It’s disrespectful to call yourself the new Fela – Seun Kuti

Seun Kuti, the son of Fela Anikulapo Kuti, the late Afro music legend, has said it is quite disrespectful of anyone to claim he or she is the new Fela.

It's disrespectful to call yourself the new Fela - Seun Kuti lailasnews 3

The outspoken member of the Anikulapo Clan mentioned this while on a show at a radio station in Lagos, Cool FM where he interacted with popular OAP Dotun.

He stated that no one in Jamaica will claim to be the new Bob Marley and wondered while Nigerian artistes will claim to be his father, when even the children of the late legend never at any time claims to be him.

If you recollect, Seun Kuti once called out American rapper Kanye West after he mentioned that the spirit of Fela lives in him.

” The spirit of Fela has not left his family and so will never live in anyone” Seun said


  1. I think they only give reverence to him even in his absence. They still see him as a strong man behind afro beats. Don’t get it all twisted Seun, I think you should appreciate that your father left a legacy and all lovers wants it to live on and on

  2. Fela has his own line of music. And nobody in Nigeria has been able to give what Fela gave. So nobody has the right to even day that he is the new Fela.

  3. just like one coming out to claim they are the new michael jackson, its actually very disrespectful. i like how the family of fela really want to protect his legacy and that is sure what is expected of the, nothing less. they hold their father to a very high esteem and i bet fela where ever he is (MGRHS) will be proud of his children

  4. Who wants to possess the characters of a thief or live after Lawrence Anini the notorious harmrobber no one so Mr Seun living after your father is not a bad thing and disrespectful ok even you dad will be very happy to see people he have impacted on wanting to be like him. Is there any Christain that don’t want to be like Christ Jesus. God is In heaven but we human are small God on Earth . If someone train his or herself to be like your father is a thing of Joy to your father so rest your mind OK

  5. It is true when they have not done what fela did they are not supposed to be regarded as such,if they want to let them preach about the suffering, the injustice and other bad things happening in today’s government

  6. There can never be a new Fela . Fela wasn’t just a musician in his time , he was a prophet . I totally agree with seun . You can’t be someone you are not

  7. Their is nothing wrong in claiming to be Fela or that the spirit of Fela is in him, who ever said that said it at of reference or respect

  8. Fela is not the only one to answer that name someone else can answer the name too so I don’t see any thing wrong in that

  9. Seun kuti is 100% right at that statement that it’s a disrespect to claim the name of his late father, Fela Kuti.

  10. Even is Fela kuti had a twin he would never be like him . nobody is trying to take your fathers name . I wish you do something too to make a name for yourself rather than fight over someone’s sweat.

  11. It is really disrecpectful for someone to call him or her self new fela , they don’t know what fela has sacrifice to be who he was

  12. If someone says that he might not be wrong, he is praising the legend and also acknowledges his good songs that exist in the minds of the living.

  13. Yeah it is truly a bad thing for people to be regarding them as the new fela why the legacy is for the family ,

  14. It’s wrong for someone to claim to be the new fela,fela created a name for himself,the Nigerian artiste should also create name for himself too.

  15. I see nothing wrong with that. Fela is dead and he decides to take after his name… People always make something that is not an issue to be one

  16. He is trying to take after his father. if it’s someone outside the family that said so, it might be disrespectful in that manner.

  17. Fela during his time stands for truth but we devour his truth, if i like in will change my name to Fela because i like his critics

  18. Its actually wrong to for anyone to claim he or she is the new Delaying, especially when Fela’s children are still alive

  19. That’s true I have not personally see someone like fela even in his children abami eda has no replica yet

  20. It’s funny how some people claim the names that’s not theirs. His sons and relatives did not claim to be him, who then have the right to do so.

  21. Why will you name yourself after some one that’s late where as you are not his biological son it’s wrong.

  22. Fela kuti can never be replaced in Nigeria because no one can ever be,reason,think or act like him.he is unique in every way possible

  23. I don’t think he can be forgotten he is a legend and I don’t think anyone who name himself after Fela mean any disrespectful thing Don’t get it all twisted I think you should appreciate that your father left a legacy

  24. Calling himself new fela I don’t think is disrespectfulhe even respect the man by calling himself that

  25. That’s very sure, let them make their own name, I never see any one yet that fit in into the shoes the legend Fela left

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