get to the top. When the right time comes everything will fall into place and as for being single, when you are ready, that special someone will be waiting for you.

  56. You are so pretty and have good future, but make sure you bring down yourself for right man to come your way.

  57. Chase your dreams till you reach your peak
    Then settle down when the time is rest dear..more grease

  58. Keep doing what you do best.. I really love your movies, and congratulations on how far you have gone with your career. Just keep being a good girl,mr. Right will come soon

  59. As cute as you are still single and at that age….mmmm there is a problem somewhere check yourself…dont use dream chasing as a criteria to defend …love rules the world you a women hook up and get your new home fixed age is not o your sife

  60. Sometimes people don’t really become what they dream to become, and they also end up liking the dream they’ve found themselves

  61. Let ur dream and passion keepnu going
    But get relaxed with a man who will make u a complete woman

  62. Hauwa Hausa!!! Miss dream chaser , its not bad to chase dreams oh! But u need to b flexible so that men can see u aka miss already-made. Try and create room for men in your agender.

  63. If that is the way she choose to live her life who are my to talk against her and the decison she took

  64. Hauwa Allahbura i love your movies… its doesn’t matter how long you have been single… i pray that Your husband locates you ..Amen

  65. Please let men come and patronize her she has been single and lonely for a long time, will she end up that way, please men pick up courage and approach her.

  66. For sure a day will come when u will find a good man who befits ur level of being, indeed u have made a good career for yourself

  67. That’s a fun childhood moving around having the opportunity of been in different places!! Meanwhile you’ve got a bright future which awaits you been single isn’t such a thing of worry pursue your visions and at the right time you would be taken not single again

  68. Don’t worry you are a pretty smart woman the right man will come soon, keep pushing your dream

  69. Chasing your dream is very important but don’t forget that a man in your life is as fulfilling as that

  70. She doesn’t dressed like a northerners, am really surprised she is from the north. Her exposure will really going to be are assets.

  71. Keep doing what u love most to do, keep ur dream alive, someday u will meet the right guy and settle down

  72. You all find a very good rich man if you still stay single and loyal to God.but as a matured lady like this you need.a man in your life

  73. most guys could be afraid of dating a rich girl like you and eventually getting married to you, but just be patient, pray and hope for a guy that will love you for whom you really are.

  74. Wow that Nice a lady with high level of intellect ability I like the fact she knows what she wants and she getting towards her dreams keep it up Hauwa.

  75. Just focus on your carrier, when the time is set, God by himself will bring the right person your way!!!

  76. Me too i have been single for a long time . Can i tell you my own story. that is why self love is important it does not matter if you cant find love , God alone loves you. and family too but them say wetin you dey find you go see am according to the bible save your hope.

  77. You need to try and settle down all work without play makes Jack a dull boy.. Money without a man his useless

  78. Love Ur story so much but d idea of being single I think u should look into it cos u are not getting any younger

  79. You have great potential young lady. May the almighty God grant your heart desires via marriage and vice versa

  80. Love Ur story so much but d idea of being single I think u should look into it cos u are not getting any younger…. U r really an already made

  81. You are such a beatiful lady,and your lifestyle impressed me,just keep struggling u’ll surely get you perfect match.but that your username rocks me scared

  82. Good background story there Hauwa Allahbura. You’ve gone a long way. You have showcased yourself extensively. MayAllah continue to guide you

  83. Your time will surly manifest.God of heaven will hive you a divine partner to help your career

  84. What a good and inspiring Lady you are the sky is your starting point wishing you many more success in your daily endeavours

  85. Keep up a positive mindset, but don’t let your marital status weigh you down, just keep doing that which is right, you can have what you what if you go for it

  86. You are a woman with Lot’s of dreams and you love what you do, keep doing it men will should run after you in no time.

  87. you really tried and your parents at the same time and why 6 different schools just for your primary and secondary school is that not many

  88. Hanty actor.. If you are truly single like you claimed.. In patorankings voice “am available”

  89. Fantastic interview…keep on pursuing your dreams ready-made. I see you as a very intelligent woman.. I wish you well soon if you are ready to settle down

  90. Starting a family life can never be compared to any other. You have right to do whatsoever you wish but you deserve to love and be loved.

  91. To be single is not bad okay but i think it’s time for you to hook up with someone and settle down.

  92. You saying you have been single for long to me it means you’re engaged and will soon get married…. Well, surprise your fans

  93. Too many stories is not good my dear.. Your opinion matters a lot.. You are also welcome to start a new life..

  94. She really travelled all round Nigeria. Beautiful babe . Just continue with your dream and you will get there. Your man will locate at the right time

  95. It’s better to be single believing God to be Married than to be Married believing God to be single, You’re a young and charming Lady…Yours with come to you soon someone your heart will accept

  96. She looks beautiful to be single. I m suspecting other things might be involved in why she is single.

  97. Your citations are convincing highly but is time for you to think of settling down as a woman concern and marriage will never stop you from becoming what you wish or want to become in life.

  98. Hmm, nice write up about you, but you can’t be single for ever, try hoop up with a partner. Best of luck to you.

  99. Pursue your good dream dear, God will bring your way the right partner at the appointed time, just keep your hope alive

  100. Go after your dreams dear but do not be too carried away to forget that you need a life partner also. I wish you success

  101. Your petty and still young…you could still be Oprah Winfery….and gosh!!! You are beautiful!!

  102. Hmmm! For an hausa lady, you have done so well for yourself. What with a culture that gives out their girls in marriage at a very young age. Kudos! And continue climbing the ladder of success.

  103. that is a good dream, I’m sure the Mr right is at the corner waiting for that special moment..

  104. Good career lady. Just fellow your dreams. A good man are out there for you to marry when it’s time for you to settle down.

  105. You are not old yet…..hustle hard and earn enough then you can settle down knowing fully well you won’t be a demanding housewife so don’t consider that too much and get distracted

  106. Its good for you and your fans but I like it when a person does not wear clothsnthat expose bodynparts Inthink should be covered, especially on purpose

  107. Relationship status doesn’t have to dictate your life. Take your time the best one for you will come

  108. Keep working hard everything will take shape at the right time and try to commit everything into God’s hand wish you all the best

  109. Wow, great and outstanding educational and career experiences, I believe with time you would find the perfect man

  110. great and outstanding educational and career experiences, I believe with time you would find the perfect man

  111. Hey, chase your dreams and don’t be bothered about relationship.. Every other things would fall in place.

  112. Your relationship status should best be known to you at whatever choice you may decide. Wishing you all the best in your career.

  113. What a dream, not what she was expecting she get God designed something different for her and she enjoy it.

  114. You have achieved a lot already being single is your choice maybe you re not ready to mingle whenever you are ready their are a lot of guys out there

  115. Big dreams, great achievement , they are all wonderful but is also good to settle down because that is one of God’s divine plan and purpose for us.

  116. This one you choose to air it this way, don’t let the marriage issue deprive you your dreams if not you may end up being a house wife because you want to get married, besides is not a must that everybody must marry.

  117. Well i think its your choice to be single. You can take your time and get your achievements, hoping love would come by as you go on with life dear.

  118. Hmm.. Maybe she too beautiful that the men thinks she is engaged or seeing someone. But she has said her mind.. Your dream man is coming for you

  119. It’s good to be Miss.Independent. Never depend on anyone.Plus you are beautiful and looking good.

  120. It all about self convictions, if you believe being in a relationship will hold u back fine, if u can cope all well and good

  121. Comment*its not a bad idea to stay single for a long time you choose to.when you’re ready to settle down hope you’ll find the man of your choice

  122. You were so engaged.. But nevertheless keep praying for a life partner.. Although some are made eunuch by God! Fact!

  123. I think is better you get married earlier because you are so beautiful to get married to a good man

  124. When you do what you are passionate about you become fulfilled in life, please go follow your passion and be fulfilled whether single or married

  125. it’s obvious that you have been busy with Dreams and career that’s why, you occupied your self, keep it up until you’re ready to settle down

  126. When a girl tell you she is single just know that she hasn’t Chosen from the numerous guys chasing after her

  127. I love her background and I think she as luck going for her, she should just focus more on her self the right guy will come soon

  128. Such an inspiring story keep moving higher and remain focus in your dreams and your Mr right will look for you

  129. I like your dedication to your work and because you are so engrossed in your career, you prolong your singlehood. I pray you settle down soon because your beautiful.

  130. Don’t get too down because you are not married dear,keep doing what u know how to do best and u will get there soon

  131. Good girl..intelligent, beautiful…may God give you the kind of man you so need to compliment you IJN… …i wish you all the best.mr right is coming your way this new year

  132. Your man is coming
    it will just take time but it must surely come to pass
    Exercise patience my dear

  133. Well u look pretty don’t worry someone would come for u one day nd u might not know if he is around nd corner watching

  134. Truly you’re conservative. Wish you all the best in your career dear. Be focused and enjoy your career.

  135. what a lovely build up story kind of life i feel i need while still small, moving around the country and exploring diff atmosphere, and now you saying you dont have any one you are dating for a long period of time , it could be YES AND NO for me…

  136. wa o is just God that gave you the strength because its not easy o. your real man will come at the right time

  137. But girl you know u need to settle down staying ing single is not necessary… But it’s a choice

  138. That’s her decision, in support of you continue to pressure your dream the sky is your limit

  139. Everything happens in their own due time don’t worry love would fine you and you would be glad u took time to wait for it

  140. You are sure packed with vast experience. You sure have been single all your life. It is not easy to be a normad

  141. Sometimes what and how we wish things should be
    Is not how it’s been divinely planned
    You were born to be in the niece industry
    Not as an actress you’d like to be but even more
    As a producer
    Sometimes those are realities we should appreciate

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