itel P36 series: The smartphones making things happen with power and speed

As a rule of nature, every human loves to be on the bright side. Where it is happening.

You can’t really blame people when they make some choices along this line. And if you have someone around you that isn’t connecting with, you can boldly say “you’re missing out” to that person.

itel P36 series_ The smartphones making things happen with power and speed lailasnews

With smartphone offerings, itel Mobile is helping users to enjoy what it feels like to be on the bright side. The spot where problems are solved without delay and life is made easy. The latest offering on this path is the itel P36 series.

Released at the brand’s first virtual launch in June, with brand ambassador Olamide joining the party, the itel P36 series is still enjoying patronage at phone stores. By those who appreciate value-driven products.

This reception isn’t totally surprising because the series, comprising itel P36, P36 (3GB+32GB), and P36 Pro LTE are bunches of delight and performance. They carry a 5000mAh strong battery, packed with the strength to last three days on a single charge. And it is easy to get them to this stage with the 10W fast charge feature on the devices.

It gets better with the superfast advantage on the itel P36 Pro LTE. Processing such actions as downloads, uploads and streaming of comedy skits are seamless. This is backed by the 4G LTE function, enabling you to enjoy the best of browsing experiences. No worries! This feeling is also aided by the 6.5” HD+ Waterdrop Fullscreen, for improved viewing, and the 8.6mm Unibody Design. It’s not for nothing that the series is a step faster and better than their peers.

So, feel free to bank on itel P36 and P36 Pro LTE to brighten up your world and make things happen. You can also check @itelMobileNG on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for useful information on getting the itel P36 series for you and yours.

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