It’s okay not to buy gifts for your lover on Valentine’s day – Akin Alabi

Nigerian entrepreneur Akin Alabi has said it is not necessary to buy a gifts for your lover on Valentine’s day as the day adds nothing to your life.

It's okay not buy gifts for your lover on Valentine's day - Akin Alabi lailasnews 2
It’s okay not buy gifts for your lover on Valentine’s day – Akin Alabi

In a post he made on social media, he revealed that what matters the most is the zeal to continue work on whatever project you have at hand and if your lover is taking the case personal, then that is their personal problem.

He wrote:

It’s perfectly okay not to buy nada for your boyfriend/girlfriend on Val’s day. If he or she is vexing, don’t bloody care. Just keep working on that project, business, course, book, assignments or whatever it is that is important. Val’s day will add nothing to your life



  1. i don’t agree with him. because some will think that you don’t love them if you don’t buy gift for them on valentines day

  2. I don’t agree with u that is a celebration day for lovers,it’s not that u will buy him
    Or her the whole

  3. Buy gift oo don’t buy gift,it depends on the individual involve,some don t care they will overlook it, there are other important thing more to Val

  4. Abeg who did valentine help. Please lets face the more important things in our lives abeg. I agree with you brother

  5. Yes I see it very ok you get the point it’s not that important it’s not that it compulsory to buy gift for your love in valentine day

  6. Well said. February 14th just like every other days of the year. So spend unnecessarily while you can invest with the money?

  7. I completely agree with you, Val has curse problem between two lovers for me I don’t see anything so special about that day, u can show your lover love anytime u have the opportunity not compulsory on Valentine’s Day.

  8. He’s 100% correct. There’s more to Valentine’s day than just throwing away money on trivial stuff for one’s lover. Besides love is meant to be for everyday. Not once in a year

  9. I agree bro but that’s when some partners get issues think u don’t care but not knowing weather u have or not, so val do come and go so no big deal

  10. Yea it nt a must to buy gife for ur gf or bf it makes no difference,d person won’t die if u don’t buy a gife

  11. But for crying out loud lovers day is a day set out for lovers. So it should be celebrated and gifts should be given to loved ones

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