Buhari at 76: It’ll take a while before Nigeria will see another political leader like Buhari – Femi Adesina

President Buhari turned 76 today and Femi Adesina who wrote an article to celebrate Nigerian President’s big day, stated that it’ll take a while before Nigeria will see another political leader like Buhari.

It'll take a while before Nigeria will see another political leader like Buhari - Femi Adesina lailasnews

Femi Adesina who is the President’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, also listed the reasons people love and admire President Buhari. He wrote;

“That’s him, that’s him,” the two old women, wrinkled and bent with age, exclaimed. You could see wonderment and fulfillment in their eyes. And as if on cue, they both began to cry.

It was in Bauchi earlier this year. President Muhammadu Buhari was visiting to commiserate with the people on the ravages of windstorm, which had destroyed many homes and other property. As he waved at the tumultuous crowd, the two women saw him, perhaps for the first time in their lives. And so great was their satisfaction, their pure joy, that they began to cry.

That is the kind of emotion that courses through millions and millions of Nigerians when they behold their President, the honest man (mai gaskiya), the man of integrity, man of accountability, one whose word you can take to the bank. The man who loves them, and they love and trust in return.

Don’t misunderstand me. Not all estimated 196 million Nigerians share this sentiment. Not possible. There are those who are passionately opposed to the President. They are a very vocal minority, who abhor his integrity, hate his sense of accountability, and even want him dead. But we are not talking about those who Fela Anikulapo-Kuti called “opposite people.” On this day of his 76th birthday, we are talking of the teeming masses who love Buhari, and who can go to the ends of the earth for him.

Why do they love Buhari? Or better still, why do we love Buhari? The old, the young, men, women, boy, girl, the strong, the infirm. Why do we love the tall man from Daura? For many reasons.

I have said it before, and say it again. It will take a while before Nigeria will see another political leader with such ability to pull an unsolicited and uninduced crowd like Muhammadu Buhari. Anywhere he goes, he doesn’t have to procure the crowd. They turn out in their numbers to see and hear him. They will trek from Africa to China, walk from Cape Town to Cairo, all to see, hear and cheer the man they love.


Many reasons. He is an honest man. My father, that stern educationist, who ran the home and the schools he administered with an iron hand, used to tell us: “Honesty is the best policy.” That was true over 50 years ago when he drummed it into our ears, and it is still true today. And will remain true tomorrow, and forever. That is why we love Buhari. He is an honest man, who will tell the truth to his own hurt.

At a recent meeting with governors, while discussing the seemingly knotty issue of minimum wage, the President told them to level with him. He said he knew that general elections were by the corner, “but I don’t like to lie to anybody. I will still like to tell Nigerians the truth, and nothing but the truth, as to what we can truly afford to pay.” Consultations are still ongoing.

Some people will give you fibs, just because they want to hoodwink you, and get your votes. They will announce that they’ve increased the salaries of fictitious workers, even when truly they are owing many of their employees. But not President Buhari. Nothing for him is a matter of life and death. Truth is the best thing in a man’s keeping. Make yourself an honest man, and there is one rascal less in the world. That is why we love the man.

Accountability. I will never forget a promise Buhari made to the crowd at a campaign rally in Lagos in 2011, when he ran with Pastor Tunde Bakare of Latter Rain Assembly. Two honest men. “Every kobo that comes into the treasury will be used for the good of Nigerians.” That’s the accountable man, who would not dip his hands into the treasury for private gains, who will not line his pocket at the expense of the people. That is why we love him.

Just over a week ago, I met a man who was an accountant at the Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF), when the then Gen. Buhari was chairman. Executive Chairman, who could do anything he wanted, since the place was awash with billions of petrol money.

“I told him his salary would be N200,000 monthly,” the man recounted. “He said it was too much, since he still drew pension from public coffers as a retired General and former head of state. I don’t know how he calculated it, but he said he would rather be paid N84,000 monthly. And that was what he earned.”

Yet some people say don’t follow this honest man. Till he has one tooth left in his mouth, and is bent double over his walking stick, we will, no matter what they say. Honesty is still the best policy. Today, tomorrow, and forever.

See all the positions he has held in this country. Governor of North-east, then made up of what is now six states. Minister of Petroleum for over three years. Head of State for 20 months. Chairman of PTF for many years. Yet he remains a man of modest means. That is why we love him.

In the early days of this administration, when oil prices had crashed to as low as 39 dollars per barrel (from as high as 115 in preceding years, stabilizing at over $100 for a long time, yet we had no savings, no reserves), it was usually a spectacle to see the President and the then Finance Minister, Kemi Adeosun, seated and apportioning funds for the week. Depending on what was in the coffers, they prioritized spending, just like traders with low capital base.

Nigeria had been run into a hole. No reserve for the rainy day, and we were being badly beaten by the rain. Yet salaries must be paid as at when due. At least 27 states could not meet their obligations, till President Buhari gave them a lifeline. And then, one day, a counsel was given at a meeting: “This is the time to ideally cut the strength of the federal civil service by at least half, as we may not be able to carry the load for long.” It made a lot of fiscal sense. But to the President, it was nonsense. “If it lies within my powers, I will ensure that no single person loses his or her job. Yes, it may be the right thing to do, looking at the state of our finances, but I won’t do it,” President Buhari said.

And you say we shouldn’t love this President? We will love him till Africa and China meet.

A confederacy has arrayed itself against the honest man. A crooked confederacy. Anybody that is anybody in the pantheon of questionable character is there. Are Nigerians fools? After their eyes have been opened, will they willfully afflict themselves with blindness again? Not on their lives! The country will never go back to the slave market. Not after we have known prudence, experienced accountability, and we are are inching out of the morass in which we were soused and marooned.

For more than five decades, mere lip service was paid to diversification of the economy. But we remained a mono-product country. Oil. So, whenever the price of oil crashed in the international market, we simply crashed with it. Now gradually, and inexorably, we are on the road to a diversified economy. Wonders are being done in agriculture. Mining is flexing muscles. Manufacturing is showing prospects. All in less than four years.

What of infrastructure? The sum of N2.7 trillion spent in two years. The roads are roaring to life. The rail is snaking in. Power is powering back. Wonders are being unfolded in different parts of the country. And we shouldn’t love this President? We will, no matter what the naysayers say.

Hear pensioners rejoice: This is the best administration we’ve had since the advent of Contributory Pension Scheme 14 years ago.

Governor Dave Umahi of Ebonyi State spoke at a meeting of governors with the President last Friday. He said since the creation of the state, this was the first time pensioners were being paid, adding that pension liabilities have been cleared by about 40%. Just because there is a President that cares.

Former Nigeria Airways workers. Railway workers. Former Biafran policemen. And many others, have had their pensions paid. And we shouldn’t love the ‘birthday man?’ They should tell it to the marines.

When you have a heart for men, it is God himself that keeps you alive. We have seen a practical demonstration in President Buhari. From the brink of death early 2017, there is now an unmistakable glow in him, evidence of good health from the inside. It is God at work. No wonder wicked people came with the idiocy of Jubril of Sudan. Otiose. Hollow. Products of addled minds. That was why we ignored them, till the President himself responded to a question from Nigerians in Poland two weeks ago.

And you know what? Our love for this President is at no cost. No charge. Whether we work for him, and for him, or we don’t, the real cost of our love is no charge.

Do you know that classic song, No Charge, made popular by Shirley Caesar and Sonia Spence? It told the story of a small boy who decided to charge his mum for all that he considered favours he had done her.

“For mowing the yard, five dollars

And for making my own room this week, one dollar

For going to the store, 50 cents

And playing with little brother while you went shopping, 25 cents

Taking out the trash, one dollar

And for getting a good report card, five dollars

For raking the yard, two dollars

Total owed, fourteen seventy-five.”

The woman looked at her son, standing there expectantly. Then she collected the paper from him, and wrote on it:

“For the nine months I carried you,

Growing inside me, no charge

For the nights I sat up with you

Doctored you, prayed for you, no charge

For the time and tears, and the cost through the years, no charge

When you add it all up, the full cost of my love is no charge.”

For millions upon millions of Nigerians who love this President, it is an unconditional love. The full cost of our love is no charge. Happy birthday, Mr President.

.Adesina is Special Adviser to President Buhari on Media and Publicitypolitics

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  1. We are not interested in this, he’s more than 76 politicians should stop decieving Nigerias and concentrate more on why they were elected.

    • Femi falana that is your own personal view about buhari because you are coose to him but as far as Nigeria is concerned he has to do more because things are very expensive. And congratulations to muhamme buhari

  2. For where? What good has he done for this country except for the increasing crime rate and poverty. Let him do and go abeg. We’re tired of all these lies and propaganda

  3. Those two women that were saying that’s him and crying, does Adesina thinks that’s are crying for good? Adesina is only doing his job here. Praising the president even if he does something wrong

  4. The president aide has said it all. Yes, it will take a while before the next Nigeria’s political leader will hit the age of 76

  5. Great power comes great responsibilities, Weldon to buhari he is indeed a great leader.
    But our prayer is that anyone coming in power should do more than him

  6. What do you expect of him as his special adviser to Buhari? he will surely speak positively of his boss.

  7. Happy birthday to Buhari, and Adeshina should stop emphasizing that Buhari is the best politician. I disagree with him.

  8. Happy birthday Mr indeed you are a bless to Nigerians, may witness more and more years ahead, may you success in your next election

  9. My president I salute you. I wish you many more blissful years on earth as you celebrate your 75 years birthday.

  10. Mr. man you are doing what you are paid to do, nothing more.
    for all the month he has been sick, and for all his wife have said…

  11. Baba buhari our President… I greet you sir for the works UV done so far in our country may you last longer to finish what you’ve started

  12. If Buhari is 76, it’s his headache not mine. All we know is that he is not productive and should go and rest

  13. Happy birthday to Say Baba, mr president, more of it on this earth, you are so lucky, God count you out,

  14. Hbd Mr president may you live long in good health and sound mind,but please see to our economy and unemployment let it be your priority

  15. You are right sir. It will be had to a non fulfilling promising old man like him. He promised us heaven on earth,but he had not done even one.

  16. Well am not surprised this is coming from u…. If u don’t say good thing about ur boss u will be sacked….. Happy birthday Sha to our president I can’t wait for u to lev in 2019

  17. Only God can judge them nobody is clean among them Is it not this Nigeria he be at his Boss back now no matter what happen anyways happy birthday to u president

  18. We don’t know what the future brings but I believe there are unknown political potential wit great vision for the country

  19. Happy birthday to Mr birthday but we need you no more as a president, age is no longer in your side , you older than to control Nigerian

  20. We dont know what the future brings but I believe there are unknown political potential with great vision for the country

  21. How can u say buhari is 76? Politicians and dir age flauntuation. We don’t even need another leader like him

  22. We don’t need someone like him again,he has disappointed everyone and make everyone suffer, this is not what we expected from him

  23. Are you sure that Buhari has not sold his sense and use it for his treatment you will die young if you keep on telling lies because of ur position

  24. Majority of Nigerians don’t see it the way you are looking at it with the eyes of loyalty because you are being paid to say good things about the president.

  25. Am not interesting in all this political tactics, happy birthday to him,wish him long life and prosperity.

  26. Adesina must have been paid to utter such gibberish things, but I assure him that PMB is going nowhere come 2019.

  27. When he was running for office he was 76 and his still 76 isn’t God awesome anyways we don’t need a president like him again self

  28. Happy Birthday to Mr President, General Muhammadu Buhari, i pray for you to receive wisdom and apply it maximally to lift Nigerian upwards and on the increase as you clock 76 today

  29. Please where are these Nigerians that love buhari so much, I am yet to see them o. Wish him a happy birthday and stop talking off point adeshina

    The truth is that it will will tough to find someone like him,but I hope and pray that one day,we should find someone that is in good position to rule Nigeria more than Buhari had done

  31. God bless this special best @Ngrpresident of ours with all happiness and accomplishment in life. We truly blessed to have yo as our best President @Mbuhari #PMB76.

  32. It’s time for him to rest. I don’t know what he is still looking for. We don’t want you as president no more

  33. There are speculations that the Buhari we are seeing is fake
    the one that got me annoyed most was when lai Mohamed said the surgery affected his ability to speak his language
    it was so pissed by that statement
    they think Nigerians are fool right. not fair atall
    Buhari is a nice man
    if he’s dead let them just Tell us and stop making us look like a fool
    queen of England sent her condolence and we just overlooked it
    not fair atall

  34. As for me i dont want to see him again as a president, if he resurfaces again the conditions nigeria are into will mutiply by 2, Happy brithday Sir ! but please dont come back again.

  35. 76years old is not beans oo well happy birthday to Mr Buharia have turn everything upside down in this country called nigeria.

  36. What good has he done for this country except for the increasing crime rate and poverty. Let him do and go abeg. We’re tired of all these lies and propaganda

  37. I must tell that you see things one sided.
    Go to Benue state ask this same questions.
    Ask the parents of Chibok girls also.

  38. that got me annoyed most was when lai Mohamed said the surgery affected his ability to speak his language
    it was so pissed by that statement
    they think Nigerians are fool right. not fair atall

  39. Well, congratulations to president buhari. He deserves some accolades but we don’t wish to see a political leader as his character anymore.

  40. The leaders should concentrate on why they have been elected and do what is right once they are in power. People are suffering

  41. Well, congratulations to president buhari. He deserves some accolades but we don’t wish to see a political leader as his character anymore. Period!

  42. 76 years congratulations mr president but I think at this age you should retire. Nigeria needs young people to rule.

  43. that’s your own opinion Mr Femi, as the president general adviser on media and publicity , you will always speak good of PMB no matter what.

  44. Happy birthday to him. But we don’t need him, I don’t blame Adesina he’ll surely speak good of him………for paper sake

  45. I laugh.. What a lengthy poem for Mr President’s 76th birthday.. Mr Femi Adesina, is people like you that have contributed to some of these things happening in Nigeria.. You can’t tell Mr President the truth that the masses are dying of hunger, herdsmen and Boko Haram are killing and abducting our people, you are there singing his praises.. A day like this, is suppose to be a day of telling him the truth not making up lies.. God is watching all of you..

  46. Let me boldly and proudly say that there are 1001 people that are far better than Mr President, which I am one of them.

  47. This is false praises. Nigerians don’t need someone as rigid as Buhari. Since his government nothing good has evolved rather extreme poverty.

  48. Buhari in as much as you have not be a good leader to Nigeria as a whole but i will still wish you Happy birthday and more grace.

  49. This man is terribly confuse, what has buhari done that makes him so special, they are 101 politicians that are more better than him

  50. Baba buhari our President… I greet you sir for the works you have done so far, Merry birthday to you Mr.President.

  51. Happy birthday to Mr President, I think femi is right, before Nigeria gets a president like buhari it will be very hard

  52. Happy birthday sir let’s pray for our politicians because is only prayer that can change them not criticism.

  53. Femi, thats just your opinion on President M. Buhari, everybody is allowed to have one.. Happy Birthday Mr. President

  54. Pls Mr! Don’t say that other past president are better even he’s than him we’ve not enjoyed any new thing since 2015 till date rice from 8000 to 20,000 and other things are as expensive as, and you are say better pls tell him to age in grace

  55. Happy birthday to Mr President may you age with grace. may God give you the strength to continue to fight corruption in this country

  56. Adesina is only doing his job here, what achievements that his 76 years has impacted to Nigeria youth joblessness or Graduate in this country.

  57. Only God can judge them nobody is clean among them Is it not this Nigeria he be at his Boss back now no matter what happen anyways happy birthday to you president

  58. We have never prayed for a leader like him. So we dont need any man like him please…before we nigerians will die out of porverty…and meanwhile you people should stop saying buhari at 76. For goodness sake he should be more than that…

  59. Am not surprise to hear this anyway……. Because this man is Buhari’s adviser so what do we expect.

  60. Femi Adesina, has said it all. Buhari has all it takes to be the president of the great nation, and I think he should be allowed to do so next year.

  61. How with the way things are going so awkward? He needs to go back to his drawing board and make things work again.

  62. Actually most Nigerians don’t care about fighting corruption as much as providing jobs and infrastructures for the Nation

  63. Yea you very right it’s really gonna take a while before we see a cloned president like Buhari…. Infact we don’t wish to see one soon enough we love seeing real people not one kind of cloned being. @76

  64. This man is stupid …he’s nothing but one one those praise singers…he probably needs more appointments….what as buhari done ,he said power ? What has improved in our power supply…??

  65. To be candid buhari is working and he is honest but some cabals in his government are not letting things work out.

  66. Happy birthday to our president. Yes the man is good in his own way and must definitely have his own loyalist.

  67. Vocal minority you said. Maybe you mistake it for vocal majority. Oga you cannot speak less for a man you’re serving. Please keep the English to yourself and tell me in plain language what our 76yrs old baby has achieved since

  68. I did not agree with Femi Adesina, must of the write up are not true. How will you tell me that he is only collecting 84,000 per month. We don’t won’t leader like him again.

  69. My this country will get a better president, am not opposing you sir. PMB did his best as a ruler but it doesn’t mean they will not be anyone better than him.

  70. At 76,you should go and rest, what do you want again.Aftreall retirement age is 60 years.Happy birthday to you,age wit grace.

  71. Femi Adesina is saying all this because he is Buhari’s special adviser on media and publicity. Let all these be truly coming from you mind ooo

  72. That is ur take ,but u can not talk for millions of Nigerian,u font knw how many Nigerians are passing through

  73. If it were not the Buhari that God used to rescue Nigeria since 2015,We would have be in a state of coma compare to the present state of our Economy.Our economy is in bad shape now but it would have worsen if it were not Buhari.
    Buhari is a starwat,gallant,prudent and an epitome of uncommon leaderhood.Happy birthday to him,an icon

  74. hbd sir is I don’t understand wen u say Nigerian can not get a better president I don’t accept that cause in dis regime somany lost their jobs,people died of hunger and many also lost hope but he ruled as he can

  75. This is purely Mr. Adesina’s opinion, he can stick to it. There are those are agree and disagree.

  76. Happy birthday Mr president but if your where my father I will advice u to go and rest, and have peace of mind.

  77. Adesina said that because that’s the way he viewed him. He’s good on your side but on others he’s really a bad man.

  78. That’s nothing but the truth and that’s why we should reelect him to continue with his good work. Happy birthday PMB, LLNP

  79. That’s nothing but the truth and that’s why we should reelect him to continue with his good work. Happy birthday PMB, LLNP. May you live long in good health to witness and celebrate many more in life

  80. Of course I never expected less.You will definitely say things in his favour coz that’s your looting colleague

  81. Hmmm… This kind of emotion that makes old women cry when they see you… It is risky o. Nigeria will forever remember Buhari

  82. Is this man trying to annoy me or what? yes you are right , we w not see another politician like Buhari again because to me and many others he is the worst president that Nigeria has ever had. Happy birthday Mr President.

  83. They are better leaders out there
    Buhari added no value to Nigeria
    So you don’t have to say that
    Happy birthday to Mr President

  84. He just has to speak in favour of PMB, nah. before they will start probing him, and exposing all his own dirty secrets. Please on a more serious note. We don’t need another one like him again. Experienceing this man once, is more than enough

  85. True talk. It will really take a while before Nigeria will get another political leader like Buhari because his kind will never smell aso rock again.

  86. Why won’t you support the man that gave job, your life changer. Men are blinded by sentiments when they’re favoured by what they support.

  87. If Buhari is seventy six , then I am twelve . Nonsense and ingredient . Those old women were sorrowfully crying and they just had to interpret it to tears of joy smh

  88. And who knows maybe he is just on point…. Because politics in Nigeria these daiz, only God can help choose the right one

  89. no problem, we really want the time to be longer than normal. I’m not sure we want some one like him again

  90. God will give us a better ruler. One that will always have the people in mind. Something be that we’ll always remember his good works

  91. Amen oo for that prayer because I don’t think many of us will like to see anyone like him again. We are talking about our suffering and the killings in the country under his government and you want us to experience such again. God forbid. All you said is full of lies sir. Do you know how many atrocities and billions of dollars looted under this government? We are not fools anymore and we experience bthis things directly. Stop all this lie and propaganda campaign.

  92. We pray we never see another leader like him, we need young men of 40years or 50years to rule this nation not old men that wants to die today or tomorrow

  93. Congratulations to PMB for his 76 birth day .
    But Nigerians will never wish to have a man like BUHARI as president God forbid bad thing.

  94. I didn’t see anything gud dat Buhari has done as president. Boko Haram, Fulani heardsmen, gun men have taken over the country

  95. Hmmmm this man old die seriously those planning to vote him next year make una pity us, well she might be right because his tenure na so so investigation about a lot of people and I don’t like that if to say him fight for a lot anyway he has tried

  96. I can’t accept that, is he God? That we can’t get someone better than him. Let him go and leave us with that odd. Come 2019 we shall see, if we can see or not.

  97. Wow..happy birthday sir..honestly..he is trying as the president of Nigeria oo.but just need to put more effort nothing more oo

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